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I ever thought of taking up Graphic Design course and Accounting course so that I can work in the graphic design line or accounting line. But my friend, Yee Nor, is against my idea of taking up courses, she say it costs a lot to take up courses and I might not be able to pass at one go and it will cost even more. So I have decided not to take up any course.

The need for tutors

I know why parents need tutors, because they feel that what their children are getting in school is simply not enough and that they are not getting the attention that tutors are able to give ie. one to one attention. They need tutors to give their children the extra mile in their studies, which explains the need for tutors. Somtimes, the parents themselves are too lazy or too tired to teach the kids themselves that's why they need a tutor, a helper to coach their kids on their studies.

My plan

I plan to keep track of my transport expenses by jotting down the dates and days when I top up my farecard, in this way I am able to keep track how fast I use up my farecard and it will also motivate me to better manage my transport expenses by planning the shortest routes to get to where I need to be. I also plan to cut down the days when I go out during weekdays and plan to go out only during weekends. This will cut down my expenses tremendously.

Have fun teaching!

Had discovered a great website by chance in facebook. It is called Have Fun Teaching at​/. It is a fantastic website with many teaching resources for students and teachers to use. It covers a wide variety of subjects and themes from Maths, English, Phonics, Science, Social Studies and so on. It also has many tools to use such as worksheets, videos, flashcards, fun activities and songs. It is simply useful, comprehensive, interesting and stimulating to use. The exercise, worksheets and activities in there are simply interactive and encourage logical and creative thinking. In additon, it also has lesson plan templates for teachers to use it to plan for their lessons. In short, Have Fun Teaching is simply a great website. Visit it today!

Love of my life - Media & Teaching

Talk about 2 loves of my life, media and teaching. I had been in the media industry for more than 12 years and I had learned about media and advertising from scratch ever since I graduated from college. I love media because it is interesting and not boring. It uses a lot of numbers and I love numbers. As for teaching, I love nurturing young children and being creative in the methods i teach the kids. When they are able to grasp certain concepts after I taught them, there is a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. However, I can't go back to advertising at the moment so I can only stick to my part time teaching.

Today (2)

Today I had a shower in the afternoon and after that I set off to Bugis to the Guan Yin temple to pray for my family and my mother. After that, I went to QQ Noodles restaurant to meet up with my sis to have dinner. She had Wantan noodles while I didn't order anything as I already had Indian Rojak for my dinner. After that, we went to OG bugis to shop. She bought a box of 5 panties, 2 cotton shorts and a bag while I bought a blouse. It was nice shopping and chatting with my sis today and I hope I can go shopping with her more often.