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Closure of blog giveaway

Today marks the closure of my blog giveaway and I announced the winner to be...................Da duh! Agnes! Bingo! She's brilliant, she managed to guess correctly my favourite blog post in my August's posts. Yes, "Versatile Blogger Award" was my favourite blog post because here I pen down and share about interesting facts about myself whereby my readers get to know me better. Dear Agnes, kindly leave your mailing address in my email address and I will send the secret souvenir to you! Cheers! As for Genskie and SP who did not win, do not be disheartened, I will hold some other blog giveaways for you guys to take part again in future.


Rose world said…
Congratulations to Agnes! Oh dear, did not participate in this one. But never mind, I guess more giveaway to come from you?? Lol!
Genskie said…
congratulations Agnes!... I would like to join next time again :)
Simple Person said…
congratulation to Agnes..

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