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Panadol (2)

Last year August I blogged about my love and hate feelings for Panadol. Research shows that the ingredient in Panadol, which is paracetamol may cause blood cancer. Here is the link . One thing for sure, acute overdoses of paracetamol can cause potentially fatal liver damage. So as far as possible, I would want to cut down on the usage of Panadol to release me from my headache. One thing I can do is to ensure I have enough sleep, I discovered that whenever I do not have enough sleep, I would have headache. Let's hope all of us are on the road to a healthier person in 2015. Without health, many things we cannot do.

My Plan for this coming weekend

I got a complimentary full body massage (45 mins) voucher worth S$140 with tea and dessert of the day from Jean Yip Loft. I intend to utilise it this Saturday. Sunday would be a stay at home cum houseworks day. What is your plan for this weekend? Any surprises or something new other than the routine, do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Have you heard of Agarwood investment before?

Remember that I said I went to an investment event last Saturday? It is about Agarwood Investment. These are the comments I gathered after I google about it. (1) If so skeptical about investment, pls do not enter the field. Just safely keep your money in the bank. If you want to diversify your money into secure and profitable investment, take the risk. As for as I am concerned, there are a few big players in the market marketing agarwood investment and one has been in sg for almost 4 years plus. Agarwood plantations eventually sells the oils to the perfumery industry, hence the plantation management make big profit from wood and leaves after harvesting the tree at the end of 5 to 7 years period. Investor gain profits from the sales of oil and plantation make lots of money from the wood and leaves after sales to different industries. (2) The risk is not the commodity price. The risk is your commodity sits in a tree that may or may not exist, managed by people that may or may not exi

My Chinese horoscope in the year of sheep

Actually nothing much to blog today, just a random post. Happened to see my Chinese horoscope prediction for this year. My lucky number is 3331. Another Chinese Horoscope I read at Ang Mo Kio says: Individuals born in the year of the Rat must pay extra attention to issues related to business partnerships. For employees, there will be opportunities for promotion and pay rise. Yet, the level of responsibilities and pressure would also increase resulting in mental and physical fatigue. Be sure to make use of your network of friends for opportunities and mutual benefits. Another Chinese horoscope is from a horoscope book I bought many years ago, the author is Theodora Lau, title of the book is Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes. From this book, this is what it says of how the Rat fares in the year of sheep: The Rat's finances make a recovery this year and there are some achievements career-wise. However, his plans cannot all be realized without encountering changes or some small

Wedding Dinner (20 Dec, 2014)

Amendment to this blog post: STP "complained" there is no caption to the photographs, so I edited them and added in the caption.  Front Row From Left to Right: Cousin in law, cousin, aunt and uncle Standing From Left to Right: Sis, Brother in law, sis's friends Mother Toasting (Yum Seng)

Just sharing

How true! Does it apply to you too?

My plan for this weekend

I am going to an investment event this Saturday at City Hall as invited by my colleague. There will be a poster and a video clip about investment for us to view and after an hour if you decide not to invest, you may collect the vouchers and leave. The vouchers will be a S$50 supermarket voucher, a massage voucher and a bird nest voucher, in total we will get over S$200 voucher. As for Sunday, I plan to head down to the gym to exercise. Most probably, I would run on the treadmill. That's the plan I have for my weekends this week. How about you? What is your plan for this weekend?

Slogans I like

Just sharing some of the nice slogans I gather from a few places and websites: (1) Some people dream of success. We make it happen. (2) The world can be yours. (3) We love making people happy that is what draws us to this business. (This is the slogan of my tuition agent business) (4) Here at City Bakery, baking is our passion. Come and visit, your taste buds will thank you. (5) From simple business cards to complex color catalogs to dynamic websites, let me make YOU look good! I love reading the different slogans for the different businesses, some which are very brilliant and witty. I quite like the first slogan because it is especially relevant and appropriate for any business that want to gain trust from their customers. How about you? Any slogan you like that you would love to share and what do you think of the slogans I shared here?

Sharing a meaningful article

The following article is extracted from Facebook, a meaningful article, so thought of sharing. The below article is written by a lady Mrs. Chithra vishwanathan, who's a famous Cooking expert. Really a good read! When my daughter, the elder one of my two children got married & left the house, I felt as if I could not let her leave me. Having a daughter & a son, I know what both mean, but differently . Once my daughter reached her teens I had started feeling as if my daughter was a "physical extension" of me ! So when she was leaving home to set up her own nest, it was as though I was losing a limb . The next time she came for a short stay with us, I was astonished how her priorities had changed. (of course we must have given the same shocks to our own parents !). When she said Amma, she meant her MIL & not me! I imagined that she was always in a hurry to go back to her house & not stay with me for a few more days. That was the first time, it

This is life

That day I was thinking to myself or I would rather say I always have this thought, isn't life just all about 衣食住行? (In English, it means clothings, food, your house and transport). To put it in a crude way it is just about eating, shitting, sleeping and of cos working. So in order to make life more meaningful and more colourful, we add in all sorts of things such as music, art, travel (tours), reading, movies, photography, karaoke, sports, charity work and all kinds of things you do in your free time. Without all these extra, life would be so boring and colourless and we would be like a robot just eat, sleep and grow FAT! Muahaha!!! How about you, what are your views about life? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.


