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My recent photo

My recent photo taken during last year Christmas at One KM Mall, fat right? As a matter of fact, no doubt I have changed a lot physically over the years, but I hope I will age gracefully and embrace life as much as I would in my youth. This is what Ginger Kay wrote in the internet about aging gracefully which I hope I can do it. "Aging brings change that is difficult to love. We sag. We bulge. We wrinkle. In our youth-worshiping culture, there is always the temptation to fight these changes. For me, at least right now, fighting my body’s natural aging isn’t my idea of graceful. I am happy at the age I am. I don’t mind looking it. Accepting the changes life brings with good grace, and a sense of humour, will, I think, make me happier in the long run than obsessing over looking younger than I am."


A bit moody and sad today because of some personal things, nonetheless I want to wish my blogger friends a good weekend, hope you all are not moody like me. I miss my dad :(

On the topic of uniform wear and sex appeal

Has it occur to any of you that girls or guys who wear uniform have special sex appeal? I always find guys wearing uniform especially appealing to me especially those who look very smart in their uniform wear, this applies to the uniform groups such as the police, the soldiers and doctors. I am sure some guys will find girls wearing uniform such as air stewardess and nurses especially appealing to them. They may even have sexual fantasy about them. Haha, today's topic is a little bit controversial, I had this "inspiration" to write this post after reading SK's post here .

On the topic of data entry

No doubt data entry jobs can be simple and straightforward but some may find it boring. I also find it lacking in variety which is why I never like data entry jobs. How about you? Have you done any pure data entry job and how do you find it? Do you find it boring and monotonous?

Charity Work

Today I managed to donate some of my used clothings to Cambodia Orphanage. The lady in charge came to my house to collect the clothings. I am happy to be able to help people in one way or another. Hope to do more charity work in the days to come. The lady in charge managed to contact me through the Pass It On website where I posted the items I wanted to donate. Pass-It-On is a non-profit project started by Central Singapore CDC and managed by The Helping Hand. The project seeks to provide a meaningful way to distribute unwanted, albeit useful items to benefit the needy (home appliances, home furniture, medical aids, mobility aids, learning aids & etc). With Pass-It-On , your used item can be given a new lease of life, and to better the life of needy! Pass-It-On connects General Public to the needy via Voluntary Welfare Organizations (VWOs). Pass-It-On provides a web platform by channelling the donated items to the needy under the VWOs (for examples, Family Service Cen

Japanese Drama Songs

Was listening to some classic Japan Drama songs just now, these are some of the songs I like. 1. 日劇 冰之世界 主題曲 Diamond Dust This Jap Drama by Nanako Matsushima was a hit when it first came out. 2. Love 2000 OST - Yesterday & Today by Do As Infinity This Jap Drama by Takeshi Kaneshiro was also a hit. 3. First Love 4. Tokyo Cinderella Story OST by Chage & Aska 5. Tokyo Love Story OST I still like Jap Drama more than Korean Drama, those were the days. Are you able to relate to any of the songs above?

Thai Basil Rice

This is my dinner tonight, Thai Basil rice, the meat is Pork. Costed me S$3.50, a bit spicy.

I learned something about Hand Me Downs that day

When I was bloghopping and reading the posts in some of the blogs, I learned the term "hand me downs", it means clothings or stuff that are second hand and passed to another party to use. It has never occur to me that some people are wearing hand me downs clothings from their relatives and friends. In my whole life, I had never wear hand me downs before. After learning about this term, it occur to me that I can learn to be thrifty and wear suitable hand me downs too and spend lesser on clothings. Don't you think it is a good habit to learn to be thrifty and not waste unnecessarily. As for clothings that are not suitable for me, I can sell them online or donate to charity.

Online Shopping

After all the posts about online shopping here  and here , I could not resist the temptation but ordered something online from Zalora.  It is a metal link loose fit dress (The brand is Something Borrowed). It costed S$27.90 and with shipping charges and GST added it would be S$31.80. This is the status of my order: Great news! Your order is on its way, and should arrive at your doorstep within 3 working days . If you would like to track your order as it leaves the warehouse and make its way to your doorstep, just click the button below. I love the cash on delivery mode of payment as I do not have a credit card. They also have 30 days free return service. Waiting patiently for my order. Till then, will update you guys again. Have a good weekend! Cheers!

