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My Plan

I plan to go eat sushi tomorrow, and go Changi Airport Terminal 3 to walk walk, I also plan to go MPH Bookfair at Expo on Friday, hope I can go ahead as planned and do wait for my updates! Food is an important aspect to me, on normal days, I would just take some simple food, such as hawker food like chicken rice but on certain days I would like to take something more special like going to restaurants to eat. A few more days, it is going to be October, oh my god! so fast it is October already and 2014 will soon be gone, this year I did not fall sick as often so it is considered quite smooth sailing, thank god for it.

A New Blog Template!

Sort of grown tired of my old blog template, so thot of changing to a new one, da-duh! here's my new blog template, it is known as Desk Mess, for those interested to know where to get interesting templates, do leave me a comment and I will reply you. Till then, have a great weekend everyone!

About death

I had a chat with an uncle when I was having my meal at a coffeeshop. He told me his wife passed away already and when she passed away, he cried for over a year over her. After that, because of loneliness, he marries a Vietnamese girl in her twenties. What do you think of this uncle after hearing this? Actually there are two sides to a coin, first one would think that he should not marry again if he loves and misses his wife so much. But on the other hand, certain people may think that since his wife has passed away, he should move on with his life and be happy again and it is alright to marry again because his partner has passed away. What do you think? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.


陈玉莲 - 小龙女 李若彤 - 小龙女 陈复生 - 九月鹰飞 (丁灵琳) Which period drama actresses ancient look is the most beautiful and classic? I have chosen 3 classic characters from TVB period drama, I would think each 3 of them have their own beauty, these are the three I most love, how about you?

Songs I Listen To - Western Pop

I listened to all kinds of song, be it Mandarin Pop, Canto Pop, Korean songs, Japanese songs and English western songs. Today I am going to intro to you guys one of the western bands which I like - Oasis. These are some of their songs, other than Michael Learns to Rock and Westlife which I like. What do you think of these songs? Very rock and roll right? I like... Weekend is here, I wish everyone a Rock and Roll weekend, hee

Laptop or desktop?

When it comes to computers, which do you rather prefer? Laptop or pc desktops? Initially, I was using the desktop, then I bought an Acer laptop. If you ask me, I prefer to use a desktop now. The reason is that the screen for desktop is usually bigger and I like big screens even though with laptop I can take it wherever I go. But then generally, pc desktops are more durable and lasting than laptops. Agree? Happy Sunday everyone!

Sharing the good old days oldies

Feel like sharing these oldies and awesome TVB drama in the middle of the night, because I really miss the good old days...**getting emotional mode** Don't you think these oldies and past TVB drama are simply awesome?