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Did you enjoy your school days?

I enjoyed my Primary School and Secondary School days until I entered college. I enjoyed Primary school days because I was among the top students and I was the champion for a Chinese Composition Competition (*shyless me*) and I enjoyed Secondary School days because I have the funniest classmates and we crack jokes almost everyday. Until I entered college cos in college I run into a male Maths teacher who looked down on slower and weaker students. By the way I was in a Methodist school during Secondary School and I studied Bible Studies but on the contrary I am a Buddhist now. How about you? Did you enjoy your school days? Care to share?

My CNY decorations

These CNY decorations are put up so as to have CNY atmosphere. The plant was bought at S$11 with the pot. The colour of the flowers is my favourite colour purple. The Chinese wordings has an auspicious meaning. How about you? Did you decorate your house for CNY?

CNY Shopping - Part 1

Went to Suntec City Mall and City Link for my cny shopping with Jose on Monday evening. Before we went for our shopping, we had our dinner at Sakae Sushi and spent S$44. After that we walked along City Link and I spotted a white colour rose lace blouse at Series Boutique. I tried it on and find that it was quite nice and immediately I bought it. It costed S$30 which is supposed to be an offer price. Jose bought a pair of black pants and two blouses too. Instead of buying the usual "Red" colour for cny, I bought white colour. The above is what I bought, nice?

I Learned Something

I have been receiving anonymous comments in my blog and it can be quite frustrating to receive those spam comments. But I learned something that day that I can actually block anonymous comments. This is by going to your "settings" and click "comments" and under "comments", click on moderation. With moderation enabled, me as the blog owner is able to control what comments I want to appear in my blog by clicking on "publish", "delete" or "spam". I feel so much better after that.

My Samsung Phone

I am beginning to get used and fall in love with my Samsung Galaxy Ace phone. As I am using a pre-paid line, so I do not have a data plan, so I could not go online with my phone outside. But with Wi-Fi at home, I could use my smartphone to access the internet at home. I use my smartphone to watch videos on Youtube, log in to my Facebook, check emails and surf the net. I am loving it. By the way, pre-paid card in Singapore costs S$26 with a 128 minutes of talk time. Is that considered expensive?

Chinese New year Shopping - Part 1

Went to Suntec City Mall and City Link for my cny shopping with Jose on Monday evening. Before we went for our shopping, we had our dinner at Sakae Sushi and spent S$44. After that we walked along City Link and I spotted a white colour rose lace blouse at Series Boutique. I tried it on and find that it was quite nice and immediately I bought it. It costed S$30 which is supposed to be an offer price. Jose bought a pair of black pants and two blouses too.

Hotel Review: Ibis Hong Kong Central and Sheung Wan

Hong Kong's newest Ibis Hotel is situated in the convenient neighbourhoods of Sheung Wan and Central, just a strollaway from the Sheung Wan MTR station and Macau Ferry Terminal. The bright, airy lobby is immediately inviting and rooms offer stunning views of the harbour. Whether you're an early or late riser, you'll love their breakfast hours run from 4am to 12noon daily so there's no excuse to skip your first meal. And the deal clincher for most travellers? There's complimentary Wifi throughout the hotel. So what do you think of this hotel after my introduction? By the way, was unable to upload a photo of the hotel as I encountered some problem in loading photo at The box for browsing and uploading photo is missing. Anybody got any solution? Pls help, thanks.

Retail Therapy

I bought a purple colour photo frame, a dress for chinese new year and a fragrant shower cream at Bugis after my tuition class today. I love shopping. Waited for bus 133 at Bendemeer to go to Bugis and I didn't wait for too long as the bus came after a short while. I had fish mee suan this evening and the stall lady boss was very nice to specially prepare for me as she was going to close the stall for the day already.

My Predictions

On 2013 I think this year is going to be about travelling to relax rather than to party and shop. That means people will look for spas, resorts and retreats to relax and unwind. 2013 will remain challenging so big budget holidays will be out for most people. On which region will see the biggest increase in visitors Asia, for sure, and possibly the Euro zone too if the currency weakens further. On luxury travel I think luxury or expensive holidays will start to come back in 2014 and 2015 when the world economy really starts to recover and people put recession behind them. 2013 is a transition year and there is still way too much gloom in the world for people to splash out. How about you? What are your views of the above?

As I Age

As I age, I tend to focus more on spiritual and emotional things rather than material things. As I age, I tend to lose interest in many things. How about you? What differences did you discover as you age?

If I really need to write about resolutions...

