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BKK trip

This post about BKK trip is to bring back fond memories of my past trip to BKK many years back. Although Singapore is much advertised as a shopping paradise, I find Bangkok more affordable with a wider selection of cheaper merchandise. Food wise, I had tom yam soup and stir fry kai lan there. Shopping was really enjoyable as there are many "branded" stuff which are cheap and good. Bangkok has remained one of my favourite Asian cities until now.


Today is Christmas Day and I went for a "Spa". At 6.00pm I reach the spa pavillion and I waited for a while as the staff needs to get the water for Jacuzzi ready. After that I changed into the bathrobe and got ready for the Jacuzzi. It was the first time I tried Jacuzzi in Singapore. The staff played "nature" music at the background and it was so relaxing. I had Jacuzzi for about half an hour and after that I went for my shower. After my shower, I had my facial treatment and shoulder massage. The facial started with cleansing followed by scrub and mask. The staff said I have got good skin and must take good care of it. They even said I look like "mix blood" (ie. Eurasian). The whole session lasted about 3 hours from 6pm to 845pm and I must say I enjoyed it. Moreover it is for a promotional price of S$50. Here are some pictures of the interior of the spa pavillion.


I love how the year has passed so easily. I'm not really a fan of New Year's Resolutions because I never remember them, hence it's next to impossible to fulfill them. It doesn't matter. What matters is finally people are starting to realise that iPhone is not THAT big a deal after all. So really, it's not the end of the world yet. It's a charmed beginning and the future is in your pants, I mean, hands. It's 2013. Enjoy.

Happy Dong Zhi

Yesterday, December 21, was Dong Zhi. My mother whipped up "bird eggs" with meat and Tong Yuan. December 21 was also said to be doomsday, I heard many people talking about it. Some restaurants in other countries even have "doomsday meals" and celebrations when we survived the doomsday. Last year Dong Zhi I met up with Nor, her hubby and daughter. Last year my mother whipped up curry chicken and roasted meat. Didn't manage to take any pictures, apologies for it, unlike Simple Person got so many pics of his BKT, steamboat and tomatoe pomfret. Yummy!

Photo Review

Christmas card from Nor Christmas decoration at Orchard Shades I bought from Cineleisure, nice?

Share a quote

Stolen the above quote from Facebook. Direct translation: "Other people 'face' we must tolerate, our face we must show smiles." Like this quote but realised that it is so difficult to do it. If we could do it all the time, we could "huat" lah!

Movie Review: Life of Pi (2)

Went to Orchard Cineleisure to watch Life of Pi with Jose at 7.10pm. Everything looks beautiful in Life of Pi. The dangerous animals look beautiful. The terrible storms look beautiful. The crashing ocean waves, the twinkling stars, the wondrous carnivorous island on which the hero at one point lands — pure gorgeousness. All that luster reflects how devoted director Ang Lee is to his latest undertaking, an adaptation of Yann Martel's best-seller about a 16-year-old Indian boy named Pi who survives a shipwreck and crosses the Pacific in a lifeboat. Pi does so alone — except for the temporary company of a zebra, an orangutan, and a hyena, and the ongoing companionship of a Royal Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. Okay for kids? I think my blog readers such as Rose and Vicky with kids may be concerned about this. What I want to say is the animals and the crashing waves all look very real and may frighten really young viewers. But the language is lovely; Pi is courageous; and the am

Movie Review: Life of Pi

Have anyone watched the movie Life of Pi yet? A friend of mine introduced this movie to me saying that it is a nice movie. I have not watched it yet. But I read in one of the blogs and this is what the blog owner says about the movie: "But thankfully, director Ang Lee is a genius! I enjoyed the movie very much from the beginning all the way to the very end. It's easily, in my opinion, one of the best movies of 2012!" It is based on Yann Martel 's 2001 novel of the same name.

