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I always have been an avid reader of publications. Whether they are books, magazines or of recent, blogs. I enjoy reading because it takes me to places I have never been, to people I have never met and to experiences I have never encountered yet. Reading has allowed me to grow as a person as ideas and perspectives develop as I continue reading. Apart from Buddhist books, I've been reading some children's story books too. I actually find them enjoyable. Contrary to the what others are saying, the plot could be simple but the characters and the words used are definitely remarkable. I have realized that reading children literature definitely helps one have a bigger vocabulary, increases one’s creativity and improves one's writing ability.

My Kitchen

I have not blog about my kitchen for a very very long time, for a few years I think. I love the white colour finish of my kitchen cabinet (喜欢白色感觉), it is the first time we are having a built  in cabinet like this. We have moved to this house for more than 10 years but the kitchen still looks as new as last time.

Example of A Well Written Recipe

Ingredients 1 pack of minced chicken meat, approximately 300gms (bought from the super mart) or you may buy chicken breast and process it into minced chicken meat. 1 small green capsicum; 1 small red capsicum, sliced. 1 egg (whisked) 1/2 cup Dried bread crumbs (panko) 2tsp Corn Flour 2tsp Plain Flour 1/2 tsp salt Dash of pepper 2 inches ginger grated Bamboo Skewers Yakitori Sauce - 4 Tbsp Sake 3 Tbsp Shoyu (Japanese soya sauce) 4 Tbsp Mirin 3 Tbsp Sugar 1/2 tsp Corn Starch blend in 1tsp Water Method 1) Place the minced chicken meat into a big mixing bowl, add in whisked egg, dried bread crumbs, corn flour, plain flour, salt and pepper mix and combine well. 2) Roll the meat mixture into small balls 3) Boil a saucepan of water and squeeze the ginger juice out of the grated ginger into the boiling water 4) Place the chicken meat balls in the boiling water for approximately 7mins or cook till the meat balls change colour and float to the surface. Scoop it out an

Blog Giveaway

Hello fellow blogger friends, I am giving away VCD and DVD of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korean drama, those who are interested please leave your name, the drama you are interested in and your mailing address in my email at and I will send them to you FREE without any cost. While stocks last, so be fast! These are some of the titles: (1) Turn Left Turn Right - starring Gigi Leung (HK Drama) (2) Sky of Love - starring Gigi Leung (HK Drama) (3) Tiramisu - starring Nicolas Tse (HK Drama) (4) Dalja's Spring starring Chae Rim and Lee Min Ki (Korean Drama) (5) Alone in Love starring Son Ye Jin and Gam Woo Sung (Korean Drama) Alone in Love Dalja's Spring Sky of Love

Movie I Watched - Love in the Butt

Went to watch this movie just now at 9.50pm at Iluma, what I wanted to say is to think that on a Saturday night, the cinema is only 10% occupied, where have all the crowds gone to? Last time about 10 years ago, cinema are always fully occupied and Full House during weekends, I especially remember when the movie Titanic was airing in cinema during 1998/1999, the cinema were always fully occupied and movie goers have to book at least 3 days in advance the movie tickets. What has happened? Has the era of the glory of movies gone? Rating: 4/10

Fashion I Like

How to write a good recipe

Write in simple present tense and in full sentences. Follow a logical sequence of events, in small steps. Clearly list ingredients in the order they are used. Write the exact amount for each ingredient eg. half cup of sugar instead of a handful of sugar. Give a range of cooking times, provide a way to tell when the food is done.


Have to postpone my plan for Monday cos I sprained my hand and need to go and see a doctor. Health is really important, without good health, one cannot do many things.

星期一哈韩日 - My Plan for Monday

The best combination - Korean food (Bibimbap) and Korean movie, that's my plan for my off day.


离开办公室塞在路上时,天色都很暗了,心情粉悲。 命好的人已经冲好凉坐在沙发上摇腿看电视了。你们明白那种感受吗? 所有的员工9点过后不准吃早餐!这是我应征一间公司一个组管所告诉我公司里的一个规矩。让人不禁想问,这里的情况是有多不堪啊?! 每天赶着去上班,回到家时间又晚了,吃个饭,整晚的私人时间所剩无几,就必须赶着早点睡,因为第二天要赶着上班。日复一日,年复一年,长久这样下去真是太没意思了。想想,还是自己当老板吧!

Chance to Go For Overseas Trip

Initially my friend said her friends have changed her mind and instead of going to Hong Kong and Bangkok, they may be going to Macau, Zhu Hai and Hong Kong. I was exhilarated at first as I have never been to Macau and Zhu Hai, then later she said they changed their mind again and wanted to go Hong Kong and Bangkok. Haiz, there goes my travelling plan, I rejected them as I had been to Hong Kong and Bangkok before and I don't want to go there again. Air tickets according to them is around S$738+. I feel that I am wise to reject this overseas trip.

