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SK and SP's blog

Gosh I must say I am overwhelmed by the number of comments in SK's blog, some over 150, how I wish I have that kind of high traffic in my blog. However I do enjoy reading the comments in his blog and I also love the cheesecake photo. I also enjoy reading the comments in SP's blog. Some of the comments can be very funny as the bloggers tease each other. By the way, bought a new handphone for mom, and she's very happy with it. It is just a simple basic phone and it brings her a smile to her face. Who says must buy expensive stuff to make people happy, hee, not that I am a cheapo person but I think it's the thought that counts right?

I can live without an iPhone

The mobile phone I am having right now has been with me for 2 years and yes, it is not a smart phone or an iPhone, it is just a normal phone. It seems nowadays not many people can live without a smart phone but I had been living without it for 2 years, imagine that. So what phone are you holding and can you live without an iPhone or smart phone?

A Lovely Sunday Afternoon

I was up early today. After wash up, I grab my coffee and check for new comments in my blog. My youngest sister was still in her La La land.  Then I went to have my lunch in my neighbourhood. I had fish mee suan. After that, I went to buy some lottery numbers. Hope to strike first jackpot prize this evening *wink* When I came home, I posted two more blog entries in one shot. After that, I feel a bit tired and went to have my afternoon nap. Here's wishing everyone a great week ahead. I will be having my lesson with my student Wilson in my house later (Aka work from home haha).

Blog Statistics

The statistics I found in my blogger site is so interesting. They have statistics data by country, breaking down the pageviews by individual countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, US, UK, Philippines, Indonesia and so on. They also have audience data breakdown by the type of operating systems they use so you would know who access your blog by using blackberry phone, iphone, nokia phone or even iPad. The stats of my blog site indicated that I have an international audience of readers from my own country Singapore and other countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, the US, UK, China and even Japan. How about you, what can you conclude from your blog stats and which country are you from?


Teaching, while it may not bring me loads of money but it's sufficient to keep me happy! I enjoy the flexibility and satisfaction of home teaching with full control in my hands. I plan my own schedule and I plan what I want to teach the students. I must say I am truly blessed to be able to find a part time job in teaching. It satisfies my urge to teach.

Doing housework

Which housework are you prepared to do and which do you avoid? I love hanging out laundry, retrieving, folding, sorting and keeping the clothes in the respective drawers. I also love washing the dirty cups, plates and bowls. But I hate sweeping the dusty floors. I also hate ironing the clothes as I find it very time consuming. Nonetheless, housework is not all that bad. Engaging in housework is a sure good way of passing time.

Online Shopping

I had shopped online a few times and most of the times it was an unpleasant experience due to wrong sizes, poor workmanship and lousy quality. That's why I had stopped shopping online for quite a while. But of course, I am still tempted to shop online sometimes as the photos of all those outfits can be very attractive and appealing at times but photos can be deceiving rite? How about you, any online shopping experience to share or any blogshops to recommend?

Bring A Smile

My dear blogger friends, I am so happy that you guys like the gifts I sent to you. I love making someone's day by bringing a smile to their face. Life is short and hard so why not bring some cheer to someone and brighten their day by doing a little gesture for them. Though it might not be something expensive but it is a token of my appreciation of them leaving heartwarming comments in my blog from time to time.

Good Relationships with the Students' Parents

I always believe in having a good relationship with my student's parents even though some of them might be very demanding. Today I run into my ex-student's mother and she smiled brightly and waved at me. I felt so happy. Also, another student's mother always asked if I am hungry and wants me to have dinner with them whenever I finished the tuition lessons with her daughter or her son. I felt so touched that she is so caring and friendly. Another mother of my student asked me to take care when I was sick and cannot turn up for the tuition lesson. I asked myself will I get this kind of treatment if I will to work in a corporate environment. Who cares if you are hungry or sick or not, so I really appreciate them whenever the students' parents show concern to me. Thanks for all the kindness shown!

I Love Dogs

I love dogs even though my mom told me I was bite by a dog when I was a kid. My favourite dog breed is the Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever is a happy-go-lucky clown. He's reliable, trustworthy, calm, friendly, gentle and confident. He's very eager to please you. He isn't a one-man dog because he loves everybody. He's friendly with all dogs and strangers. He's highly intelligent and trainable. He's very active and energetic. He loves to romp, run and play outdoors and he loves to swim. He's gentle and patient with kids, even bratty ones! He loves to play games and have fun. He's athletic, agile and fast on his feet. I also love cats but I love dogs more than cats. How about you? What dog breed you like and what is its temperament like?