Sunshine Award

I will like to do this tag myself and these are the questions to be answered: 1) What person inspires you the most? My daddy, he is jovial and kind. He dotes on me and inspires me to be positive about my life.   2) How do you chose the blogs to follow ? I choose blogs that catch my attention and reading them helps inspire me.   3) What is your guilty pleasure? Fried chicken wings, I love fried stuff and yes, I know they are unhealthy food :P   4) What is the next thing you are going to buy ? Frankly speaking, I have no craving for anything to buy next, because I have everything I want. But maybe for my house, I would like a new sofa and a new wardrobe.   5) What is your favorite holiday? Why? Turkey and Korea. Turkey because it is a beautiful country with East and West cultures nicely blended. Korea because I went there during Winter (my favourite season) and I had a fun time skiing.  6) What woud you like to receive for Christmas /or simply as a gift?   Again,

Mix Post: Herbivore Vegetarian Restaurant & Brayden's birthday

4 Dec was my student Brayden's birthday, I bought a small little gift for him and it is a Disney Mouse Pad, hope he likes it. That day, 27 November, Tuesday, I went to meet my friend Jose, at Herbivore Vegetarian Restaurant to have vegetarian food. The restaurant has a laid back atmosphere and we have a good time, chatting and eating. I ordered tom yam fried rice while she had tomatoe rice. Both of us complained that it was a bit too sour, and we got very thirsty after that. After that, we went shopping nearby and Jose bought some "emperor" coins which are like an antique.

I love my family, my friends and my city

What a blessing to be with my family everyday. I’m truly grateful for each day. I’m thankful for the very few friends who stayed over the years. You mean a lot to me. I’m thankful for every opportunity to inspire others through this blog. I’m thankful for good books. I’m thankful for cameras which capture moments of my life. I'm thankful that I can savour every moment of my life. Be thankful and contented with your life, then you will be happy.

Delayed Post: My sis's birthday

My sis celebrated her birthday in September. I bought her a brown haversack bag from bugis on her birthday. I also gave her a birthday card. Here's a pic of them.

Photo Review: Beary Clips

Aren't these beary clips simply cute? I saw them at a shopping mall and immediately took a picture of it. I love all things nice, beautiful and cute. Are always attracted to them.

Now is the travelling period?

Many of my friends went travelling recently, probably due to the school holidays. Yanling went with her daughter to Australia I think, Wan Ting also went holiday with her family, Mei Mei also went on a holiday, Lu Lu just came back from Perth. Who says the economy is not doing very good? How about you? Any travel plans recently?

Shopping with Mom and a new phase of life

Went Nex Shopping mall with mom on Monday to do some shopping. Bought a silver pendant for her which costed S$13, also bought myself a denim pouch. Simply loves what I got. Yes, indeed shopping is therapeutic. Also, treasure the time shopping with mom on a leisure Monday. Primary Six PSLE results going to be released on Thursday, 22 November 2012.

Closure of blog giveaway

Today marks the closure of my blog giveaway and I announced the winner to be...................Da duh! Agnes! Bingo! She's brilliant, she managed to guess correctly my favourite blog post in my August's posts. Yes, "Versatile Blogger Award" was my favourite blog post because here I pen down and share about interesting facts about myself whereby my readers get to know me better. Dear Agnes, kindly leave your mailing address in my email address and I will send the secret souvenir to you! Cheers! As for Genskie and SP who did not win, do not be disheartened, I will hold some other blog giveaways for you guys to take part again in future.

I Miss You, My Nokia

To: My Nokia Phone You've served me for 2 years and you had been good except that using you I could not text in Chinese. Even though I am holding a new Samsung phone now but I missed you Nokia. I didn't know I could get so sentimental over this, I really missed you my Nokia phone. You had been loyal to me though sometimes we may encounter some problems between us.

My 200th blog post and a Giveaway

Yes, this blog post marks the 200th times I left a blog post this year. And I am holding a blog giveaway to "celebrate" this. How to take part? Very simple. Simply guess which blog post is my favourite blog post in my August posts this year. Please take note, it must be from one of my "August" blog posts. Those who guess correctly will get a secret souvenir from me. *Winks*

I need to quit coffee

I have insomnia and yes, I need to quit my beloved coffee and caffeine, cos now my body system cannot take coffee or caffeine related drinks such as coke and tea also. If I take them, I will have difficulty falling asleep and I can lie on the bed for 4 to 5 hours and still can't get to sleep. So everyone, I have no choice but to quit my beloved drinks, it's not going to be easy cos I have been taking coffee for many many years. My fellow blogger friends, any of you or your friends surrounding you having insomnia problem, can share with me and best, if can share with me any remedy or cure for it, thanks in advance!

Share a Quote and Pic

KSL here I come!!!

As planned, I will be heading to KSL, JB with friends this week. I am planning to get Maybelline Eraser Foundation, slippers, shoes there. I hope I can get something, and yes, it will be crowded at the customs because it will be a Public Holiday in Singapore and it's a Friday.