I try not to write resolutions as much as I can as I fear I may not fulfill them at the end of the year. But if I really need to write about resolutions, these are my resolutions for the year 2013. (1) To do more charity work (2) To cut down on coffee cos that will make me sleep easier and better (3) To develop interest in more things, because I find that as I age, I tend to lose interest in many things Ok, that's all for now, I hope I will not sigh at the end of the year if these are not fulfilled as I look back next year.


My youngest sister has set off for Hong Kong last Sunday, 6am flight. This is the second time she is going to Hong Kong. But she is sick this time but still she has to carry on with her plan because she has booked the air tickets and hotel. She has been feeling unwell for a week, with cough and fever on and off. I lend her my thick clothings as the weather is cold over at Hong Kong. Hope she will get better and can take good care of herself. Very fast, she will be back on Thursday. She is big girl now and I know she will take care of herself.

Pressie for Friend - Smiggle Pen Cup

Bought a simple pen holder as a birthday present for my friend today. Her birthday was on 29th Dec so it is a belated birthday present. The bright round pen cups come in multiple colours such as purple, green, pink, blue and white featuring an embossed Smiggle logo. My friend chose white because white is her favourite colour. They are cool to give to a friend as a present because there are so many colours you can choose and it can be used at home, in school or in the office. And moreover it costs only S$2.95!

How to Teach Division to Children

In order to upgrade my teaching skills, I always turn to the Internet for resources on teaching. This is what I found on the website on how to teach kids division. Read on especially for those blogger friends with kids. It's interesting and enriching. Teaching long division can be challenging, as it builds upon the principles of both multiplication and subtraction. When teaching division, first try to break the process down to its fundamental root, which is repeated subtraction. Show them that what a division problem really asks is "How many times can a number be subtracted from another number?" Demonstrate the meaning of division by showing how we are just really counting how many times a value can be subtracted. Start with a simple division problem, such as 12 divided by four. Subtract four from 12 and mark that we have subtracted one time. The result is eight. Since eight is bigger than four, we can subtract four again. Now, our count shows we've subtracted two

4 Things I do to Make Myself Happy

It's the festive period recently with the Christmas and New Year holidays. I tell myself I must do somethings to "celebrate" and make myself happy. 1. Spa I went for a spa session at a neighbourhood Spa parlour recently and I must say I enjoyed it to the max. Moreover it was for a promotional price of S$50. See my previous post Spa 2. Pedicure I went for a pedicure to "pamper" myself on the second last day of 2012. It was for a promotional price of S$10, usual price is S$12. I chose red colour for the nail colour cos red is one of my favourite colours. I look at my legs and I was happy with the result. The service of the manicurists was good and I am very satisfied with it. 3. Spring Cleaning See my previous post Spring Cleaning 4. Full Body Massage The last thing I wanna do to make myself happy is to go for a full body massage which lasts for an entire hour. I seldom go for massages and actually this is the first time I go for full body massage.

Spring Cleaning

It's time of the year to do spring cleaning, and I like to recycle my old stuff such as old clothings, gadgets, CDs, VCDs, ornaments and books. I normally donate to the charity and I will give them to people I know who might want them. I like the feeling of spring cleaning, it's like preparing myself for new things to come. How about you? Have you done your spring cleaning yet?

Things are falling apart!!!

Our house is 10 years old and parts of it are beginning to break apart. Drawers are falling apart, handles of wardrobe and taps are dropping off, tiles are falling off. Gosh, have to live with it because it will cost a bomb if we refurbish the whole house unless we are okay with a minor renovation. I still can remember how happy we were when we first shifted in here 10 years ago. Till now, I still do not have my own bedroom so I envy kids nowadays who have their own bedroom at a young age.

2012 - Good Year, 2013 - Positive about it

It's 2013?! Happy New Year. Let me recall what has happened and what I have achieved in 2012. Travelling I yearn for getaways but unfortunately I wasn't able to travel as much as I wanted because of work and because I need money but I do plan to have a trip once every year and I am planning to go Taiwan end of 2013. Hope that my plan will be successful. I'm very much into eating, shopping and sightseeing when I travel, well that's what travelling is all about. Blogging I have achieved a milestone in my blogging for the year 2012. I managed to have over 200 posts for the whole year. I have also got to know many great friends such as Simple Person, Hayley, Genskie, Coffeegirl, Agnes, Cynthia, Vicky, Rose, YT, Yvonne, Uncle Lee, STP and so on. Sorry if I forgot to mention you here. I had held two giveaways in 2012 and the winners were Simple Person, Hayley and Agnes. It is fun having giveaways and I will hold more giveaways in 2013. Teaching I had learned man