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Change in consumption of TV programmes

Yes, I have a change in my media habits of watching broadcast programmes. Nowadays I choose to watch only Taiwanese variety shows, real life documentaries, travel programmes and programmes about food. I seldom watch drama nowadays, because I feel that they are just fiction as compared to the non-fiction (real life) programmes I love to watch. But when I was younger, I love to watch drama. I also seldom read the evening papers nowadays because it is full of murder stories, casualties, slanders, and negative news. Reading too much of it is not good for us. How about you? Any change in your media habits? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you. Cheers!

Bad experience when I went to Beijing in 2004

I went to Beijing in 2004 before the Olympics in 2008. I had a bad experience and a culture shock there. The folks there are rude, unfriendly and rough and they spit everywhere they go. Moreover I caught a cold that time and was sick throughout the trip so it was quite a torture for me. Hopefully this time I go Taipei I will have a good experience as I always hear people say that Taiwanese people are very friendly and hospitable. How about you guys? Have any of you been to Beijing before? Or any of you heard anything about the city Beijing? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you. Till then, have a good week ahead! Smiles :)

Be positive, things will turn better

The above is a reminder to myself whenever things are turning bad. Yes, we really need to constantly remind ourself to be positive, only when you are positive, things will turn better and learn to count your blessings. The future for me is dark but I don't give up, I still persevere and stay on. Don't you think the same way as me that we should be positive because life is not a bed of roses?

These lyrics speak my mind

Carpenter's Yesterday Once More When I was young I'd listen to the radio Waitin' for my favorite songs When they played I'd sing along It made me smile Those were such happy times And not so long ago How I wondered where they'd gone But they're back again Just like a long lost friend All the songs I loved so well Lookin' back on How it was in years gone by And the good times that I had Makes today seem rather sad So much has changed

What do you think?

Is being a private home tuition teacher 好吃懒做 or 废物?That's what somebody says about me that day which makes me heart broken. To think that when I strike lottery, I give her money to make her happy, I also bought her souvenirs when I go overseas, I even go to her workplace to look for her to support her, I also lend her money before. To think that this is all I get after doing all these. Is she jealous of my "easy" job? Ya, teaching might be an easy job earning "easy money" but we still need to travel far distances to go to the students' houses, put up with the parents' demands and need a lot of patience. And is it our fault to have an easy job. How can she think that way?


Will be going to collect my air tickets and hotel vouchers tomorrow at the tour agency. Decided not to book online this time in case anything crop up. Thinking of getting some souvenirs over at Taipei for my blogger friends, so stay tune!

Taipei here I come!

Finally I am going to Taipei this August, which is one of my resolutions this year. Will be going to Ximending and Shilin Night Market cos the hotel is situated just outside of Taipei’s 西門町 and the train stations. We liked the location of the hotel as it is not noisy and conveniently located near major shops and eateries. This is one of the reviews of a tourist who has been to Taipei: Taipei is a nice place for holiday. We have an enjoyable and memorable holiday here. Definitely we will come back again!

Dad I miss you

You have left us for 3 years, yet I still miss you every single day. You are the best in this world, forever giving and forgiving. That day I dreamt that I called you on your mobile phone but you didn't pick up because you were angry with me. I cried in the dream. Dad I really miss you, I hope I will be able to see you again one fine day. Love you Dad.

I also love this - Indian Rojak

The sauce for Indian Rojak plays a very important part, it must be dense and not too watery. Indian rojak with Teh Tarik, that is the best combination, sedap! How about you? Do you like Indian Rojak or do you have them in your country?

7 July 2013 - A Day with Clear Sky

This picture was taken from my house's corridor. A day with clear sky without haze. The haze has taught us a lesson - do not take things for granted. Don't you think so?

Share a Recipe - Meals for babies and toddlers (Milk and Chicken Pudding)

Ingredients 15g chicken breast meat Dash of salt and corn starch 1/2 egg 75cc milk Method 1. Chop chicken breast meat finely. Mix well with salt and corn starch. 2. Beat egg into a bowl and mix well with milk. 3. Add the chicken meat and steam over high heat for about 5 minutes. Isn't that simple and fast! And there is your Milk and Chicken Pudding. Delicious and nutricious for babies, toddlers and even adults. Try it one day!

If I have a chance...

If I have a chance, I would love to re-visit Cameron Highlands and visit the new tourist spot - the Lavender Garden. Looking at blogger friend Hayley's post on the Lavender Garden here , I was so tempted to visit it. The photos she took are so nice and beautiful, moreover purple is my favourite colour. Entrance fee is not expensive too, just RM5 for adults.