How to Teach Primary School Division

In primary school, children are extensively taught how to divide in the abstract form while for us adult, we would simply reach for the calculator and voila! you have the answer. I pity the children. Well, to teach division, I would take a 2 step approach. In fact, in any teaching of mathematics, these 2 approaches should be taken systematically. Step 1: Concrete *I would start simple. Give the child 4 marbles and 2 cups. Tell the child that he is supposed to SHARE the marbles between the 2 cups. Ask him to place the marbles into each cup one at a time in alternates. *After this has been done, ask the child to tell you how many marbles are there in each cup. The answer would be 2 in each cup. *Tell the child what they have done. The concept of SHARING is actually DIVISION. *One point to highlight to the child would be that after SHARING/DIVIDING, the resultant or answer would be smaller than the number you start with. *Let the child experience a few rounds of this hands-on

Labour intensive

Do you know what labour intensive means? It means jobs that require a lot of labour, manual and physical work such as kitchen helper, coffee stall helper, stall helper, chefs, plate collectors, cleaners, factory workers etc. Some call them blue collar workers. White collar workers are those that sit in the office and do paper work. Some people have no choice but to work in labour intensive industry because they are not very well educated. But no matter what jobs you hold, as long as that job brings in income and it's a decent job, it's ok. In my life, the only labour intensive job I have hold is being a flyers distributor when I just graduated from my college. I remembered that time I feel very happy cos it's the first time I earn my own income without any help from my parents. I also feel very fun because it's my first job. How about you? Do you still remember what job you had when you first graduated from school? Did you enjoy your job?


I always believe that if you have interest in what you are doing, you will do it well, that's why I have chosen teaching as my career. I love love love love my part time job and feel really blessed to be able to do what I love to do. I remembered when I was in Secondary One, during my Literature class, I already realise this and wrote it in my assignment - do something you love and you would do it for the longest time and I even scored high marks for this assignment.

Teaching fractions and decimals

The numerator indicated the parts of the fraction that were counted, eaten, shaded etc and that the denominator represented the total number of parts that the whole had been split into. Improper fractions are fractions with the top number bigger than the bottom number. Mixed numbers or mixed fractions they call, are fractions with a whole number and a fraction besides it. A picture paints a thousand words, the two pictures above will indicate roughly how to teach fractions and decimals. 

Which cartoon characters do you like best?

Carebears, smurfs, garfield, hello kitty, my melody, little twin stars and the list goes on. Which cartoon characters do you like best during your childhood times? As for me, I remembered I used to like Little Twin Stars and I would save up coins in my piggy bank in order to buy Little Twin Stars stickers. I remembered when I was in my primary school, when I save enough money ie. S$0.50 at that time, I would rush to the MPH bookstores near my house to buy Little Twin Stars stickers and that would make me stay happy for the whole day. Those are my childhood memories, how about you? What childhood memories do you have and which cartoon characters you fancy?

I love smartphones

Been here - Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is situated in the very north of Thailand (180kms north of Chiang Mai). It takes approx. 3hrs. to drive from Chiang Mai or less than an hour by plane. There are also direct flights from Bangkok. Chiang Rai is used as a base for those wishing to explore the Golden Triangle area. The province borders with Burma and Laos, so it provides a good opportunity for those who wish to glimpse Thailand's neighbouring countries. This area can easily be accessed from Chiang Mai, but for those short of time or who have already visited Chiang Mai it can be used as a base to visit the Golden Triangle. Chiang Rai itself is a small town and easy to get around, there are some noteworthy temples worth visiting, a small nightmarket and a folk museum.

Extract from the book - The Everything Guide to Raising a Toddler (2)

Emotional Intelligence - A large part of your responsibility as a parent is to encourage your toddler to feel good about herself. This, of course, is an ongoing endeavor throughout the years of child rearing. However, the important building blocks of self-esteem are set in place during the youngest years. Make it a point everyday to let your little one know how very precious and loved she is. Tantrums - Some children learn to tantrum to get something. Their manipulative tantrums are their way of saying "I want something and I want it now!" It can be hard to hold firm in the face of manipulative tantrums. Their fearsome intensity can quickly melt parental resolve. The quickest, most effective way to end this kind of tantrum is to ignore it. If the tantrum is causing a public and disruptive scene in a store, movie theater or restaurant, remove the child if you can. You can deal with the tantrum and the issue behind it once you are in a calm and private area.



So fast it's May already

Today is 1st May, Labour Day (public holiday in Singapore) and yet I still have to work. What to do? I need to work to survive cos I am not a Millionaire and I am not a rich Tai Tai LOL. Time really flies and so fast it's May already and in another month's time, half a year is gone! Is it a good sign that time passes so fast, I wonder.