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Note to Self - Move forward

I had the habit of thinking a lot about my past because my past life was very exciting and packed with activities. Looking at my current life now, it is a lot quieter with lesser friends to go out with because most of them are married with their own families. That day I suddenly had this thought, the past no matter how glamorous, it is already over, we should always move forward and look forward and treasure the "now"(活在当下). No point remaining "stucked" in too much memories of the past but of course it is lucky that we have good memories of the past, so we should put them inside our heart and look forward to the future. What do you think?

I will miss my sis

After my sis get married, she will move to her in laws house, I guess I will miss her, miss the fun "bickering" with her, but of course she will come back to 娘家 at least once a week. And of course I will miss her, since I had been under the same roof with her for 28 years. I wonder how would life change after she moved out, would I feel more lonely?

An update from me (3)

I am receiving my payment for my telemarketing job on Tuesday. Today I am home alone, so I did some blogging and definitely would do some houseworks later, a must for me is to sweep the floor everyday. I borrowed a novel from the library, and I had started to reading it, later I hope to spend some time reading it. That is how I spend my weekend. How about you? How did you spend your weekend today, do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Wedding bells are ringing

My youngest sis is getting married! And this is what I am going to wear on that day, with a dress inside, bling bling :) P/S This is bought at an affordable and reasonable price, I seldom shop or buy new clothings during normal days but for the sake of my sis's wedding, of course I must wear nice nice :) My sis (1st one on the left)

Childhood photo

A photo of me and my younger sister when I was a kid, cute or not, hee hee

An update from me (2)

3 business still pending for my tuition agent business: (1) Client looking for a Ukulele teacher (2) Client looking for a tutor to teach Secondary Two Higher Chinese - Her request the tutor must be from China (3) Client looking for a tutor to teach Secondary Four Express E Maths - Her request the tutor must be a male tutor. That's all for my update for now. Till then, have a good weekend everyone! Cheers!