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Blog giveaway: Welcome 2014

As I will be going away to Krabi end of the year, I will like to hold a giveway to reward my readers and blogger friends for their loyalty and sincere comments. There will be 2 souvenirs to be given away. You just need to leave a comment about what you like about my blog. These are the rules for the giveaway. Rules are: 1. Follow this blog by joining my followers' club at the bottom. 2. Leave your comment with your email address. 3. This giveaway is open to all Malaysian and Singaporean. This giveway will end after I come back from my trip on 1st Jan 2014 1159pm. I hope to bring joy to my blogger friends and readers by giving them a small token of appreciation during the new year of 2014. I will handpick the winners randomly by lucky draw method. Good Luck! Cheers!

Do you prefer backend job or frontline job?

If you have a restaurant business, backend job would include all the cooking, washing and tidy up. Frontline job would include the PR, serving customers, marketing, and managing the staff. Which type of job do you prefer, backend or frontline? Backend job would require a lot of physical strength and effort while if you want to work frontline, you have to be a very cheerful and friendly person who likes meeting people. I don't think I can do well in backend because it needs a lot of physical strength and I am not a physically fit person. I will get backaches from all the washing, and frontline, I am not suitable also because I am a shy person who will only warm up with people I know well... that left me with what job? Maybe handling the advertising aspect of the business I will do well because I have the experience... how about you, if you have a restaurant business, what would you most enjoy doing? Serving customers? Managing the staff? Do share with me, I would love to hear from y

I had fulfilled my childhood dreams

Since I was a kid, I love all things nice and beautiful and I love looking at the advertisements in magazines and newspapers, after I grew up and stepped into the society, I worked in the advertising line, which is a dream come true for me. I love my job and career then, until politics step in... I hate politics in office, which is why I went into teaching after that, which is another childhood dream come true for me, because when I was a kid, I love to "role-play" as a teacher... How about you? What are your childhood dreams? And how many of them are fulfilled? It is ok if they are not fulfilled at least there is still something you can work for in future... Do share with me, I would love to hear from you...

I love blogging more than Facebook

I love to read and write blogs, because in my blogs, I receive many comments from blogger friends, which company me during my happy and sad days... my facebook on the other hand is quite "dead", I rarely receive comments on my facebook status updates... wonder why... maybe because most of my friends are not active on facebook... which is why I love blogs more than facebook... facebook is really boring to me... Other than that, I don't twitter or Instagram... How about you? Do you facebook, twitter or Instagram? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

What to look forward in 2014?

They say next year, the year of horse, 我冲太岁,so I need to go and 拜太岁。 I hope to earn more money next year so I could go for more tours haha... Money doesn't mean happiness but without money, many things you cannot do, so my motto for next year would be "work hard, play hard". I also hope to fall sick lesser, as I can get sore throat, throat infection, cough, flu and fever very easily. I say to myself: "加油,加油,加油,go go go!!!" How about you? What are your wishes for year 2014, do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

If I have a chance...

If I have a chance to study again, I would like to study about Graphic Design and be a Graphic Designer. I love all kinds of designs, I also love colours, graphics, printing, paper and fonts. But it is very expensive to take such courses, and at my age, I think it is too late to start studying and have a career switch... I love to study about the different design softwares such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator and so on. What do you think?

On the topic of shopping

When shopping, recently I love to get mobile phone cases for my mobile phone be it flip type or shell type. I also love buying a comfortable pair of shoes that will accompany me in my walks of life. I also love buying bags and again, comfortable and convenience are the factors I am looking at, it must have a lot of side pockets and zips for me to keep my things such as mobile phone, keys, tissue papers, umbrella, jacket and so on. Price is also a factor I must consider too. Because price is a factor, I also love to go shopping at night markets (we call it Pasar Malam in Singapore). How about you? What do you like to buy when you go shopping?