Goodbye Nokia, Hello Samsung

Hee, hi all, finally I had decided to buy a Samsung Galaxy Ace phone with a display size similar to that of the Apple iPhone 4S  after many years of owning a Nokia phone as the promoter at the handphone shop commented that Nokia Lumia is not user friendly and Samsung is a better buy. It's really time to change phone now that I had used my current phone for two years. I have ordered my phone and it is arriving tomorrow (Sat), oh mine, I just can't wait to lay my hands on my new phone. So finally it's a goodbye Nokia, hello Samsung.

My eyes on you: Nokia Lumia phone

 I intend to buy a Nokia Lumia 800 or 900 phone after my sister got her iphone 5. It is a Windows phone other than Apple and Android. Actually not many people are buying Nokia phones nowadays, Samsung and Apple iphone are the market leaders but I am a die hard fan of Nokia phones. Have been using Nokia for many years. Anyone got a review of this phone, care to share? One of the reviews from the Internet: 1) How many times have you accidently presses the wrong button using a touchscreen device? You wait ages for content to load and you accidently press exit or back! Thanks to the Lumia, I can assure you this is a thing of the past with its great use of huge icons.

Simple Home Cooked Meals

Guess who cooked these? My favourite luncheon meat and xiao bai cai.

New Discovery about Photography apps

I just found out this afternoon that the photography application of my mobile phone contains the options of adding clip art and photo frame to the photos after two years of owning it. So that's considered a new discovery. I played with the application and came out with two photos which I quite like so now I am sharing them here. Of course, these cannot be compared to the photography apps in iphone but it doesn't matter, it's just for the fun of it. Sushi Port Dickson

My Student

My student will sit for his year end exam on 22 October. I need to explain the questions that he got wrong. Was explaining (arguing, more like) those questions that he got confused and answered wrongly. He tends to be careless and misinterpret the questions.

Thanks Claire!

Didn't have the chance to blog about this until now. A blogger friend of mine, Claire, held a giveaway while she was away for a holiday in San Francisco and I was one of the lucky winners of her gift, a set of 8 coasters with a small note attached. Thanks Claire for the gift and I am already using it. That's the benefit of blogging, other than knowing like-minded friends, we also receive surprises from them from time to time, this is the second time I was picked as the lucky winner for giveaways, hope more are coming *greedy* haha but who doesn't like to receive gifts right?

Favourite Pastimes

Have a sip of tea What are your favourite pastimes? For me, I love watching travel programmes and reminisce about my tours and trips overseas. I also love having "hi-tea" with my family, bonding with them. Once in a while, I will "chill out" with my friends over a buffet lunch. I also love window shopping even if it means buying nothing cos I love surveying and discovering about new things and happenings in town. I also love having a sip of tea, reading blogs at the same time and surfing the net. Somtimes I do play Facebook games such as Cafe Land but I am not addicted to them. Sidetrack, the Confucius have a say: "Love what you do and you do not have to work a single day." Indeed, if we are interested in our work, our life will be so much so much better.

My Humble House

Where I surf the net and blog

My Wish List as of now

My Wish List: 1) A new white colour bedroom wardrobe 2) A new sofa How about you? What's your wish list at the moment?

Work or Don't Work

Working is stress sometimes, but you spend time earning money. If you don't work, you will have plenty of free time and you will spend if you have too much free time, but it is relaxing and stress free if you don't work and spend but one do not have endless money to spend so one have to work somehow, so I think it is norm to work. Everyone has to work somehow. What do you think? Would you rather work or don't work, as for me, I think I will not retire and will continue to work and earn an income as long as I can, with some breaks and holidays in between cos I think it is too bored to have too much free time.

SK and SP's blog

Gosh I must say I am overwhelmed by the number of comments in SK's blog, some over 150, how I wish I have that kind of high traffic in my blog. However I do enjoy reading the comments in his blog and I also love the cheesecake photo. I also enjoy reading the comments in SP's blog. Some of the comments can be very funny as the bloggers tease each other. By the way, bought a new handphone for mom, and she's very happy with it. It is just a simple basic phone and it brings her a smile to her face. Who says must buy expensive stuff to make people happy, hee, not that I am a cheapo person but I think it's the thought that counts right?

