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Speed of reading

I had finished reading three books within 10 days, one on self improvement and the other two Chinese romance story, is that consider fast, I wonder? I still have another three books to go. By the way, weather is so hot these few days, I cannot stand it anymore so I am going to dip into the sea of reading for the next few weeks to come. Happy Sunday everyone.

Jeju Lily Face Mask

A mask a day brightens up my day!

Back to telemarketing

Since now it is school holidays, so some students' parents want their kids to have a break, so I am back to part time telemarketing and at the same time teaching fewer students, will go back to my full time teaching after the school holidays. There are some politics in my office, my boss doesn't like us telemarketers to chit chat and talk during the course of our work but there are these two telemarketers who like to chit chat around during work, but I choose to be doing my work and talk lesser to them, in one way or another, I offended them because they think I "suck up" to my boss, haiz, I just want to do my work and not lose my job, can't they understand? They said some very nasty words in front of me. I did nothing wrong, maybe they think I am not part of their group because I choose not to talk to them. I love my job but I don't love the politics. I feel a bit down because of that. Maybe I should ignore them because they are just some troublemaker

Having fun with Momentcam App

My friend just introduced one Photography App called Momentcam to me recently. It has many themes and designs such as woman, birthday, travel, goodnight, cute, funny, mood, bedtime story, poetic, artistic and so on. These are my momentcam pics, look like me or not? A new week has arrived, I wish everyone a good week ahead, cheers!

Repost: Personality

I realised through a friend that I have the personality traits and characteristics of a Libra such as charitable, dislikes confusion, being rushed, pressured decisions and criticism, even though I am a Taurus. They say Taurus people are introvert and it is quite true. They like remaining within themselves most of the time. They are cautious and they have a careful approach towards other people. This often keeps them safe and they do not get hurt. This introvert attitude is their natural defense against the other people. They keep themselves safe and they remain within their own world most of the times. The Taurus is also patient and always seek comfort. Taurus people seek physical pleasure in all the areas, this develops artistic thought, romantic behaviour and poetic emotion in their personality. How about you, can share which horoscope are you?

Words of Wisdom

The above picture seems to be talking about me, sometimes I tend to imagine the worst in a situation so it is important to have positive self talk. Like they said, don't use your energy to worry, use it to believe. How about you, do you tend to over-think also?

Shouting works!

My student Thomas is really very naughty, for example I would ask him to answer a question, he knows the answer but he purposely tells me the wrong answer, trying to be funny. He likes to draw during my Chinese lesson and not pay attention. Today I shouted at him, I said "Behave yourself, understand?" He got a shock and says Yes I understand. I need to be more strict and firm with him because he is really very mischievous, cannot be too lenient with him.

Loots from my JB trip

T shirt I bought for myself which costs RM15 Durian Swiss Roll bought in JB Stitch T shirt I bought for my sis which costs RM15 (This is the back of the T shirt) Nothing much actually, there is one shorts I bought for myself which I have not taken photo yet.

JB One Day Trip - 14 June (Sunday)

Arranged to meet Jose at 10am to go JB. We meet at Bugis MRT and walk to Queen Street Bus Station. It costed us S$3.30 for the bus fare and we used our Ezlink Card to pay. This time round we reached JB faster than we expected. After we reached Malaysia Customs, we took a cab to Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre. The cab fare costed us RM9. Most of the stalls are not opened at the time we reached there (almost lunch time). After a while, we spotted a Wan Tan Mee stall and had our lunch there. The Wan Tan Mee costed RM4.50. After our lunch, we shopped around in the vicinity. Me and my buddy bought some joss sticks, incense paper etc from one of the shops. After a short while, we walked to KSL shopping centre. We continued our shopping at KSL. Will share the loots I bought from KSL in a later post. After shopping at KSL, we took a cab to City Square to have our dinner. The cab fare was RM10. We had our dinner at Tai Wan Xiao Chi. Thumbs up for their food, I love the smell and taste of th

Singapore Book Fair at Suntec

Went to the Singapore Book Fair with my friend Jose and they have a "old books exchange old books" deal there. I brought only two books to exchange and Jose brought many. She was kind enough to give me three tickets (equivalent to three books) so I can exchange for a total of five books. These are the five books I exchanged, all Chinese books. As appreciation, I treated Jose to a soda drink and that wraps up our outing to the bookfair. I am a bookworm and I had actually finished reading the top left book about Happiness within like three days. Weekend is here. I wish everyone a great weekend.

JB here I come

I am going to JB with my buddy this Sunday and I went to change some Sing dollars to Malaysian currency on Friday. The exchange rate is high at S$1 for MYR2.75. We should be visiting the following place. Hope to find some nice food there. Anybody been to this place before, do share with me if you have been there, I would love to hear from you.

My light breakfast

Was not feeling very well just now, having fever and headache, must be the hot weather, popped two tablets of panadol, feeling hungry, so had something light. This is what I had, peanut porridge, filling and delicious (S$1).

Welcome my little nephew

My little nephew, born on 2 June at 2.36pm weighing 3.77kg. Hello gor gor jie jie, uncles aunties my name is Ryker Ong 王顺杰 Day 1