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从香港回来噜 - Back from Hong Kong

Sis is back from HK after a 5 days trip there. She left on Monday morning and came back to Singapore at 12.35am today.


Today my student hurt his fingers so he can't write so I have to do a lot of reading to him during the Chinese tuition lesson. After my tuition lesson with him, I went to meet up with my old classmate, Sok Hoon, at Circuit Road. It was a great one hour chat with her at the Japanese restaurant at Blk 51 Circuit Road. I had Ebi Fry Don and Chawanmushi while she had Ten Don and Lemon Tea. After that, when I went home, I had a shower and after that I waited for the chance to video chat with my youngest sister in Hong Kong. Sis video chatted with me, erjie and mother. Kind of miss her but hope she had a fun time in Hong Kong.


I found out and realised that it's not easy to build up relationships but it's easy to break them. Friends come, stay with you for few years, then friends leave. It's part and parcel of life. So always treasure the time you have with your friends, relatives, colleagues and so on. I have many friends in my facebook but I do not get to meet with most of them, or I should say, I meet up with none of them at all. It is only a virtual relationship. The only people by my side is my family so I should all the more treasure them.