Palm Paradise Resort - Krabi

Yes! It is confirmed that we will be staying in this resort during our 3 Days 2 Nights tour in Krabi. Offering a wide range of accommodation with contemporary style and choices of chic room types, Krabi Palm Paradise Resort features Palm Paradise rooms , Palm Deluxe rooms, Palm Garden villas, Palm Villas and Palm Suite rooms. All rooms are finely equipped with standard in room amenities and decorated by creative paintings. This is their address: 165 Moo3, Aonang Sub-district, Muang Distric, Krabi Province 81000 Thailand. Ours will be a Villa Deluxe room. There will be a DVD player in every room so we could bring along some DVDs to watch when we are back to our hotel room. There is also massage service available upon request. This will be our new itinerary - Krabi City Tour Visit Wat Thum Sir Tiger Cave Temple, it is a small temple built inside a long shallow limestone cave, surrounded by natural forest. The temple takes its name from a stone formation nearby which resem

Decorations at Changi Airport Terminal 3 (T3)

Something interesting: Which punctuation mark do you like or dislike?

Of all the punctuation marks such as full stop, comma, question mark, exclamation mark, asterisks, open and close inverted comma, dash etc etc, I dislike question mark the most, because it means something which I don't understand or don't know. I quite like full stop because it means a completion of something. I also quite like asterisks because it indicates something of importance. How about you? Which punctuation marks you like or dislike? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.


I ever went to a Karaoke Pub, when the customer requests the staff to adjust the keys or change the song to Analog mode, the staff has to walk and go back to the counter to do so. I was thinking, technology is so advance now, why don't they try to use a remote control or even an iPad to control the sound system, that would greatly increase their efficiency (maybe the overhead costs could be high if they implement this system), don't you think so? Do you have any "technology" ideas that could increase the efficiency of any system, do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Photo Review: I love Zakka

I love Zakka, how about you?


Suddenly have this thought, in any relationship, whether marriage, friendship or even relationship with your subordinates, trust is very important. You trust that your friend will not play you out, will not be late, will be there at the place you date them, you trust your partner, you trust your subordinates that they will do what you delegate them to do. It is very irritating and frustrating if the other party does not trust you and keep suspecting your ability, like what they say: "You employ me because you have confidence in me, don't employ me if you don't trust me or do not have any confidence in me." Don't you think so too?


I had came across many slogans especially because I used to work in the advertising industry. Recently there is one slogan which caught my eyes which I think ties in nicely with what the company has to offer. It is the slogan of an electronics goods company called BEST DENKI, the slogan being: "Those who know, know BEST." Don't you think it is a relevant and suitable slogan for the company and it rhymes very well too. Another slogan which I like is the slogan for MASTERCARD, it goes: "There are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there's MasterCard." MasterCard's advertising campaign tagline is " Priceless " which ties in so nicely with its slogan. The purpose of the campaign is responding to the public's worry that everything is being commodified and that people are becoming too materialistic. It goes beyond the image that MASTERCARD is just an ordinary credit card company and positions MASTERCARD as the symbol for people


一口气在一天内读完张小娴的《你总有爱我的一天》,有几段文字我相当喜欢也有认同感: 1. 我终于明白男人为什么爱慕青春。人世间惟有青春。它是一种天赋,你不需要做什么也能拥有。然而,当它要消逝,你无论做什么也留不住它。我说过,我很漂亮。可是,越是漂亮的女人越是看到自己身上最微小的变化和最无情的岁月。 2. 我变了,变漂亮了,不再是那个瘦骨伶仃又害羞的女孩。我不稀罕那些热烈地追求我的男人。对他们来说,我是那么冷漠,好像我不需要爱情似的。没有人知道,那时因为我的心永远为你封锁起来了。然而,这反而成了我致命的吸引力。多么可笑啊?当你越不在乎,你却越得到。 3. 看到书,就好像看到你,我甚至傻得去吻那本书。 4. 她知道自己长得很漂亮,很会利用自己的美貌来迷倒身边的男人。 5. 那天,她打扮得真漂亮,像个公主似的,我却像个没见过世面的清贫女学生那样跟在她身边。

What health supplements are you taking now?

I used to take Centrum Multivitamins but now I am currently taking Omega 3 Fish Oil. Centrinis Healthwerkz Omega 3 Fish Oil 1000mg is derived from cold deep sea fish such as salmon, sardines, processed with Molecular Distillation Method to assure the highest quality and the purest of fish oil. It supports healthy cholesterol level. It is also a nutritional support (EPA & DHA) for healthy heart and brain. How about you? Do you believe in health supplements?