I can live without an iPhone

The mobile phone I am having right now has been with me for 2 years and yes, it is not a smart phone or an iPhone, it is just a normal phone. It seems nowadays not many people can live without a smart phone but I had been living without it for 2 years, imagine that. So what phone are you holding and can you live without an iPhone or smart phone?

A Lovely Sunday Afternoon

I was up early today. After wash up, I grab my coffee and check for new comments in my blog. My youngest sister was still in her La La land.  Then I went to have my lunch in my neighbourhood. I had fish mee suan. After that, I went to buy some lottery numbers. Hope to strike first jackpot prize this evening *wink* When I came home, I posted two more blog entries in one shot. After that, I feel a bit tired and went to have my afternoon nap. Here's wishing everyone a great week ahead. I will be having my lesson with my student Wilson in my house later (Aka work from home haha).

Blog Statistics

The statistics I found in my blogger site is so interesting. They have statistics data by country, breaking down the pageviews by individual countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, US, UK, Philippines, Indonesia and so on. They also have audience data breakdown by the type of operating systems they use so you would know who access your blog by using blackberry phone, iphone, nokia phone or even iPad. The stats of my blog site indicated that I have an international audience of readers from my own country Singapore and other countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, the US, UK, China and even Japan. How about you, what can you conclude from your blog stats and which country are you from?


Teaching, while it may not bring me loads of money but it's sufficient to keep me happy! I enjoy the flexibility and satisfaction of home teaching with full control in my hands. I plan my own schedule and I plan what I want to teach the students. I must say I am truly blessed to be able to find a part time job in teaching. It satisfies my urge to teach.

Doing housework

Which housework are you prepared to do and which do you avoid? I love hanging out laundry, retrieving, folding, sorting and keeping the clothes in the respective drawers. I also love washing the dirty cups, plates and bowls. But I hate sweeping the dusty floors. I also hate ironing the clothes as I find it very time consuming. Nonetheless, housework is not all that bad. Engaging in housework is a sure good way of passing time.

Online Shopping

I had shopped online a few times and most of the times it was an unpleasant experience due to wrong sizes, poor workmanship and lousy quality. That's why I had stopped shopping online for quite a while. But of course, I am still tempted to shop online sometimes as the photos of all those outfits can be very attractive and appealing at times but photos can be deceiving rite? How about you, any online shopping experience to share or any blogshops to recommend?

Bring A Smile

My dear blogger friends, I am so happy that you guys like the gifts I sent to you. I love making someone's day by bringing a smile to their face. Life is short and hard so why not bring some cheer to someone and brighten their day by doing a little gesture for them. Though it might not be something expensive but it is a token of my appreciation of them leaving heartwarming comments in my blog from time to time.

Good Relationships with the Students' Parents

I always believe in having a good relationship with my student's parents even though some of them might be very demanding. Today I run into my ex-student's mother and she smiled brightly and waved at me. I felt so happy. Also, another student's mother always asked if I am hungry and wants me to have dinner with them whenever I finished the tuition lessons with her daughter or her son. I felt so touched that she is so caring and friendly. Another mother of my student asked me to take care when I was sick and cannot turn up for the tuition lesson. I asked myself will I get this kind of treatment if I will to work in a corporate environment. Who cares if you are hungry or sick or not, so I really appreciate them whenever the students' parents show concern to me. Thanks for all the kindness shown!

I Love Dogs

I love dogs even though my mom told me I was bite by a dog when I was a kid. My favourite dog breed is the Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever is a happy-go-lucky clown. He's reliable, trustworthy, calm, friendly, gentle and confident. He's very eager to please you. He isn't a one-man dog because he loves everybody. He's friendly with all dogs and strangers. He's highly intelligent and trainable. He's very active and energetic. He loves to romp, run and play outdoors and he loves to swim. He's gentle and patient with kids, even bratty ones! He loves to play games and have fun. He's athletic, agile and fast on his feet. I also love cats but I love dogs more than cats. How about you? What dog breed you like and what is its temperament like?

BBQ Combination Plate at Crystal Jade Kitchen

Our plan for Sushi Teh and Coca steamboat was cancelled due to the long queues and waiting time on a Saturday evening. So we proceeded to Crystal Jade Kitchen which allows us to be seated immediately. We have a choice of 4 types of meat of which we can choose 3 for the BBQ combination plate. We chose chicken, roast duck and roast pork. The roast duck was tender and juicy, the chicken fresh and the roast pork crispy. As for veggies, we chose black fungus. We also ordered claypot pig liver which was not featured in the menu. The bill costed us S$80 which I think was on the high side.

