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The good old SMS vs Whatsapp

Which do you prefer, SMS or whatsapp? Of course, most people would prefer Whatsapp, for its many functions and features. I also prefer Whatsapp, because I am able to send photos and share Youtube videos through it and I can see straightaway when someone is typing a reply to me however I can't use Whatsapp whenever I switch off my data plan when I am sleeping yet I can still receive messages through SMS. How about you? Which do you prefer? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Sharing some tips on saving

Borrowed this book titled "Talk Money" by author Lorna Tan from the library, so thought of sharing some information from the book for my blogger friends to read. Here it goes: Here are some tips on saving: (1) Draw up a budget and stick to it Having a budget helps to keep track of your spending. Expenses typically fall into the categories of personal (entertainment), work (meals, transport) and living (parents' allowances, medical). A budget enables you to identify areas in which you may be overspending so you can take action and trim it. (2) Use credit cards sparingly If you don't use credit cards, you won't be in danger of spending money you don't have. Use credit cards for big ticket items like paying for that flat panel television set or overseas accommodation. (3) Live below your means This involves spending less than what you make. Figure out your needs from your wants and desires and prioritise them. (4) Find cheaper groceries Buying

My Mom

Suddenly have this thought to write about my mom. Talking about my mom, she is a very resourceful woman. Even though she has never receive any formal education, she is clever and intelligent in her own ways. She will always find ways and means to solve problems in the household and she is really good in her mental calculation. Of course she has her weaknesses such as she is quick tempered and impatient but we must not forget her strengths also.

Sharing a Classic Song - Ba Wo De Bei Shang Liu Gei Zhi Ji by Bobby Chen

RIP Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Profoundly Intelligent. Compellingly articulate. Obsessively passionate. RIP Sir Lee Kuan Yew, Founding Father of Singapore. Thank you very much for your contributions to Singapore. Your departure is a loss to Singapore. We will always remember you.

Another item sold online (2)

I managed to sell the above orange sleeveless vest at S$10 today to a girl by the name of Farhana. She self collected from me at Aljunied MRT. I am glad the items I do not need and are still new have buyers. Hope more sales will come in. Happy Saturday everyone!

My Dinner Tonight

This is my dinner tonight (with rice). It costed S$3.50. Green curry

After rebonding (without make up)

As planned, I went rebonding this afternoon at 4pm, it took me 6 hours for the rebonding and it just ended at 10pm. The price is S$90 with extra S$10 for treatment. I also gave the girl a S$12 tips for her effort. How do you find my rebonding? Pardon my pale photo because it is without any make up.

Sharing - Hong Chen Ke Zhan by Jay Chou

Love the oriental feel of this song, how about you?

Regional contact

I remembered when I used to work in the Media and Advertising line, I used to get in touch with overseas regional offices be it our branches or Media Representatives overseas. I like to liaise with overseas people because it is fun and interesting to communicate with them. I remembered one joke when I liaise with our Japan Regional office vividly, here it goes: Me: Can I fax it over to you now? Japan Office: Ok, you can fuck me now. (No offence for using the word fuck here, but it is really how they pronounce the word fax) Wahaha, their pronounciation is different and they pronounced "fax" as "fuck,". Laugh die me.

An update from me (4)

There are so many things I need to do: (1) Collect my new passport (2) Go to gym (3) Utilise my complimentary voucher for full body massage at Jean Yip. It is worth S$140 with tea and dessert of the day (4) Renew and update my bank passbook (5) Go to tailor and alter my blouse (6) Go for body checkup and test blood (7) Go for rebonding That's all for the update from me now, till then, take care everybody!

On the topic of weak Euro and Yen and travel

Just learned from a current affairs programme that Euro dollar and the yen are going weak. So is it a good time to travel to Europe and Japan now? By the way, it is time for me to renew my passport this year, I went to ICA (stands for Immigration & Checkpoints Authority) at Lavender that day to renew my passport, we will receive a pink card by mail to inform us to collect our passport when it is ready, the fee is S$70. For Singapore passports, last time only need to renew every 10 years, now we need to renew every 5 years. My dear passport, this year and the coming years, where are you bringing me to again? Hee hee, it depends on your owner, ME!, lor. I love to travel to unwind and pamper myself but no doubt it is true that you will spend a lot on travel and this year I intend to save more for rainy days, so maybe I would just travel to nearby country, like Malaysia, for short trip, I remembered in 2013, when I travel to Taiwan, I spend over S$1k. Burn a hole in my pocket,

Fish soup and duck liver

This is what I usually had, fish soup, rice and duck liver. Duck liver is high in cholesterol but contains high levels of vitamin A. Duck liver, commonly called foie gras, is a delicacy. All these cost me S$4.20. Weekend is here, I wish everyone enjoy their weekends.