泰好玩 - 清莱金三角,帕蓬夜市 Thailand Chiang Rai Golden Triangle and Pat Pong Night Market

When I was at the Golden Triangle (where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand meet) about 17 years ago, it was such a splendid, wonderful, unique and mixed feelings for me. The Golden Triangle was famous for its opium production and it produces 80% of the world's production of opium but not now anymore. I also went to Pat Pong Night Market which was famous for its imitation goods and "strip" shows. We bought a lot of leather goods such as leather bags because they were a good bargain there. Of couse the guy inside the above photo is not my boyfriend lah, haha, it is a picture downloaded from the internet for your viewing pleasure. I find the pose of the guy rather funny though (LOL).

我喜欢逛超市,I love shopping at supermarkets

我喜欢逛超市,就算买的东西很不起眼,例如沐浴乳,洗发水,洗衣粉之类的家庭用品,我也超满足。不知如何,也许是年纪大了吧?好师奶哦!尤其喜欢超市的冷气,大热天最喜欢窝进超市里,享受冷气。喜欢把用完的物品再存购起来,那感觉好好!你呢?喜欢逛超市吗?其实我早就想写篇文关于超市,看到 vincent 写的文我就有动力,我可不是抄袭他哦!哈哈! I love shopping at the supermarkets, even though it might be only buying daily neccessities such as shower cream, shampoo and washing powder, I feel really satisfied and happy, maybe because of age, that's why I like supermarkets, feel like an auntie, haha! I love the aircon in supermarkets, especially on a hot day, I love to enjoy the aircon. I love the feeling of stocking up goods and neccessities which I finish using, it is such a wonderful feeling! How about you? You love supermarkets? I long had this intention to write this post about supermarkets, I had this motivation and urge to write after seeing what Vincent  wrote, of course I am not copying him, ok? Haha!

Too much time

What do you do when you have too much time or you seldom have too much time because you are working everyday from Monday to Friday? Last time, when I was much younger, I packed many activities during weekends when I am not working, I would go to movies, karaoke, meals and even clubbing with my friends. I enjoyed every single moment of my younger days. Those was my younger days, very happening wahaha! Now that most of my friends are married, I seldom have the chance to meet them at all, what a pity! Not that I don't have friends, but that I have fewer friends to go out with now. Lucky I still have one good travel Buddy Jose whose I always go travel with. I will be going Krabi with her this December. Sometimes I think it is not so good to be too free, I am someone who gets restless easily and must have something to do. So I always keep myself occupied with blogging, blog-hopping, reading, listening to radio stations, watching programmes, eating, daydreaming, karaoke and so on. I ca

Blog Giveaway Result

Thank you for the following participants in my blog giveaway: 1. Ember 2. Coffeegirl 3. Hayley 4. STP 5. SK 6. Rose 7. J Mei 8. Twilight Man Some of the participants have misunderstood what I wanted and instead of commenting which drawers I will choose, they comment on which drawers they like, there is actually a difference, but anyway I will close one eye and include all the comments. There are 2 winners in this giveaway, da-duh, they are..............................*drums roll*...............SK and Rose because the drawers I will choose will be the drawers of 3 at S$99, reason being it is the cheapest among all (price is a factor to me), the drawers seem to have more storage space and the wood colour is nice. Can SK and Rose, leave your mailing address in my email and I will send the small gifts to you guys, cheers and once again, congrats!

Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant at Northpoint Shopping Centre (2 Nov, Saturday)

The teppanyaki was a bit cold though Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant serves over 200 culinary selections such as paper steamboat, teppanyaki, salmon sashimi, sushi, tempura, ramen, pasta, fried rice, desserts, chocolate fondue and so much more! Went with Jose and waited for our turn to get into the restuarant at 11.30am. It was not very crowded so we can select our food at our own pace. There is also wine serving between 12.30pm and 1.30pm. I also had pork belly paper steamboat, the pork belly tasted simply delicious (but forgot to take photo here). I was so full after the buffet that I need to take a walk to digest my food. 

I love IKEA furniture Blog Giveaway (Drawers)

 BRIMNES Chest of 4 drawers with frosted glass S$199  MALM Chest of 3 drawers S$99  MALM Chest of 6 drawers S$169 TARVA Chest of 3 drawers S$149 KOPPANG Chest of 3 drawers S$199 Which one do you like? And guess which one I will choose and the reason, and I will have a small gift for the person with the correct answer (open to all Malaysia and Singapore bloggers). The closing date for this giveaway will be 4 Nov (Monday) 1159pm. Good luck and happy guessing!

