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Blog giveaway: Welcome 2014

As I will be going away to Krabi end of the year, I will like to hold a giveway to reward my readers and blogger friends for their loyalty and sincere comments. There will be 2 souvenirs to be given away. You just need to leave a comment about what you like about my blog. These are the rules for the giveaway. Rules are: 1. Follow this blog by joining my followers' club at the bottom. 2. Leave your comment with your email address. 3. This giveaway is open to all Malaysian and Singaporean. This giveway will end after I come back from my trip on 1st Jan 2014 1159pm. I hope to bring joy to my blogger friends and readers by giving them a small token of appreciation during the new year of 2014. I will handpick the winners randomly by lucky draw method. Good Luck! Cheers!

Do you prefer backend job or frontline job?

If you have a restaurant business, backend job would include all the cooking, washing and tidy up. Frontline job would include the PR, serving customers, marketing, and managing the staff. Which type of job do you prefer, backend or frontline? Backend job would require a lot of physical strength and effort while if you want to work frontline, you have to be a very cheerful and friendly person who likes meeting people. I don't think I can do well in backend because it needs a lot of physical strength and I am not a physically fit person. I will get backaches from all the washing, and frontline, I am not suitable also because I am a shy person who will only warm up with people I know well... that left me with what job? Maybe handling the advertising aspect of the business I will do well because I have the experience... how about you, if you have a restaurant business, what would you most enjoy doing? Serving customers? Managing the staff? Do share with me, I would love to hear from y

I had fulfilled my childhood dreams

Since I was a kid, I love all things nice and beautiful and I love looking at the advertisements in magazines and newspapers, after I grew up and stepped into the society, I worked in the advertising line, which is a dream come true for me. I love my job and career then, until politics step in... I hate politics in office, which is why I went into teaching after that, which is another childhood dream come true for me, because when I was a kid, I love to "role-play" as a teacher... How about you? What are your childhood dreams? And how many of them are fulfilled? It is ok if they are not fulfilled at least there is still something you can work for in future... Do share with me, I would love to hear from you...

I love blogging more than Facebook

I love to read and write blogs, because in my blogs, I receive many comments from blogger friends, which company me during my happy and sad days... my facebook on the other hand is quite "dead", I rarely receive comments on my facebook status updates... wonder why... maybe because most of my friends are not active on facebook... which is why I love blogs more than facebook... facebook is really boring to me... Other than that, I don't twitter or Instagram... How about you? Do you facebook, twitter or Instagram? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

What to look forward in 2014?

They say next year, the year of horse, 我冲太岁,so I need to go and 拜太岁。 I hope to earn more money next year so I could go for more tours haha... Money doesn't mean happiness but without money, many things you cannot do, so my motto for next year would be "work hard, play hard". I also hope to fall sick lesser, as I can get sore throat, throat infection, cough, flu and fever very easily. I say to myself: "加油,加油,加油,go go go!!!" How about you? What are your wishes for year 2014, do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

If I have a chance...

If I have a chance to study again, I would like to study about Graphic Design and be a Graphic Designer. I love all kinds of designs, I also love colours, graphics, printing, paper and fonts. But it is very expensive to take such courses, and at my age, I think it is too late to start studying and have a career switch... I love to study about the different design softwares such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator and so on. What do you think?

On the topic of shopping

When shopping, recently I love to get mobile phone cases for my mobile phone be it flip type or shell type. I also love buying a comfortable pair of shoes that will accompany me in my walks of life. I also love buying bags and again, comfortable and convenience are the factors I am looking at, it must have a lot of side pockets and zips for me to keep my things such as mobile phone, keys, tissue papers, umbrella, jacket and so on. Price is also a factor I must consider too. Because price is a factor, I also love to go shopping at night markets (we call it Pasar Malam in Singapore). How about you? What do you like to buy when you go shopping?

Palm Paradise Resort - Krabi

Yes! It is confirmed that we will be staying in this resort during our 3 Days 2 Nights tour in Krabi. Offering a wide range of accommodation with contemporary style and choices of chic room types, Krabi Palm Paradise Resort features Palm Paradise rooms , Palm Deluxe rooms, Palm Garden villas, Palm Villas and Palm Suite rooms. All rooms are finely equipped with standard in room amenities and decorated by creative paintings. This is their address: 165 Moo3, Aonang Sub-district, Muang Distric, Krabi Province 81000 Thailand. Ours will be a Villa Deluxe room. There will be a DVD player in every room so we could bring along some DVDs to watch when we are back to our hotel room. There is also massage service available upon request. This will be our new itinerary - Krabi City Tour Visit Wat Thum Sir Tiger Cave Temple, it is a small temple built inside a long shallow limestone cave, surrounded by natural forest. The temple takes its name from a stone formation nearby which resem

Decorations at Changi Airport Terminal 3 (T3)

Something interesting: Which punctuation mark do you like or dislike?

Of all the punctuation marks such as full stop, comma, question mark, exclamation mark, asterisks, open and close inverted comma, dash etc etc, I dislike question mark the most, because it means something which I don't understand or don't know. I quite like full stop because it means a completion of something. I also quite like asterisks because it indicates something of importance. How about you? Which punctuation marks you like or dislike? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.


I ever went to a Karaoke Pub, when the customer requests the staff to adjust the keys or change the song to Analog mode, the staff has to walk and go back to the counter to do so. I was thinking, technology is so advance now, why don't they try to use a remote control or even an iPad to control the sound system, that would greatly increase their efficiency (maybe the overhead costs could be high if they implement this system), don't you think so? Do you have any "technology" ideas that could increase the efficiency of any system, do share with me, I would love to hear from you.