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Showing posts from October, 2011

New mobile number

Yesterday, I bought a Singtel Hi-card for S$10 and started to have a new prepaid mobile number. I have decided to terminate my current postpaid mobile number as my current mobile bills chalked up to S$70 a month which is pretty expensive. With prepaid hi-card, every $28 I top up I get $100 of outgoing airtime and $20 overseas airtime which is more worth it.

Practise esteem-able acts

There are literally thousands of esteem-able acts that will raise your self-esteem: keeping your promises, showing up on time, paying your bills on time, doing something thoughtful for someone else, being generous, forgiving someone, being patient with someone who frustrates you, being kind, washing your face, dressing in an attractive way, cleaning out a closet, organizing your desk, cleaning the bathroom.... the list could go on for pages. You have hundreds of opportunities each day to do esteem-able acts. You don't have to do everything, but do something.

Visit to the library

It is a rainy night tonight but still I go ahead with my plan to go to the library in my neighbourhood. Borrowed children literature and two self improvement books. Yeah! I am going to spend my leisure time reading these books. Books are indeed vitamins to the soul.