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Flea Market

Have you ever thought of setting up a stall in a flea market? Many years ago, me and a group of friends toyed with the idea of setting up a stall in a flea market, the rental fee was about S$45 a day. My friend suggested selling second hand clothings at the stall, and after discussing, finally we decided that this will be what we will do at the stall (ie. selling second hand clothes). We sorted out all the second hand clothings that we can get from our house and with the help of another friend and his boyfriend, he fetched us to the flea market venue in his car. After trying, we realised that it was not easy running a business and selling stuff. After a day's hard work, we did not make any profit and just managed to breakeven only. It was a fun experience at the flea market and it made us realise that it is easier to work for someone rather than be your own boss. Indeed it is really not easy running your own business.

Chiso Zanmai Japanese Buffet Restaurant, The Central, Clarke Quay (30 March, Sunday)

I'll talk about my favourites and dislikes: 1. Sushi and sashimi The sashimi hasn't many varieties, only salmon and tuna. Same for sushi, not much varieties. My favourite was the chawanmushi and I had three bowls of them! My friend's favourite was coffee and she tried latte, cappucchino and mocha, all the 3 types of coffee. 2. Cold section I tried the matcha (green-tea) tofu . It was sweet, from the green tea, and had a custard or kueh texture. I thought this would be excellent as a dessert. There is free flow of drinks at only S$1.90. Drinks include green tea, mango juice, pineapple juice and lime juice. A variety of coffee including latte, cappucchino, mocha, white coffee and black coffee are available. I wouldn't recommend this place in my personal opinion but nonetheless, I still will list down their opening hours, price and address. Lunch (12pm-3pm) M-F: Adult: S$14.90++; Child below 1m: S$9.90; Senior above 60: S$12.90++ Sat, Sun

Just Married

Of course not me lah, haha, 我的偶像苏慧伦结婚了,祝福她!

Who says Singapore doesn't have street art

My Style

These two blouses here showed the style which I like, how do you find them? If you are interested, they are available from the online shop, Job and Shop. This is the link:

Which cartoon characters do you like best?

Let's talk about something more kiddy today to relax a bit. Hello kitty, my melody, little twin stars, snoopy and the list goes on. Which cartoon characters do you like best during your childhood times? As for me, I remembered I used to like Little Twin Stars and I would save up coins in my piggy bank in order to buy Little Twin Stars stickers. I remembered when I was in my primary school, when I save enough money ie. S$0.50 at that time, I would rush to the MPH bookstores near my house to buy Little Twin Stars stickers and that would make me stay happy for the whole day. Those are my childhood memories, how about you? What childhood memories do you have and which cartoon characters you fancy?

Share an old photo

Taken in 2000 during my friend's wedding dinner, can spot which one is me? I couldn't believe I was so slim that time.

Are you a rice or noodle person?

I am a rice person, I just cannot resist enjoying my fragrant white rice with yummy spicy curry sauce over it, how about you?

Such a beautiful blue sky

Captured this on my mobile phone from the corridor of my house. Don't you think the sky is so beautiful with its blue colour and white clouds?

Everyone is looking for the aeroplane

I think in the case of MH370 missing, the most pitiful are the families of the victims, as they are clueless about what happened to their family members who were on board MH370. So many countries, US, Japan and China are helping to look for the aeroplane. Many people also went online to look for the aeroplane by looking at the satellite photos, mistaking some debris as the aeroplane debris. While looking for the aeroplane we seem to be finding a lot of rubbish dumped into the sea here and there. Seaching for a small aeroplane in the vast world is really not an easy task, we might not be able to find it even if it landed on an island, let alone if they sank into the sea. Some of the people around me even used the numbers 370 to place their bets for 4D or TOTO, as for me, I am not someone who would do so, as in my opinion, we should not try to "take advantage" of someone's mishap. Let us continue to pray for MH370.

