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Today's topic is about hobbies, so what are your hobbies other than blogging? They say all work and no play makes a dull person, unless you enjoy your work so much that your work is your hobby. Last time, my hobbies used to be eating out, karaoke, movies, clubbing, shopping, travelling but as age is catching up, some of my hobbies and interest change, nowadays I seldom go to the movies as it is hard to find "kaki", but sometimes I do eat out with my friends, as for shopping, I still shop whenever I go out, and karaoke still never fails to catch my interest, a new hobby for me would be reading, I read more than what I read last time. Another hobby is to attend events and talks with my friends. I still remember when I was a kid and our teacher would ask us to write a composition about hobbies and I would write things like collecting stamps. For me, I have no interest in collecting stamps but I like to look at beautiful photographs with many colours. How about you? Do yo

My Purpose

Now I realise my purpose in doing many things is to bond with people, that is why some activities I can never do alone, such as watching movies, I can never watch a movie alone because I like to share with my friends or family after watching a movie. But when it comes to reading, it has to be done alone, because I cannot expect my friend to stare into blank space while I do my reading which is why I seldom stick to my mobile phone and "facebook" and let my friend stare into blank space and feel neglected. I think that is rude and inconsiderate, but it seems like nowadays it is the norm among youngsters to "online" using their mobile phone during meals or after meals. Just sharing some of my thoughts here. And also sharing some pictures which have nothing to do with the post above. Have a good week ahead, wink wink :)  Picture source: Internet Facebook Picture source: Internet Facebook

快乐星期天!Have a Happy Sunday!

我很喜欢美术,文艺以及文字的世界,所以我很喜欢梦幻的贴纸和图案。也喜欢看书。有点小孩子气但不会有成人的虚伪。 随手附上一些图案供你欣赏。 祝你有个快乐星期天! I simply love the world of art, words and arts which is why I like dreamy stickers and pictures, also love reading, a little bit childish but not hypocrite. Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. Have a happy Sunday! Picture Source : Internet Facebook Picture Source : Internet Facebook

What daily neccessities would you bring along in your bag

For me, I must bring along 4 things, they are axe oil (medicated oil), panadol, nail clipper and plasters. Axe oil is for in case I get mosquitoe bites when I am outside, I can apply them. Panadol is because I get headaches very easily. Nail clipper is for chip nails because I cannot stand having chip nails. Plasters is just in case I hurt, injure or cut myself accidentally when I am outside. How about you? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you. :)

Weather has been hot

The weather has been hot recently with the sun shining brightly on us, which is why recently I prefer to stay indoors, avoiding the sun. Human beings cannot stand too hot or too cold but actually I prefer cold than hot, cold is better than hot, because when you are cold outside, you can still can put on jackets and cardigans to keep yourself warm, but heat, no no no, I cannot stand heat. How about you? Do you prefer hot or cold, or which one you are able to withstand better? 最近天气实在是很炎热,艳阳高照,所以最近我喜欢待在室内,躲避阳光。人们总受不了太热或太冷的天气,不过我喜欢冷多过于热,因为冷的时候,你还可以穿件外套来保暖,不过热天气,不不不,我将受不了。 你呢?比较喜欢热还是冷呢?比较受得了冷或热?

Introducing the man whom I love

This is the Korea star which I like, do you know who he is and what drama he acted in?  

What kind of post do you like to write and read?

Ahem ahem, the survey company me! has another survey question again, what kind of post do you like to write and read? Do you like to write about food, travel, fashion, beauty and health, shopping loots, baking and cooking and what else? For me, I like to write travel posts because it records down the fun time I had when I go travelling, I simply love travelling and usually I would have some photos to share. As for the posts I love to read, these are the ones in order of preference: 1) Shopping and products - because I like to look at pictures of beautiful products 2) Travel - because I love to read about the different destinations and places of interest when people go travelling 3) Daily Life - because I love to read about people's sharing of their daily life experiences, sometimes we can get inspiration and advice from there 4) Books - because I love to read How about you? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Strands of white hair

Strands of white hair start to appear on my head this year, which means I am getting old liao, sob sob. I hate to see white hair, but at the age of 42, then it starts to appear, it is consider good enough liao but still I hate it, sob sob sob sob. End of emo post.

Movie Review - Maleficent

Plot: Disney's Sleeping Beauty reimagined, with a focus on villainess Maleficent, who curses baby Aurora to a fate only to regret the decision later. The movie went on and they were turning it into more of a soft film but as it ended, I did enjoy the story and would still recommend it. Maleficent is geared towards female audience. Maleficent isn't crowded with Computer Graphics every step of the way, however it can't be denied that the film is quite lovely to look at. If you are looking for pure visual dazzle, you absolutely get it here. I would give a rating of 8/10 for this. Rating: 8/10

Photo Review: My Face Mask

I got my new laptop

My desktop died on me last year around Nov, Dec period, finally after 6 full months, I got my new laptop (I bought Acer brand ie. Acer Aspire V5-473PG). Now I can watch online programmes, spam and blog-hop in the ease and comfort of my home sweet home. June 3, Tuesday, marked the day I got my new laptop, I bought extended warranty for 3 years, so within these 3 years, if there is anything wrong with my laptop, I could send it for repair at zero dollars, of course, breakage is not covered. I treat this laptop like a member of my family and I would treasure it and protect it.  

Movie Maleficent

Was pondering whether to watch the movie "Maleficent", it seems like a nice movie, but when I read the review, it says there are some frightening scenes, I am someone who is not used to loud noise and frightening scenes and it can scare me out of my chair, anyone of you had watched the movie already, do share with me your review, I would love to hear from you.