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I love these scents from Body Shop!

Brazil Nut EDT Shea Butter EDT Shea butter is famous for its skin nourishing properties and nutty fragrance, I love the scent. Oh mine, I love anything Shea be it body lotion, shower gel, body scrub or even soap. The Brazil Nut EDT also smells great! Give it a try! How about you? What scents or fragrances do you like? I also like PLEASURE from ESTEE LAUDER.

Love of my life - Karaoke

One of my favourite past time is to sing KTV be it inside a booked room with several of my friends or on stage with my family. I had fallen in love with KTV since its introduction more than 20 years ago. In the past when we need to sing our songs, we will have to search through the song books and write down the song number on the paper they provided. As technology develops, now we only need to "scroll" through touch screen computer screens to search for our songs. I love singing, nothing can describe my love for singing. I find that singing can help lift one's spirits and moods. How about you? What is your favourite past times? Do you like to K?

The Fashion I Like

How about you? How do you find the above fashion pieces? I particularly like the white blouse and the tight skirt.

Having fun with photography apps

I just downloaded one photography apps called PicsArt and I am exploring it. I must say I am having fun with it with its different effects and frames to play with. Under the effects section, I can find the different effects such as FX, artistic, paper, colour adjust, distort and colour splash. Under the FX section, I tried the twilight, cross process and vintage effects. Here's one photo I took using the cross process effect. The cross process effect gives the photo a colour tone of green, red or blue.  "Colour Process" effect "Poster" effect Under collage section, I can find the different grids, frames and backgrounds. The different frames themes are simple, travel, colourful, nature, birthday and retro. Here's another photo I took using the Travel frame. Travel Frame I applied the "nature" frame to these 2 photos to make them more interesting. "Nature" frame "Nature" frame Another photo with the &qu

Free of charge clothings to give away

I have some clothings free of charge to give away, actually these belong to my sister, but she don't need them anymore as she has out-grown them so I am giving them away, with free of charge postage to bloggers in Singapore or Malaysia. These are the clothings.  Material: Stretchable Elastic adjustable waist With ribbon Brown Colour Size: Small Pair with leggings     Material: Soft Can tie ribbon at the back, waist level Size: Small Colour: Brown Can match with skirts or pants If any of you is interested, kindly leave me a comment with your email address and I will obtain your postage address from you, thanks.

An old photo

Managed to "steal" this photo from my friend's profile in Facebook. Guess which one is me? Those were the days when we crack jokes and laugh everyday, miss those days!!!

Late night cooking - Minestrone Soup in 30 mins

Was hungry just now and didn't know what to eat then I chanced upon mamabliss's blog and found one receipe of cooking minestrone soup in 30 minutes! To refer to the recipe, click the link here . So how do you find my 1st attempt?

I have a dream

Everyone has a dream to be somebody or to do something, what's my dream, I ask. As I love to write, I always dream that I could be an author of some good books or bestselling books whenever I visit bookstores. Well, a dream is still a dream, if you do not put it into action. I think it is not so easy to publish a book and be an author, so this dream shall be left on the shelf for the time being. What dreams do you have?

Library and my teaching blog

I feel very lucky and fortunate to have a library in my neighbourhood. The library just undergo a renovation recently and now they have a green colour "nature" theme which I like. I enjoy going to the library during my free time. Above are some photos of the library surrounding, does it look cosy to you? By the way, I have another blog on teaching at , do visit it when you are free, there are some ideas and resources on teaching there. Cheers!

I love shopping at DAISO

I love shopping at Daiso, that day I went to Vivocity and immediately I went to search for Daiso in the shopping centre directory. From dishes, foods, toiletries, and sundries to makeup, stationery goods, and tools, Daiso offers a wide variety of products. In addition, the products are of high quality, and mostly available at the amazingly low price of S$2. Repeat customers always discover something new when they go to Daiso, and that explains the popularity of the company. A wide range of products are available in amazing prices! And this blends in nicely with their company's mission to help customers "Find surprises and fun!!" What did I buy from Daiso that day? A green colour letter paper and envelopes for me to write letters and send to my friends. Yes, even though internet is very convenient and advanced nowadays, I do miss the personal touch of writing and sending letters physically to my friends. A pill/tablet holder to store my vitamin tablets when I bring

Yeah back to teach!

Yeah tomorrow I am going back to teach after 5 days of sickness and cough. Really hate to be down with sickness and unable to do anything other than eat and sleep and popping tablets. Have seen the doctor twice, first time costed me S$30 and second time costed me S$20. Health is really important, without health there are many things we cannot do. Yesterday after I recovered slightly, I did many houseworks such as washing and airing the clothes, sweeping the floor etc. Finally after 5 days of cough, tomorrow I am going back to teach, though I have not fully recovered. Say 加油 to myself!!! Go Go Go Libby!!!