BBQ Combination Plate at Crystal Jade Kitchen

Our plan for Sushi Teh and Coca steamboat was cancelled due to the long queues and waiting time on a Saturday evening. So we proceeded to Crystal Jade Kitchen which allows us to be seated immediately. We have a choice of 4 types of meat of which we can choose 3 for the BBQ combination plate. We chose chicken, roast duck and roast pork. The roast duck was tender and juicy, the chicken fresh and the roast pork crispy. As for veggies, we chose black fungus. We also ordered claypot pig liver which was not featured in the menu. The bill costed us S$80 which I think was on the high side.

It's weekend again

It will be saturday night fever tonight as it will be a girls' night out for me. Will be going to Club V4 at Windsor Hotel tonight listening to live band. It's been a long time since I last did clubbing. It's good to unwind at times as we need to de-stress sometimes. Before that, we will be going to either Sushi Teh or Coca Steamboat restaurant for our dinner. Hope to take some pictures then. Stay tuned!

A Typical Day for Me

After I wake up, I will grab my coffee (3 in 1 coffee) and do my rounds online. That includes checking for new comments, looking up Facebook, then it's over to the emails, and after I'm done, I am off to work. I try to do at least one post in a few days. If you ever see three new posts on the blog on the same day, that's probably caffeine's fault.

Introducing Twelve Cupcakes

This brand of cupcakes are freshly baked on site daily with the finest ingredients to create little bites of bliss you will love. Every cupcake is light and moist with a fine crumb.  Every cupcake has a smooth buttercream or a fluffy cream cheese that is absolutely delicious but not overpoweringly sweet. It is the perfect thing for any event ie. company meetings, corporate functions, baby's full month parties, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, surprises, parties and gatherings! They also offer a variety of hand made fondants, including custom stamps of logos and alphabet fondants. They can also provide special icing colours if you have a colour themed event. For catering/customisation, please call (65) 6337 7680 or visit them at . P/S: I don't get any freebies for doing this free advertising for them. Maybe there will be a day haha :P

If you can be your own boss

If you can be your own boss, what business would you like to go into? For me, I used to want to open a stationery shop, but my friend said this line is not lucrative so I changed my mind, if I can be my own boss, I would like to open an optical shop selling contact lenses and spectacles cos everyone needs them! How about you? What "boss dream" do you have, care to share?

Have Faith

Even though I may not be a Christian, but I strongly believe in two words of the Christian belief ie. Have faith. Yes, in whatever thing you are doing, have faith. Without faith, one cannot carry on if the path or road ahead is not smooth. This is what I want to tell myself in my current state of life, even though I might not be reaping what I yearn for from what I am doing now, I must have faith and carry on. The road ahead may be tough or not smooth, but sunshine comes after rain, which is why we must carry on.

Brain dead???

Somtimes, I will run out of ideas of what to blog, so I blog hop to read other peoples' blog to look for inspirations. Other than blogging about food, our daily life, activities, events such as moving to a new house, getting a new job, birthdays, and our ramblings about our unhappiness and heartaches, what else can we blog about? Sometimes, I wonder what do I want to get out from all these blogging. After thinking, I think I just like blogging, it is a channel for me to get to know like-minded bloggers, share about my happiness, "vent" my anger and so on. I would say I simply simply just love blogging and I will continue to write as long as I can, as time permits.

Chiva Som International Heath Resort

That day, I watched a travel programme 小姐爱旅行 and they intro a heath resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. It is called Chiva Som International Health Resort. I find the resort quite interesting and here's a review of it. Chiva Som is a luxury health resort, combining international standards with Thai hospitality to deliver personal wellness programmes. Everything they do focuses on a holistic approach to health that incorporates mind, body and spirit. On arrival you are offered a complimentary Health and Wellness consultation. This is designed around your goals and objectives, your current state of health and ability to achieve those goals. Your advisor will help you achieve the most out of your stay by devising a personal programme of treatments and services. These will include diet, exercise, activity, rest and relaxation, physical ailments, emotional issues and your inner self. They offer every guest a total lifestyle transformation to achieve wellness and longevity with a full r

Aerobics Classes

Was thinking of signing up for an aerobics dance course in one of our community centres. This course makes keeping fit fun and interesting. Participants are able to achieve a certain level of fitness through aerobics to keep fit and alert. But I was a little afraid that it may be too taxing and tedious for me as I have not exercise for a long time. Course fee is S$70 for 10 sessions, one hour per session, one session per week. Hmmmm, should I or should I not sign up?