Nasi Lemak - Singapore Version

Singapore version of nasi lemak can have otah, chicken nuggets, fish fillet and even vegetables. This is what I had this morning. I simply love luncheon meat with my nasi lemak.

Repost: My living room and some random notes

Nothing much to blog about today, just now it was raining in Singapore, cooling weather today, just posting a picture of my living room here. CCTV I ever heard there is such a company, the boss installs CCTV in the office to monitor his staff movements, oh when I heard of such act and company, I tell myself I will not work in such a company, if you want to hire people you must trust them, if you don't trust them, don't hire them then. This is called mutual trust and it is so important in any relationship. Variety I am someone who cannot stand doing the same thing over and over for many hours unless it is for a short period of about two hours. I prefer variety, so that's why I am always jumping from doing one thing to another over a span of time. I get very restless if I am supposed to do the same thing for a long period of time. Of couse, I know consistency is important, especially in any job, but I admit that I am someone who cannot do so. How about you? India &

ActiveSG Scheme

ActiveSG is a national movement for sport where all can experience the joy of living better through sport. ActiveSG is a platform that will strengthen and extend the reach of our sporting ecosystem in Singapore. Through ActiveSG programmes and activities for all ages and abilities, it aims to build communities, increase sports participation and ultimately encourage Singaporeans to live better through sport. Once you sign up, you will receive FREE ActiveSG S$100, upon membership verification (valid for a limited period), which can be used for ◦Swimming complexes and gym admissions ◦Payment for ActiveSG programmes and activities (up to 30% of the programme price) ◦Booking of ActiveSG sport facilities (excluding Dual-Use-Scheme / MOE facilities) ◦Purchase of MyActiveGYM™ and MyActiveSWIM™ schemes.   I had signed up for ActiveSG scheme and S$100 has been credited to my eWallet.   I hope to utilise this ActiveSG scheme and go to gym more often.

Sharing Top Ten and Best Techno Songs

Wow, to a great weekend, here is me sharing some of the techno songs. Reminds me of my "clubbing" days. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Another item sold online

I managed to sell my second hand printer using free online Classified Gumtree Singapore and there are two responses for it. I am selling it at S$50. The first item I sold online was a green haversack I bought from Taiwan. It is a good idea to sell your second hand products and items using free online classified services. I hope more sales will come in for my other items.

Lyrics of Wo Ye Bu Xiang Zhe Yang (Faye Wong's song)

忽然间 毫无缘故 再多的爱 也不满足 想你的眉目 想到迷糊 不知不觉让我中毒 忽然间 很需要保护 假如世界 一瞬间结束 假如你退出 我只是说假如 不是不明白 太想看清楚 反而让你的面目 变得模糊 越在乎的人 越小心安抚 反而连一个吻也 留不住 我也不想这麽样 反反覆覆 反正最後每个人都孤独 你的甜蜜变成我的痛苦 离开你有没有帮助 我也不想这麽样 起起伏伏 反正每段关係都是孤独 眼看感情变成一个包袱 都怪我太渴望得到 你的保护 再多的爱 也不满足and反正每段关係都是孤独 seem to depict what I am feeling right now.


I intend to catch a movie, these are the three movies in my consideration, guess which one I will be watching. Recalling some of the past movies I watch when I was in my 20s and early 30s, they are: Mousehunt (1997 - Comedy) Mrs Doubtfire (1993 - Comedy) A Walk to Remember (2002 - Romance) Titanic (1997 - Romance, Disaster) Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007 - Comedy) Jurassic Park (1993 - Fiction) Of course, I watched more than the above movies listed, which some I could not remember the title. What I can conclude is I prefer to watch comedy and romance movies, secondly action, sci-fic, disaster and thriller movies. From Vegas To Macau II Dragon Blade Triumph in the Skies