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Teach the kids other than academics!

If I have kids myself, I would teach them these traits other than the academics. Self-confidence To succeed in anything, you need self-confidence to push yourself forward. Without confidence, you will be easily defeated and thus not able to achieve anything. Adaptability Our environment is not constant and is ever changing so it is important to be able to adapt to any environment with its different conditions. Self-motivation Even if there is no one besides you to encourage or motivate you, it is important that you learn to self-motivate yourself to move forward. Independence One must be able to learn to be independent by solving problems and coming up with solutions on your own. But how do you teach them to attain the above attributes or traits? Do you have any idea? Is it through reassuring the kids, encouraging them along with lots of hugs, kisses and love? Do share with me your great ideas, I would love to hear from you.

Hooked on 美人龍湯

I am hooked on the following Taiwanese drama this week and I must say Mike He's acting is pretty good as he tries to portray the twin brothers with different characteristics. Spring Love (Chinese: 美人龍湯) is a 2013 Taiwanese idol television drama series. The show was produced and filmed by GTV and it stars Mike He as the main male lead with Lin Ying Zhen from Taiwanese girl group PopU Lady as the main female lead. The show started filming on August 13, 2012 and will continue to film till February 1, 2013. The first episode was aired on January 27, 2013. Synopsis The loving couple, Long Shou-cheng and Michiko was forced to separate due to differences in their family status. Their twin sons, Long Tian-hao and Long Tian-he were also forced to separate from each other—Long Shou-cheng taking his elder son, Long Tian-he, and remained in Taiwan to manage the century old family business; Michiko took their younger son back to her homeland Japan to build a life from scratch. The twins a

I love numbers and teaching Maths!

I must say my best subject is Mathematics (*shyless me*). I used to score As for my Maths and even in High School I scored very well for Statistics and I really love teaching Maths to my students especially problem sums dealing in Fractions. I am beginning to teach my Primary 3 student on the topic of Money. It is a hair pulling session for me to teach my student Brayden Division as he keeps forgetting how to divide. He is also a restless and mischievous boy. I also quite like Science too but Science appears a little difficult to me. How about you, of the 4 subjects, Maths, Science, English and Chinese, which one is your favourite subject and why?

I simply love my Samsung Phone

Last year, when I am thinking of whether to buy a new phone, I couldn't bear to part with my Nokia phone. Now after more than 6 months of owning my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone, I must say I have fallen in love with it. My phone, my internet connection, my calendar, my calculator, and everything I need to watch videos on Youtube, surf facebook, surf the net, read blogs and play games. I just downloaded many games from the Play Store and I must say I simply love those games! How about you? What phone do you own and do you love your phone? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

On the home front

You don't have to go overseas for a memorable holiday when there's a great option right here. Like the average Singaporean, I'll take any excuse for a holiday. Even if it means keeping my feet firmly planted on local soil. Recently I just went for a short getaway locally in my own country. I stayed in Ibis Hotel at Bencoolen Street, yes, alone. It was so blissful. I stayed in the Superior Room, perfect for sloths like me who love nothing better than to watch TV in bed and yes, there is also free internet access in the lobby. Here's a photo of the hotel room. What do you think of the hotel room?

Share a recipe - Asparagus with Scallops

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful blogger mommies out there! Here's sharing a recipe for all the busy mommies out there. Ingredients 10 large scallops, blanced and pan-fried till golden brown on both sides 250g asparagus, sliced 100g young lotus roots, sliced 80g fresh lily bulb, peeled and trimmed or water chestnuts, peeled and sliced 60g macadamia nuts 3 slices ginger 1 tbsp canola oil Seasoning 1.5 tbsp MAGGI concentrated chicken stock 3 tbsp water 1 tsp sesame oil Method 1. Heat oil to saute ginger till fragrant. Add young lotus roos and asparagus, and stir fry for 2 minutes. Then add scallops, fresh lily bulb and macadamia nuts, and stir fry briefly to flavour. 2. Add seasoning sauce and wolfberries. Stir and toss evenly. Serve hot.

Sensitive Scalp

Yes, I have sensitive and itchy scalp, even though I wash my hair everyday, my scalp still feels itchy and uncomfortable, anybody got remedy for this? I came across this shampoo (quite expensive though) for sensitive and itchy scalp, but I wonder if it is really good for my scalp. Do share with me if you came across anything or have any recommendations, I would love to hear from you.

East Coast Park - 4 May 2013

Today is Saturday and it is my off day so I went East Coast Park with my buddy Jose. I missed my bus 155 as I was queueing up to buy 4D. However, lucky enough, I wasn't late for my appointment. I arrived 5 minutes before 5pm at Parkway Parade. As Jose was late, so she asked me to shop around first and wait for her. She arrived at around 5.30pm and after that, we went to The Food Republic to have our dinner, I had duck rice while Jose had Korean noodles. After that we walked to East Coast Park. It was nice looking at the seawaves and enjoying the sea breeze, I listened to the FM radio while Jose read a book. We left when the sky turned dark. After that, we went Parkway Parade to shop, Jose bought 2 polo T shirts at 2 for S$29, good bargain. It was an enjoyable day out with her.