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Showing posts from February, 2012

Life I Desire

There are many people offering me jobs such as Adrenaline Communications, Doris Soh & Associates and SMRT, but I rejected them all bcos office life is not what I going after these days, I prefer freedom, flexibility and more control in what I do, that is why I have chosen tuition over all these jobs. I am glad that at least I am able to earn a living through giving tuition. People are ready to hire, but we are not willing to work because we treasure other things more than monetary gains and status.


I met up with Doris last Friday (24 Feb 2012). Gosh! Her complexion looks so flawless even though she is already 56 this year. Had a good chat with her for about one hour, after that I went to Bugis from Outram MRT to look for sis. After that, I went home and had my tuition lesson with Wilson. Gosh I feel so tired after that cos I only slept for 6 and a half hours that day.

My Blog

Suddenly have this idea to say this, my blog is only more for my own records, who will actually spend time reading other people's blog, some people don't even have time to read the newspapers, so they surely wouldn't have time to read other people's blog unless it really attracts them because the authors are some famous actors, actresses, movie stars or singers.

I miss those days

Strange enough, I missed the times when we have a fixed line at home maybe because those times I received more phone calls than what I received now. I find nowadays people are becoming more and more distant with SMS, facebook, twitter, MSN and Whatsapp. People also rarely chat over the phone nowadays. I really miss those days...

My Weekend

I had a good weekend giving tuition to my student Wilson, coaching him on his Maths and Chinese homework. How about you? How was your weekend? Is it good? Well spent? Meaningful? I also went to look for Mom, spend time bonding with her. I am still pondering whether I should postpone my plan to go to Taiwan... or shall I just go to nearby places such as Genting.