It's weekend again

It will be saturday night fever tonight as it will be a girls' night out for me. Will be going to Club V4 at Windsor Hotel tonight listening to live band. It's been a long time since I last did clubbing. It's good to unwind at times as we need to de-stress sometimes. Before that, we will be going to either Sushi Teh or Coca Steamboat restaurant for our dinner. Hope to take some pictures then. Stay tuned!

A Typical Day for Me

After I wake up, I will grab my coffee (3 in 1 coffee) and do my rounds online. That includes checking for new comments, looking up Facebook, then it's over to the emails, and after I'm done, I am off to work. I try to do at least one post in a few days. If you ever see three new posts on the blog on the same day, that's probably caffeine's fault.

Introducing Twelve Cupcakes

This brand of cupcakes are freshly baked on site daily with the finest ingredients to create little bites of bliss you will love. Every cupcake is light and moist with a fine crumb.  Every cupcake has a smooth buttercream or a fluffy cream cheese that is absolutely delicious but not overpoweringly sweet. It is the perfect thing for any event ie. company meetings, corporate functions, baby's full month parties, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, surprises, parties and gatherings! They also offer a variety of hand made fondants, including custom stamps of logos and alphabet fondants. They can also provide special icing colours if you have a colour themed event. For catering/customisation, please call (65) 6337 7680 or visit them at . P/S: I don't get any freebies for doing this free advertising for them. Maybe there will be a day haha :P

If you can be your own boss

If you can be your own boss, what business would you like to go into? For me, I used to want to open a stationery shop, but my friend said this line is not lucrative so I changed my mind, if I can be my own boss, I would like to open an optical shop selling contact lenses and spectacles cos everyone needs them! How about you? What "boss dream" do you have, care to share?

Have Faith

Even though I may not be a Christian, but I strongly believe in two words of the Christian belief ie. Have faith. Yes, in whatever thing you are doing, have faith. Without faith, one cannot carry on if the path or road ahead is not smooth. This is what I want to tell myself in my current state of life, even though I might not be reaping what I yearn for from what I am doing now, I must have faith and carry on. The road ahead may be tough or not smooth, but sunshine comes after rain, which is why we must carry on.

Brain dead???

Somtimes, I will run out of ideas of what to blog, so I blog hop to read other peoples' blog to look for inspirations. Other than blogging about food, our daily life, activities, events such as moving to a new house, getting a new job, birthdays, and our ramblings about our unhappiness and heartaches, what else can we blog about? Sometimes, I wonder what do I want to get out from all these blogging. After thinking, I think I just like blogging, it is a channel for me to get to know like-minded bloggers, share about my happiness, "vent" my anger and so on. I would say I simply simply just love blogging and I will continue to write as long as I can, as time permits.

Chiva Som International Heath Resort

That day, I watched a travel programme 小姐爱旅行 and they intro a heath resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. It is called Chiva Som International Health Resort. I find the resort quite interesting and here's a review of it. Chiva Som is a luxury health resort, combining international standards with Thai hospitality to deliver personal wellness programmes. Everything they do focuses on a holistic approach to health that incorporates mind, body and spirit. On arrival you are offered a complimentary Health and Wellness consultation. This is designed around your goals and objectives, your current state of health and ability to achieve those goals. Your advisor will help you achieve the most out of your stay by devising a personal programme of treatments and services. These will include diet, exercise, activity, rest and relaxation, physical ailments, emotional issues and your inner self. They offer every guest a total lifestyle transformation to achieve wellness and longevity with a full r

Aerobics Classes

Was thinking of signing up for an aerobics dance course in one of our community centres. This course makes keeping fit fun and interesting. Participants are able to achieve a certain level of fitness through aerobics to keep fit and alert. But I was a little afraid that it may be too taxing and tedious for me as I have not exercise for a long time. Course fee is S$70 for 10 sessions, one hour per session, one session per week. Hmmmm, should I or should I not sign up?