Random Notes #2

1. I tend to be stingy to myself, I can't bear to spend a lot on my own self (travelling is exceptional), I am talking about buying things for my own use, such as perfume, bags, shoes, etc etc but I am not stingy towards others, really, I am not joking, whenever I buy gifts for my friends, it is usually not the very cheap types, I am quite generous with gifts, I also don't understand why, I love buying gifts for people and bringing smiles to their faces. 2. Be contented with what you have, count your blessings.

I also love this - Wantan Noodles

The noodles must be Q. The char siew must not be too hard or too tender. I love it dry. How about you? Do you love it dry or with soup? Do share with me.

It is so much cheaper to book tours online

It is so much cheaper to book tours online, for example, you can book your air tickets online via budget airlines websites. Some budget airlines in Singapore are Tiger Airways, Jetstar and Air Asia. We can also book our hotels online through or I am still learning it, so I can get some good and cheap bargains. How about you? Do you normally book through travel agencies or book your air tickets and hotel online by yourself? Do share your views, I would love to hear from you.

Movie Review - White House Down

“White House Down,” written by James Vanderbilt, directed by Roland Emmerich, 137 minutes, rated PG-13.  “White House Down” stars Channing Tatum as John Cale, a veteran returning from Afghanistan, picking up jobs in D.C. while trying to beg, borrow and deal his way into the Secret Service. Landing an interview through a desperate combination of pleading and flirting, Cale takes advantage of his visit to The White House to reconnect with his estranged daughter, Emily (Joey King), who also happens to be a political and history junkie. While Cale tours the presidential mansion with his daughter, domestic terrorists led by the Head of Presidential Detail (James Woods) lay siege to The White House, taking hostages including Emily, covering all exits and entry points, and tracking down President Sawyer (Jamie Foxx). Separated from his daughter, Cale finds Sawyer, and his mission becomes twofold: Protect the president and save his daughter. While gun play and explosions are

I also love this - Kway Chap

How about you? Do you love kway chap?

Do you know these facts?

1. Do snails have babies or lay eggs? Some snails such as the mystery snail (apple snail) lay eggs. Others like the trap door snail are live bearers. So it depends on the snail. 2. How do Penguins breathe? Penguins breathe oxygen through lungs. They can hold their breath for incredible amounts of time underwater while they hunt for fish as food. 3. Does spider lay eggs? Female spiders lay eggs in clusters of up to a number of dozens. 4. How does whale breathe? All whales take air into their respiratory system from a blowhole, which acts as a nostril and is located on the top of a whale's back. When air and water are seen spitting from a whale's blowhole, the whale is actually exhaling.

I love food especially local food (yummy!)

I love to eat local food, these are the few local foods I love. (1) Duck Rice or Porridge or Duck Noodles (2) Popiah (3) Yau Tau Foo (4) Asam Curry The fish must be fresh and not have the "fishy" smell or taste (5) Prawn Noodles, be it soup or dry (6) Roti Prata (7) Curry Rice Oh mine! I am going hungry looking at all these food pictures. How about you? Which local food do you like?

If you can change your name, what would you change it to?

Our dialect and Chinese names are determined by our parents, sometimes we don't like the names given by our parents, but for some sentimental reasons, sometimes we decide to retain our names. However, if you can change your names (actually we can, just need to pay some money to engage lawyers to change our names on our Identity Cards), what would you change it to? My chinese name is 丽莲,but I would like to change to 善祺,or 若宣 if I have a chance, but I am too lazy to go through all the trouble to change my name on my Identity Card. What do you think of my new Chinese names? 善 is used because it means "kindness", 若 is used because I like the word 若。As for my Christian name, I have been using Libby in my blog because I like this name but that is not my real name, haha.

Random Notes #1

1. I am not a social media person nor am I a silent reader of people's blogs, I normally leave comments after reading someone's blog. 2. I love to read and I am into books, I hope to read more books in future. 3. I am not so attached to TV and drama, only once in a while when there is nice drama I like then I will be hooked, but I usually watch them online. I like to watch shows related to food and travel. 4. I am an audio person so I listen to the radio stations quite often, espcially in the night when I can't sleep. How about you?

Lovely Saturday - Karaoke night with mom

It was a lovely Saturday where I went to sing K with my mom. Drinks are S$7.70 per person and you are entitled to sing as many songs as you can in the main hall from 5pm to 2am. We reached there at around 7.30pm and sang until 10.30pm. I sang a total of 5 songs and the same goes to mom who also sang 5 songs. I sang 爱你让我勇敢,退后,红豆,爱我一生一世好不好,and MY DEAR MY FRIEND. It was a blissful and enjoyable night singing with mom in the main hall of the KTV lounge. I would come here again if I have the time.