Top 5 Giveaway

Yes, I changed my mind, instead of giving souvenirs to the top 3 commenters in my blog, I decided to give them to the top 5 commenters as there are some commenters with the same score. After consolidating the total comments left by the bloggers in my blog from June to September last year, these are the scores and results: 1. STP - 45 comments 2. Twilight Man - 30 comments 3. SK - 29 comments 4. Hayley - 29 comments 5. Rose - 24 comments 6. Sharon - 19 comments 7. Vicky - 17 comments 8. Agnes - 9 comments 9. Reni - 6 comments 10. Mr Lonely - 5 comments 11. Waverly - 5 comments 12. Coffeegirl - 4 comments 13. Ember - 3 comments 14. Angeline - 3 comments 15. Felicia - 3 comments 16. Sock Peng - 3 comments 17. Reana Claire - 2 comments 18. Mamabliss - 2 comments 19. Reptoz - 2 comments 20. Happy Surfer - 1 comment 21. Filip - 1 comment 22. Sherry - 1 comment As we can see from the chart, the top 5 are STP, TM, SK, Hayley and Rose. Can STP, TM, SK, Hayley and Rose

A Visit to Underwater World at Sentosa Singapore and a Giveaway

On Monday, I went to Underwater World at Sentosa with my friends. We reached Sentosa Beach Station by Monorail around 11.30am, then we went inside the Underwater World, these are the pictures we took there. Seahorse that looks like flowers There is also a Pink Dolphin Show at 2pm. When I watched the show, I feel pity for the dolphins and seals which have to work so hard to perform for us the audience, I wonder are they happy there? The ticket price is S$29.90 per person. By the way, I am going to hold a top 3 commenters giveaway soon, probably consolidate all the comments that I receive from last year June until a date to be announced, so do keep the comments coming in. The top 3 who comment the most will receive a souvenir from me. Cheers!

International Women's Day and Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant

It was International Women's Day on Saturday and I went to "celebrate" it with my friend. We went to Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant to have our dinner. Met my friend at Queen Street as I went there to pray to Kwan Im and buy 4D. After that we took bus to Link Hotel from Tiong Bahru MRT station. It took us quite a while to find the hotel as it was our first time there. We reached there at 4pm. As the buffet dinner starts only at 5pm and we are not aware, so we went to Tiong Bahru Market nearby to have a light meal and drink. These are what they serve at Blue Garden. Beef belly, pork sausage and pork collar Beef Bulgogi and Pork Bulgogi It was a meaty dinner The restuarant also serves seaweed soup, fried chicken wings, kimchi, korean rice cake, kimchi fried rice and even sushi. I was asking my friend, is this a Korean restaurant or Japanese restaurant? We were there from 5pm to 7pm. Each pax paid $34 for dinner after taxes. Do you like Ko

Something interesting

Saw this on FB and thought it might be interesting to find out what answers I can get here, these are the questions. Are you able to answer them? I have some responses to question 1 and question 3. The only question I can answer is question 2, my favourite colour looks like the lavender because lavender is purple in colour and my fav colour is purple. I will reveal the responses in a later post.

The good old days

Strange enough, I missed those times when we have a fixed telephone line at home maybe because those times I received more phone calls than what I received now. I find nowadays people are becoming more and more distant with SMS, facebook, twitter, MSN and Whatsapp. People also rarely chat over the phone nowadays. I really miss those days... Sometimes when we call people on their mobile phone, they don't pick up, it is alright if they don't pick up but the worse part is they don't return call either even though they have the missed call function on their mobile phones. Frustrating right? How about you? Do you miss the good old days... when we have a fixed telephone line at home? What else do you miss during the good old days?

An update on my student's results

Nothing much today, just an update on my student's results for their mini tests. One student got 13/15 for his mini Science test. Another student of mine got 15/20 for his mini Maths test, considered good effort for an autistic child. Yes, I am currently teaching an autistic child, he is beginning to open himself up to me and respond more after I teach him for some time. I am glad he is able to respond more and even more happy whenever he understands what I taught him but frankly speaking, sometimes I don't know whether he understand what I taught him, but I just tried my best to teach him. There is another tutor who is teaching him Maths, but gave up half way and quitted because he says he has no patience.

Local Program which I like to watch: Style Check In Season 3 (Trailer)

This is a 30 seconds trailer for one of the local programs which I like to watch. Zakka, is featured in this episode, after viewing the trailer, how do you feel about the program? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

I will follow you

Have any of you ever encountered this? You step into a shop, especially a furniture shop, the sales personnel will ask you: "May I help you?" then you will answer: "I look around first", then the sales personnel still don't want to give up and will follow you behind your back wherever you go. I hate this because I find it very irritating, frustrating and no privacy. Why must they follow you wherever you go, is it because their boss instructed them to do so? If we need their help or service, we will definitely approach them, so actually there is no need to follow us.