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Talking about insects

Yes, today's topic is about insects, one of the most feared "animals" for some ladies. Talking about insects, of the four types of "insects" ie. big red ants which bite, flying cockroaches, lizards and mosquitoes, which one you most hate or most scare? For me, I most scare of big red ants which bite, I just can't stand the sight of them. Next, I most scare of flying cockroaches. Last time when my dad is still around, I will scream to him to catch the flying cockroaches, he can catch them with empty hands and not afraid at all. He is my hero. Next, I hate mosquitoes which suck my blood. I hate them because my skin will become very itchy. Last but not the least, I am also scare of the lizards because of their slippery bodies. How about you?

Vegetarian Food and my mom's medical check up

I just went to eat vegetarian food last night (Tuesday) after I brought my mother to the hospital for her endoscopy check up. I had vegetarian prawn rice (S$4.50). This is one of my favourites. The restuarant also serves vegetarian fish curry, vegetarian burgers, vegetarian western food such as chicken chop or pork chop and also vegetarian chicken rice. It is conveniently located near Aljunied MRT station and closed on every Friday. Now talking about my mom's check up, after check up, the nurse said my mother has gastritis . She went for an Oesophago Gastro Duodenoscopy (OGD) which is a specialised examination that allows doctor to look inside your upper digestive tract (ie. gullet, stomatch and first section of small intestive) using an endoscope. An endoscope is a long, thin and flexible tube with a video camera attached to one end and controls at the other end. Where you have symptoms suggesting possible problems in the upper digestive tract, for example persistent d

Talking about flowers

After reading what Rose and Wenn wrote on the topic of flowers, I am inspired to write one too. I know Valentine's Day is over, LOL. In my life so far, I had received flowers for five times. First time - I received it from my admirer, he sent it to my office then, my colleagues teased me about it. Second time - I received flowers from my colleagues on my last day in the company. It was a farewell gift. Third time - I received flowers from another admirer. Fourth time - I received flowers from my admirer-turned-boyfriend then. Fifth time - I received flowers from my best friend to cheer me up. By the way, my favourite flowers are tulips but they are not cheap though. Secondly I like sunflowers then followed by roses. How about you? What are your favourite flowers. Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Forgive and forget

Just like Hayley, I had some misunderstanding with friend recently. Sometimes I miss being a kid, kids are always so innocent unlike adults got so many misunderstandings and trouble in their minds... sometimes I get angry and feel like "taking revenge" but when I calm myself down, I tell myself why not forgive and forget, even if it is not my mistake and I had done nothing wrong... I know it is hard to forgive and forget but I will try my best. My friend had stopped replying my Whatsapp message asking if she would like to meet up with me. Feel rather sad and down when she didn't reply my message, I knew she had seen and read the message. I treasure this friendship because we had known each other for many years and we had been to many places together. 想念小时候的单纯 没有大人们的是是非非 忘了那些刻薄的批评 他们不了解很多事情 Just wanna share a picture and quote I downloaded from Facebook.

Loots from my Krabi trip

This is a delayed post, supposed to post this earlier... actually I didn't buy a lot during my Krabi trip, just some souvenirs for my family, friends, blogger friends and myself. I love Krabi T shirt for myself and a sleeveless T shirt for my sis Fridge magnets, postcard and a pouch for friends and blogger friends Black T shirt for my sis Accessories - necklace for my sis

CNY Cards

This year 2014 I received many CNY cards, some from blogger friends and some from my personal friends. CNY card from Rose (Rose world) Thanks to Rose for this red red colour CNY card from her. I like the fish pictures on the card. Inside of the card CNY card from Hayley Thanks to Hayley for this cute CNY card, this is the second time I received a card from her. "Mystery" CNY card from SP Why I call the CNY card from Simple Person mystery card, because he just stated his "real" name Shaun in the card, and never state SP so I had a hard time identifying who is "Shaun", finally the mystery is solved and now I know Shaun is SP, thanks SP! Last but not least, a CNY card from my personal friend, Nor. Thanks to her friendship to me.

9th day of CNY

Chinese New Year River Angbao

Snake? Lizard? LOL God of Fortune