For the past three months or so, I had been doing houseworks on a daily basis, after work, so tiring, so now my plan is I will only do houseworks during the weekends when I am not working. How about you? Are you tired of all the houseworks and feel like taking a break, and do you do hosueworks on a daily basis or only during the weekends, do share with me, I would love to hear from you.


Today's blog post is about my TV (Panasonic brand). My good old TV, after serving us for a good 15 years, is spoilt, that day I turned on the TV and suddenly it blacked out with some sizzling sound, so my first reaction is to quickly turn off the electricity, luckily I turned off the electricity cos after that I saw smoke calling out from the back of the TV. After serving us for 15 years, it is indeed value for money. So now we are using a new TV, a Samsung LCD TV from our brother in law. Thanks to him. RIP my old TV, goodbye to you.

Home sweet home

Weekends is here and I have sat and sun to relax. Sometimes I was pondering to myself shall I go out for a walk, do some window shopping or shopping if I manage to buy something, sometimes when I started to have my coffee at home, I feel lazy and too comfortable at home to want to go out. Am I plain lazy or because there is really nothing for me to buy so there is no need for me to go out. Actually I am talking about today, initially I planned to go out to do some shopping, but then suddenly I feel so cosy at home, watching TV, sipping my coffee and blogging. How about you? Do you face such issues at times, pondering to go out or not to go out? Are you a home person or do you go out more often? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you. Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend everyone!

Sharing a quote

Don't you think this is so true but sometimes on the other hand, we bring our problems into our sleep and dreamt about it.

Sharing a classic song - 你是如此难以忘记(very nice, must listen)

Hi guys and gals, have a good week ahead. I like the lyrics of this song, very well written. Hope you enjoy the song.

Housing is so much cheaper in Malaysia

I have a Malaysian friend, she told me her son is going to apply for a government house at RM140,000 double storey some more. She told me the rules have changed and for singles, they are able to apply for houses once they reach 21. For Singaporeans, our rules are more stringent, for singles, we need to be at least 35 before we can apply for houses. And with the same amount of money we can't even get a double storey house at all, HDB flats prices are known to be very high and even a three room flat (with two bedrooms), it is already selling at S$350,000. There are basically two types of HDB flats mainly BTO (Built to Order) or resale flats. Resale flats are more expensive because location wise, we are able to choose from a wide variety of mature estates whereas BTO are normally further away from city centre which is why prices are lower. The Malaysian Government is on a drive to attract foreign nationals to stay in Malaysia on a long term Social Visit Pass under The Malaysia My S

Is it safe?

Recently I posted some sale items online and there is one overseas buyer who is interested in the following sale item of mine. It is a brand new blouse which I bought in Taiwan and I am selling it at S$20. The overseas buyer emailed me and this is what the email says: "Hello I am Mr Peter Clement from United State Of America,  how are you today and how are your families? hope all is good? well I am interested in buying the item for my daughter in THAILAND, because it is my daughter who needs it and I hope she would like it, so kindly get back to me with the total cost of the item including the shipping cost to her address below with post office, I pay through either Paypal or Bank transfer ok reply soon." I am quite skeptical about revealing my bank account number to an overseas source as there are too many scam cases recently with regards to safety of ATM and bank transactions. I seek my sis's opinions and her advice is to play safe I should not reveal my bank

Goodbye 2014, welcome 2015

Looking back at 2014, I can say that it is a better year than 2013 (I shall not go into the details here), even though 2014 is not a travelling year for me whereas in 2013, I went to Malaysia Cameron Highlands (March 2013), Taiwan Taipei (August 2013) and Thailand Krabi (Dec 2013) yet 2014 is still fun filled with events, gatherings with friends and me time. Now I shall look back at each month of 2014 (certain months maybe missing because it is a quiet month) Jan - Celebrated CNY Feb - Celebrated and prayed to 天宫 Mar - Went to Underwater World Sentosa, Blue Garden Korean BBQ and Chiso Zanmai Japanese buffet with friends Apr - Had Thai food at Porn's and it is my birthday this month May - Met up with Celine and Gina, my friends Jun - I got my new laptop this month Jul - An exciting month for soccer lovers because of the world cup Aug - Singapore's National Day this month Oct - Announced the launch of my tuition agent business which started in July. Also started my te