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Kambing Soup

My mom "dabao" kambing soup that night and it was a comfort food on a cold rainy night. I love the taste of the soup with bread to go with it. Yummy!

Sad way to end the year

QZ8501 bodies and debris found, so sad, I feel sad for the families of the passengers and crew, hope 2015 will be a better year without disasters and calamities. I wanna wish my readers a happy 2015, happy new year.

Sharing another nice song - Hebe 爱着爱着就永远

Don't you agree Hebe's voice is very nice and sounds a bit like Faye Wong?

Sharing a Happy Song - 庆祝

The DJ played this song for the march in during my sis's wedding dinner. I like it and I can feel the happiness and joy too. I want to dedicate this song to my readers and wish everyone a happy weekend.

Vest and Winter Hat from Korea for sale

Bright Orange sleeveless vest for sale, brand new with zip in the middle and two side pockets, original price S$30, now selling at S$10. Delivery - Self collect at Aljunied MRT Payment - Cash upon delivery Festival World Winter Hat from Korea Everland cotton material, brand new with tag, now selling at S$20. Delivery - Self collect at Aljunied MRT Payment - Cash upon delivery Those who are interested pls leave me a comment with your email address and I will contact you. The above sale items are limited to Singapore buyers only.

Reactions from my customers

Sharing my script for my telemarketing job: "Good evening Sir/Miss, I am calling from xxx property company, are you currently staying at xxx, are you the owner of the house, we have a few keen buyers who are interested to buy a unit of the flat in your area, are you interested to upgrade or downgrade your property?" Some reactions from my customers: 1) Mr A - "Upgrade? I am currently staying in a five room flat (five room is the largest HDB unit in Singapore), what do you expect? You expect me to move to a 6 room or a 7 room?" Me - "!!!!!!???????" (Inside my heart) 2) Miss A - "Downgrade? How to downgrade? You teach me lah." Me - "!!!!!!?????" (Inside my heart) 3) Me - "If your children have another house, you could move to their house and sell your unit and get a sum of money." Madam A - "Are you teaching me to be dependent on my children?" Me - "If you are not keen to sell, have you heard of

Wedding Dinner on 20 Dec

Just sharing some of the photos of my sis's wedding dinner on 20 Dec, will share some more later. As early as 645am, the make up artist arrived to do the make up for my sis. After that, the "sisters" (姐妹团) arrived one after another to prepare for the forfeits and games for the gate-crash. Thereafter was the gate-crash and tea ceremony. In the evening, the solemnization and marriage signing ceremony was done at the wedding dinner venue. This is the trend now to do it on the same day. March In March In Cake Cutting

Of goals and resolutions

Sharing a funny picture of Garfield which I found in FB about goals and resolutions. Have a good laugh and a good week ahead everyone.

I learned something today

I learned something from my colleague today, call me jakun (hee hee I learned the meaning of "jakun" through blog and I sort of know its meaning now) but I don't know how to make a screen shot of my messages until today so I consider today a fruitful day. How about you? Have you learned something today? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Wedding bells are ringing - Wedding photos

Sharing my sis's wedding photos, she went Malaysia JB to take the photos because price is cheaper and more reasonable. I am happy for her that she is entering a new chapter in her life and proud to be her sister. I wish them blissful marriage. Click on the photos for larger images. Happy viewing! My favourite My favourite My favourite My favourite

Training on Interpersonal Communication Skills

My sis went for a training on communication skills and I would like to share here what she learned. Here it is - 1.1 How much time do we spend communicating? In a study done (1996 to 1998) done by Jack E Hulbert, it was found that we spend about 70% of our waking hours communicating, of which 45% was spent on listening. 1.2 The Process of Communication Communication is a process of exchanging meaning between two people. It involves the exchange of thoughts, ideas and messages. There is no beginning and no end. It begins with us: our backgrounds, values and perceptions. Two parties are involved. The sender has a message to send. If he uses the wrong methods to send his message, the message might get distorted by the time the Receiver receives it. Likewise, the Receiver might misinterpret the message if he uses poor methods of listening. 1.3 The 3 Vs of Communication Visual Communication (Body Language - 55%) Vocal Communication (38%) - In dealing with people, your to

Wedding Gifts Preparation 过大礼

Because of my sister's wedding, I had learned about 过大礼。 The following is retrieved from this link For full details, please visit the link above. I am sharing this over here for those who are interested in this topic. Over the years, the elements of the traditional Chinese wedding ceremony undergone changes. Six Rites - The Proposal (求婚) - Birth Date Matching (对生辰八日) - Formal Betrothal (提亲) - Wedding Gifts Presentation (下娉/过大礼) - Wedding Date Selection (选吉日) - Wedding Day (传统婚礼) Wedding Gifts Presentation (下娉/过大礼) The groom and a friend or a matchmaker will pay a visit to the bride’s family, bearing the "bride price (娉金)" and betrothal gifts (娉礼) in sets of even numbers. The betrothal gifts are delivered up to a month and at least three days before the wedding day. What are the Gifts? Gifts may include incense, rice crackers, sweets (e.g. winter melon, rock sugar), roast pig or pig’s leg, jewellery, tea, lotus seeds, logan, red/green beans, red dates,

Spend on needs rather than wants

I am considered a conservative shopper because I usually think over what I want to buy and tend not to be an impulse buyer..though one or two times I might end up buying white elephants. Prices are always on the rise and because of inflation, things are getting more and more expensive yet salary still remain pretty the same over the in order to have savings, one have to spend on needs rather than wants. I always believe in saving for rainy days. How about you? Are you tend to impulse buyer or conservative buyer when it comes to shopping? If you feel shy to admit being impulse buyer, it is okay not to share but maybe you can share about other views. I would love to hear from you.

Random Notes #9 - My Career Path

My love for teaching emerged as a child. When I was a kid, I love to role play as a teacher. I worked as a part time tutor earning extra income when I had a full time career in the Media & Advertising industry. After 12 wonderful years in the Media & Advertising industry, I made a career switch to be a full time tutor. Now as it is school holidays, I had got myself a part time job as a telemarketer while operating my tuition agent business. I love telemarketing as I love communicating with people over the phone and getting different reactions from them. Looking back at my career path, I am contented that most of them have to do with my interests and passion. I am not an ambitious person who chase after the 4Cs (Cash, Car, Condominium and Card) because I am happy doing what I love. But of course I ever thought of going into other lines such as Graphic Design line as I like all kinds of design, font, paper material and so on. Here are some comical pictures of telemark