1. 爱在泰国 - 甲米倒数 What can I expect from Krabi? (Countdown to Krabi trip) 2. Change of name indicates a new start

1. Am anticipating and looking forward to my Krabi trip even though I have not gone to book the tour yet. Am thinking what will I get when I visit Krabi? The sun, the sky (蓝天白云),the beach (洁白的沙滩), and the sparkling clear waters(清澈的海水)? My heart is flying there already even though I am going there only in December. Maybe I should countdown to it, haha! To think that I am counting down 2 months ahead, wahahaha, but there's blogger friend who also counts down her trip to Korea, look at her post here 2. I have friends who change their names, be it christian names or nicknames to indicate a new start in their life whenever they change job etc. For example, I have a girlfriend who used to be called Lulu, now she is known as Xin Yu.


After the plumber from Town Council came to change our leaking metal pipe to a plastic pipe, after a few days problems start to surface. Our water level has become very small and the kitchen tap keep on shaking and vibrating and leaking water. I was so angry at the poor workmanship by the inexperienced plumber causing us so much headaches and problems. I am going to voice up to Town Council again so that they can help to rectify or put right the problems. Haiz, headache ah headache...

This is what I used to do when I was in the Media industry

Yes, I buy media, eat and sleep media. Day in day out, it is all about the mass media such as newspapers, magazines, TV, outdoor (MRT and bus posters) and radio and of late, digital and social media. Here's an outline what it is all about: The media plan is a document in sections. A ring binder notebook is a good way to keep a media plan, because it's easy to update and easy to refer to. Or if you prefer to work on computer, simply think in terms of folders and files. The sections in your notebook will be: Media channels (newspapers, etc.). This section lists all of the media in which advertising will be placed. Goals. This section describes the goals of the advertising, and explains why and how this plan meets these goals. Audience. In this section, collect all the information you can about your target audience. You will want statistics by demographics or lifestyle; your professional association can help you find this information, as can trade journals or your banker.

Random Notes #6

It is always a blessing to be able to give than to receive. I always believe if all the rich people in the world are willing to give a little fraction of their wealth to help the less fortunate, this world will be a much better place to live and there will be lesser poverty and hunger. I always believe in doing charity work, be in contributing money or if you don't have the money, contributing time to help the less fortunate. It is also good for your karma and will help to build up your merits when you do charity work, so why not if you can afford to? Don't you think so?

1. Do you still develop your photos into hard copies? 2. Factors to consider when buying a house

1. Even though technology is very advanced these days and digital camera and digital photos are the trend now, but I still develop my photos into hard copies the traditional way. I like to see my photos in hard copies and to keep them in photo frames and photo albums. Digital photos may be lost if the hard disk drive of your computer is having problems and you may lose your digital photos overnight! So that's why I still develop photos into hard copies now. How about you? 2. The two factors I would consider when buying a house is of course the price and the location. Location is very important and it must be near to main public transport such as MRT or bus stops, and it must have facilities such as banks, post offices, markets, hair salons and supermarkets in its vicinity. Which is why I don't bear to move house up till today because my current house's neighbourhood has all these facilities within walking distance. How about you, what factors do you think is important whe

Updated wish list

These are the things on my wish list right now: 1. Acer Netbook (white colour) because I lost my netbook during my trip to Taipei. 2. Panasonic Lumix camera in order to take better pictures for my blog. 3. A new and spacious house because my house is getting old and I stayed in it for 12 years (not long enough?). Actually this wish is the most difficult to fulfill cos moving house and buying a new house will be a big decision for every member of the family. How about you? What is your wish list at the moment?

I am a wanderlust

Yes, I am a wanderlust and I simply love to travel, and there are so many places I wanna go, either it is my first time there or I had been there before. Bangkok (been there in 1996), HK (been there twice in 1995 and 2002), Krabi (not been there yet), Macau (not been there yet), Zhuhai (not been there yet), and finally da-duh, Japan (not been there yet). Oh gosh, so many places I want to go, ok ok, I tell myself, I will fulfill my wish step by step, ok? After reading Hayley's post on Bangkok, I feel like going Bangkok again! How about you, are you a wanderlust?