My student Thomas

I am teaching my student Thomas Chinese, he is in Primary two this year and he is a restless boy. Every time during lesson he will put up his leg and rest his leg on top of the table and every time I have to tell him "put down your leg". He is not a local but a Vietnamese however his Hanyu Pinyin is pretty good and his pronunciation is still alright, just need some improvement. I hope he will improve under my coaching. Jiayou Thomas!

A dinner outing with mom and sis

Salted Egg Prawns (S$15) Only managed to take photo of the salted egg prawns because my mom was so hungry, she digged into the dishes before I have a chance to take photo. We also had Fan Shu Yip ie. Sambal Tapioca Leaves (S$8) and Fu Yong Egg ie. omelette (S$8). I love the salted egg prawns, I even had two bowls of rice. It was a nice dinner outing with mom and sis. This is where we had our dinner: Nan Hwa Chong (Ah Chew) Fish Head Steamboat Corner 808/812/814/816 North Bridge Road Singapore 198779 Tel: +65 8613 2732 Nearest MRT: Lavender (EW Line) Facebook: Website:

An update from me (5)

Managed to clinch two deals recently for my tuition agent business: (1) My student's mom wants to get a male tutor for her son for the subject of Sec 4 Express E Maths, I managed to find one for her at S$200 for 4 lessons so the commission was S$100 (50%). (2) A friend's neighbour wants a tutor for her 6yo and 4yo kids for the subjects of Eng and Maths, I managed to find one for her at S$120 for 4 lessons so the commission was S$60 (50%). That's all for the update for now. Cheers!

Shopping at Bugis Village

I went shopping last night at Bugis Village, before that I had QQ noodles at QQ Noodle House. These are my loots. The batik style soft pants I bought it at S$10, good bargain whereas the pink jacket I bought it at S$15. Indeed shopping is therapeutic and I had feel good quotient after the shopping. How about you? Did you go shopping and hunt for stuff recently? Monday is coming, I wish everyone a good week ahead.

I feel good today

I feel good today because I am recovering and thanks for all the well wishes of my blogger friends. I fulfilled what I planned to do today even though I am only half-recovered. I went to teach and of course, I make sure I am ok because I don't want to spread the germs to my student. I also had sushi today, no photos here because it is the same old sushi I ate (while I am writing this, I suddenly remembered I forgot to show my Sakae Sushi member card to the cashier, aiyo). How about you? How is your day today (Thursday)?


Just like Hayley, I was sick since Sunday, was having a flu (running nose), sore throat and cough. This is the second time I am sick this year, the first time was right after CNY. It seems I get sick easily. Why is my garlic pearls not helping, I thought it is supposed to help me build a better immune system. I hate to be sick, whenever I am sick, there are many things I cannot do and all I could do is to rest at home. Anyway, hope everyone is well. It is a blessing to have a healthy body.

I have a flair for these (my natural talents)

As a matter of fact, I don't like anything that is too technical, which is why I think I can never be an engineer or IT programmer, I find it too boring, but certain people has a flair for these. But I do love calculation of numbers and is rather "gifted" in this area which was why I was in the Media line which evolves around numbers, circulation figures, reach and frequency. I think I may excel in the line of Accountancy which I always would love to learn about but unfortunately do not have the chance. I also love graphics and colours so I also love Graphic Design. If I have a chance, I would love to study Graphic Design but such courses are expensive. How nice if someone or some company can sponsor me to study such courses (in my dream, haha). How about you? What gifts you think you have, don't be shy to share, I would like to share that I think RG is gifted in writing, he sure can write good English and writes well. How about the others?

My breakfast this morning

I had Lontong this morning. It is a kind of rice cake with curry gravy, vegetables and egg. It costed me S$2.50. Yummy.

Sharing - Los Indios Tabajaras Always In My Heart (Guitar Duo)

    A must listen in the quiet of the night.

Stock Up

Do you like to stock up groceries from supermarket? I do like, because it gives a sense of satisfaction and feeling of self-sufficiency and adequacy. I love visiting the supermarket and stocking up the daily necessities and groceries and it seems like I get more satisfaction buying basic necessities and groceries than buying luxury items, funny right? A visit to the supermarket always gives me feel good quotient. How about you? Do you like shopping in the supermarket?