How to Teach a Primary One Subtraction and Addition within 10

Finger Subtraction 7 - 4 = ? 1) Hold up 7 fingers using two hands 2) Then bend 4 out of the 7 fingers. Count the fingers left unbent. There are 3 fingers left. So 7 - 4 = 3 Subtracting By Crossing Out 7 - 4 = ? 1) Cross out 4 from the 7 marbles 2) Then count the marbles left So 7 - 4 = 3 Subtracting By Counting Back 1) Think of the greater number, 7 2) Hold up the same number of fingers as the number you are subtracting 3) Count back from the greater number using your fingers - 6, 5, 4, 3. 4) We stop at the number 3. The answer is 3. Subtracting By Counting Forward/Counting On 1) Think of the smaller number, 4. 2) Count on from 4. Hold up a finger for each number until you reach the greater number 7 ie. 5, 6, 7. 3) Count the number of fingers you have held up. Three fingers are held up. The answer is 3. Adding By Counting On 5 + 4 = ? 1) Think of the greater number, 5. 2) Hold up the same number of fingers as the number you are adding ie. 4 3) Count

My students

Observed another student of mine and these are what I found out about her: 1. Unable to blend and read words 2. Neat handwriting 3. Able to recognize and memorize the colours and shapes 4. Able to spell the months and days She is a student from China so I need to put in more effort in teaching her English. Her brother is also my student. He scored 85 out of 100 for his Science which is considered good result but when I said he got good result, his mother said that is because it is easy. Haiz, why doesn't his mother appreciates and recognizes my effort?

Nice Quote


Don't be shocked, I am not scolding anyone. Just wanna share little jokes between myself and my younger sis. Whenever I did silly things and my sis spotted them, she would jokingly scold me: "Stupid-you!" but today she has to say to me: "Clever you!" cos I helped her to find a blouse which she can't find for quite some time among her wardrobe mess.  Haha, this shows that a "stupid" person will have times when he or she will be clever or intelligent LOL

Some knowledge about wine

RED VS WHITE White wine is made from freshly-pressed grape juice whereas red wine is derived from crushed grapes with the skin incorporated into the juice to extract the colour. Typically, red wine has a bitter or sometimes metallic aftertaste due to the inclusion of grape skins. You may hear wine connoisseurs describe this as "tannic", referring to the tannins found in grape skins. White wine, on the other hand, is more refreshing and lighter in both style and taste than most types of red wine. What are the heatlh benefits of drinking wine?

Out of sight, out of mind

Saw this gadget or rather product in one of the shops. Catches my attention. It is a cable box which stores all your cords, wires and cables so that your room won't look messy. It has an interesting slogan that comes with it ie. "out of sight, out of mind". I find the slogan is very suitable for the product and blends in very well with it, but it is not cheap, costs over S$40 for just a box.

Fun with Blogger Templates

I was fiddling with blogger templates at and I must say I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with it. Here you can find 1022 blogger templates which have been downloaded a total of 442,262 times. These freshly made themes will surely excite your blogger audience and readers alike. There are many templates to choose from and these themes include interior view, pet blog, kids style, coffee desk, notebook, meet the chef, girly blog, shopaholic, happy kids, business trip, scrapbook, lacework, clouds above and coffee break, oh mine, I must say we are spoilt for choices! Do try the templates and I would be happy to see a new look in your blog, but of course, don't anyhow change until it becomes haywire like mine *oops*

Had bought the souvenirs

Had bought the souvenirs for the top commenters of my blog, Simple Person and Hayley. Stay tuned and look out in your mailbox, I will mail the gifts to you guys very soon, keep the comments coming in and I will hold this "top commenter" blog giveaway again.

弟子规 and how to teach a Primary One English

1) 亲憎我,孝方贤。 The meaning of the above Chinese words are, if your parents hate you or don't treat you good, and you are still filial to them, that is the highest virtue. How difficult it is to do that! 2) Just now, my Primary One student has difficulty reading and recognising English words, he read "flowers" as "friends" and I had to correct him immediately. I find it is more difficult to teach lower Primary than upper Primary because it is always more difficult to build foundation from zero. But it is really challenging and I still have a lot to learn from others and from the children themselves. Most important, I must love my students.

Home Decoration

Living Room I loathe electronics and cords and stuff...I am always trying to figure out ways to hide them if possible. That's why the cords and wires of my TV are all well hidden behind the TV console. Kitchen The kitchen is my favourite room in the entire house. Amazing white cabinets, custom made but I wish I could have these neat drawers in it. A walnut crescent knife block? Yes, yes, please. My Kitchen