When you travel...

When you travel, what do you miss most about home? For me, I would miss my bed and pillows even though the hotel's bed might be bigger or more comfy. Knowing that my family and friends are near, I would sleep well at home and most of the times I don't sleep well when I am overseas especially when you follow package tours and you sleep late and wake up early. Some may say they miss their pet dog or cat. How about you?

It was a fruitful Saturday

Today the town council's workers came to our house to change our leaky pipe from a metal one to a plastic one. It was very messy at first with all the rusty water from the choked pipe, so you can imagine what a mess it was. Luckily after the workers left, me, my mom and my sisters divided the tasks among ourselves and managed to clean up our kitchen finally. It was a fruitful day to me as I managed to monitor and instruct the workers to do their jobs neatly. I hope the pipe will not leak again and hope everything will be in place.  

Cosy Corner

This is my cosy corner with my Desktop where I surf the net, blog, watch videos via Youtube and 风行. So what do you think of my cosy corner, I think it is a bit messy and needs some decoration.

What subjects you did well in school?

When I was in College, I studied Economics 经济学,I simply love the subject and did well in the subject. I also love Statistics because it involves numbers and I love numbers. But when I was in Secondary School, I hated the subjects Physics and Chemistry. I simply cannot understand these two subjects especially Physics with its acceleration, velocity, etc. Physics and Chemistry seem to be not related to our realistic life for me. How about you, what subjects you do well or hated in school, care to share, I would love to hear from you.

I went to Korea in 2002

It was the most fun trip I ever had when I went to Korea in 2002 with my bestie. It wasn't free and easy, instead it was a package tour with tour guide. We went to Everland Theme Park and also went skiing. I even bang into a tree before I stopped when I skii, it was so funny! The tour guide also brought us to Dongdaemun and Namdaemun Market for shopping. Food wise, we had BBQ pork and Ginseng Chicken soup, sedap! However, I am unable to share the photos we took as it was so long ago and I guess that time we took the photos not using a Digital Camera. Nonetheless, I will share some photos which I manage to download from the internet. Dongdaemun Market

Examination period is here

October is the month of examinations for Primary School students in Singapore. It will be a busy period for me as my students will be having their examinations this month. I am also giving additional lessons to my students, hope they can do well in their examinations. I may be busy, but I will still try to find time to blog and keep in touch with my blogger friends, so do stay tune for any updates I may have, cheers and have a good weekend! Smiles :)

忘记你不如忘记自己 - Better forget myself than forget you, 心痛 - Heart Pain

Another nice song from 王杰。

This is the itinerary - 4 Days 3 Nights in Krabi + 1 Night Free

Day 01 - Singapore - Krabi - Surat Thani (Dinner) Arrive at Krabi Airport, then visit to Krabi Town, Fruit Market, Marine Fish Farm and local products shopping before proceed to Surat Thani. Dinner will be served at famous "E-San" for the North East Thai food. After dinner, proceed to Surat Thani River and cruise along the mangrove swamp forest to spot the beautiful fireflies. After tour, transfer to hotel (overnight stay in Surat Thani) for check in. During your free time, you may do some shopping or massage at your own leisure. Day 02 - Surat Thani - Nakorn Sri Thammarate - Krabi (B/fast, Lunch, Dinner) Breakfast at the hotel. Morning proceed to Nakorn Sri Thammarate province. Along the journey, visit Kiriwong Home Industries Village, Local Thai Village & Home Industries. You will also be able to have a glance of how the local use Mangosteen fruit & leaf, rambutan skin and other kind of fruit and tree leaf for making soap, dyeing cloth & souvenir. Lunch wi

我的偶像 - 王杰

王杰是1987,1988 年代掘起的一个红星。快炙人口的歌曲和优郁的浪子形像深深的吸引了我。王杰在一炮而红之前当过特技演员和计程车司机,被李寿全制作人发掘踏入歌坛,一炮而红。凭着歌曲“一场游戏一场梦”而走红歌坛。王杰可说是“昨日的浪子,今日的巨星,和明日的传说”。王杰是我心目中永远的偶像!

Nice Songs

If nothing goes wrong...

If nothing goes wrong, I will be going Krabi this December. Was pondering whether I should go Langkawi or Krabi, and Krabi had won since I seldom go Thailand during my trips and Krabi is in Thailand. My sis just went Phuket last Saturday and she went to the Elephant Show and Simon Cabaret Show, probably the biggest "transvestite" cabaret show to be found locally. Guess which one is my sis? But no prize for the correct answer, muahaha!

Fruitful trip to Union Bookshop

Went to Union Bookshop at Bras Basah Complex on Monday and it is a good way to begin my October. Bought two books and they are like the book "Chicken soup for the soul" in Chinese. Can't wait to read them when I got home, indeed books are vitamins to the soul, don't you think so? The name "Chicken Soup For The Soul" was chosen for this series because of the use of chicken soup as a home remedy for the sick, and therefore it was "good for the body." The inspirational stories included in this series were meant to be "good for the soul."

Now and then - Have I age?

Then - 2009

Touching Song

Something interesting - Using Chinese to teach Mathematics

I had the chance to go to a bookshop at JB during my one day trip there. I went to browse through some of the assessment books there and found out that some Mathematics books are in Chinese, that is something interesting to me because in Singapore, we do not teach Mathematics in Chinese. As I go through the books, I find that it is rather difficult to understand the Mathematics terms in Chinese, so that is considered a new discovery by me. Indeed different countries will have different edcational systems, so do you like the educational sytem in your country, I find that our educational system is quite ok because we have the bilingual system here (English and Mother Tongue) except sometimes we can emphasize more on building up desirable characteristics such as confidence, self-independence, self-motivation and so on, rather than emphasize too much on the academics.

Reading and my favourite authors

I always have been an avid reader of publications. Whether they are books, magazines or of recent, blogs. I enjoy reading because it takes me to places I have never been, to people I have never met and to experiences I have never encountered yet. Reading has allowed me to grow as a person as ideas and perspectives develop as I continue reading and it inspires me too. Apart from Buddhist books, I've been reading some children's story books too. I actually find them enjoyable. Contrary to the what others are saying, the plot could be simple but the characters and the words used are definitely remarkable. I have realized that reading children literature definitely helps one have a bigger vocabulary, increases one’s creativity and improves one's writing ability. During college days, one of my favourite authors is 金庸 if you know who he is. I am in love with his books with his vivid description of the characters and the gung fu moves. Another favourite author of mine is 亦

Do you believe in insurance?

Sometimes I wonder is buying insurance really necessary. It seems that one have to suffer (be it sickness or accidents) before one can make claims and for some people they don't believe in insurance, they would rather save the money in their bank for their own future. It also seems that insurance is useless for a single person without any children. I think most people buy insurance for the peace of mind, in case anything happens. But certain people buy insurance as a form of savings too and protection for themselves and their family. Some insurance companies don't pay in full if you terminate your insurance policy halfway. I think there are two sides of a coin in this issue whether insurance is useful or not, there are pros and there are cons too. What are your views on this? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.

Only earning S$3000 is considered enough in Singapore?

According to a recent survey on poverty in Singapore, research shows that it is only enough for an average Singaporean to be able to cover his expenses if he earns S$3000 a month. Those who earn S$1500 and below is considered poor and unable to cover his expenses. This is because the standard of living and cost of living in Singapore is getting higher. Inflation plays a part too. How about you, how much pay is considered acceptable in your country?

What I bought from Daiso that day

Simply love the floral prints on these coasters which I bought from Daiso at S$2 only. You get a set of 4 pieces at just S$2. I love the red colour one the most. I love shopping at Daiso, so many things to buy and all so cheap. Everything at S$2. 

Share a Quote - Is this the ideal life you are looking for?

Something interesting - Will you employ me if you read this?

The bosses I work with are mostly happy with my performance. They say I learn very fast. I am someone who believes in work. I cannot stand staying at home doing nothing and watching TV. I believe in work. Work can give me self satisfaction and earns money which gives me a better life now and the future. I have many plans for myself. I hope to work and save enough for my retirement. I believe in relying on my own self. I am someone who is ready to help and do favours to others. People describe me as easygoing, sincere, pleasant and cooperative. I value clear instructions and like to do things accurately. I am patient and does not lose my temper easily. I am also a careful and conservative person who seldom makes mistakes. I like my work to be accurate and correct. I also believe in taking small steps to achieve my goal.

Going the extra mile for my students

Sometimes my students will call me on my mobile phone to ask me how to solve certain questions in their homework or their parents will take pictures of their homework or worksheets and MMS me the photo and asks me how to solve the questions. I am okay with it as long as I can help. This is also a service provided to the students and their parents.

九月已经用掉一半了(Half of September has gone by)

So fast half of September has gone by, what have you done during this half month? For me, I went JB for a one day trip on 9 Sep (Monday). That's the only thing that is something different from the routine, other than that, nothing special happens. Oh yes, before I forget, there is something I did today (Tuesday), which is considered something special. I was a volunteer today and I went down to a hospital to chant prayers to an uncle who has passed away. In Chinese, they call it 助念往生, that is a very meaningful thing which I did today. How about you? How is your September so far?

Teaching English to an 8 Years Old

How do you explain the meaning of certain English words to a 8 years old so that he or she will understand. Sometimes I will translate the word to Chinese so that they will understand the meaning of the words. But to some students who are not good in Chinese, I will use English to explain the meaning of English words, as simple as I can and in layman's terms so that an 8 years old will understand. These are some examples, you may find the explanation of the meaning funny but this is how they understand the words. 1. "Hardworking" - You finish your work before going out to play, that is hardworking. 2. " Naughty" - Your mother asks you not to so something, but you still do it, that is naughty. 3. "Confident" - Very sure of what you do, that is confident. Teaching English can be interesting and fun and sometimes you need to be creative too!

Early Mid Autumn Celebration at My Neighbourhood

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JB One Day Trip

Me and friend set off at 8.30am and went to Queen Street Bus Station to take the Causeway Link Express Bus to JB. It costed us $2.40 each for the bus ticket. The journey takes about one hour. When we reach Woodlands Checkpoint, we went down to chop our passports. After that, we didn't know that actually we can just take any CW1 or CW2 bus to Malaysia Customs. It took us some time to find out. When we reached Malaysia Customs, we alighted from the bus and got our passports chop. Then, we cross the bridges and took a taxi to KSL. It costed us only RM 6 for the taxi. Slippers This is the first thing we bought when we reached KSL. Fipper slippers. It is biodegradable, washable, made from natural rubber and slip resistant. It costed us RM17.90, cheaper than the slippers in Singapore. Branded some more. Passport holder and Iphone 4 cover Chanel Jumpsuit   Facial Masks Mee Jawa Scallop and Sushi KSL Hotel and Resort KSL Resort Buffet Lunch pric

新山一日游:JB One Day Trip

KSL and City Square here I come!!! As planned, three hours later, I will be heading JB with my friend. I will update again when I am back. See you guys again very soon, cheers! Have a great week ahead! Smiles :)

Just another hair cut

Just had a hair cut this morning at my neighbourhood hair salon, or shall I call it a salon as it offers only hair cuts and hair cuts alone at S$8. Just a normal hair cut from long to shorter by 2 inches, so no photo here as there is no major change in hairstyle but what I want to say is after seeing the "hairstylist" efforts and how competitive the business is (not easy to run a business), my heart went soft and I passed him S$10 and say no need to give me the change of S$2. The "hairstylist" or I think he is the boss (one man show) thanked me and I am glad I somehow made his day by giving him some "tips". Really it is not easy to run a business nowadays because it is so competitive, so why not make life easier and encourage them in one way or another by giving some token of appreciation to those who really made an effort.

Loots from my Taiwan Trip

Actually I didn't buy much during my Taiwan trip, so when Hayley asked me to share my loots (haul) from my trip, I was a bit hesitant, but nonetheless, I will still share and I will like to dedicate this post to Hayley. A neon yellow bag and black Taiwan keychain for my friend, Josephine. Her favourite colour is yellow, which is why I bought this yellow colour bag and she likes it very much. A green colour haversack and a pink colour travel bag for myself. I simply love these neon colours, it is the trend right now. Fridge magnets and keychains for myself and my blogger friends. There are some more, but I had given them away before I have the chance to take a photograph of them. Keychains and fridge magnets are my favourites when it comes to buying souvenirs for friends. There are also one orange colour t-shirt and one black wallet I bought for my sister, didn't have the chance to take photo (or rather didn't have the time to take photo). I also bought a tin