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Gathering with Yee Nor and her hubby

December 22 was "Dong Zhi", my mother whipped up curry chicken and roasted meat and some other dishes. At 2pm, I met up with Yee Nor, her hubby and their daughter Kirby at my house macdonalds restaurant. We had a very good chat for almost 2 and a half hours. Thereafter, Nor went to post a letter and bought toilet paper at Shop and Save near my house. Nor and her hubby also passed me a DVD to watch, the DVD is about filial piety and so on. It's a very educational and inspiring DVD, I am going to finish watching it.

Orchard Shopping

Went Centrepoint with mom that day to look for Payless Shoesource departmental store which I got to know through a current affairs programme on TV. Was quite disappointed when I reached there as I couldn't find the shoes which I wanted. Ended up I bought a hat which is red in colour which costed me $12.90. LOL. Was quite happy with the hat though.

Trip to Malacca

Just went for a trip with Sok Hoon to Melaka from Nov 4 (Fri) to Nov 6 (Sun). We stayed at Equatorial Hotel. The first day when we arrived, after putting down our luggage at the hotel room, we proceed to the shopping malls nearby to do our shopping. As we already had a meal at the stopover before reaching Melaka, we did not eat until around 4.30pm that day. We went to Sushi King for our so called lunch. What I can say is the salmon they served were in one big piece as they did not slice it into smaller pieces so it was rather awful to eat it. After our meal, we continued our shopping. We went back to the hotel rather early at around 8pm because I felt tired as I did not sleep the day before I came Melaka. 我只记得我好累好累,累到我完全提不起兴致到处走走看看。冲了凉,稍微收拾下,就酱度过在马六甲的第一晚。 The second day I woke up at 9am and after that we proceed to our breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast, we walked our way to the places of interest such as the Christ Church of Melaka and Jonker Walk. I bought a blouse at the H

New mobile number

Yesterday, I bought a Singtel Hi-card for S$10 and started to have a new prepaid mobile number. I have decided to terminate my current postpaid mobile number as my current mobile bills chalked up to S$70 a month which is pretty expensive. With prepaid hi-card, every $28 I top up I get $100 of outgoing airtime and $20 overseas airtime which is more worth it.

Practise esteem-able acts

There are literally thousands of esteem-able acts that will raise your self-esteem: keeping your promises, showing up on time, paying your bills on time, doing something thoughtful for someone else, being generous, forgiving someone, being patient with someone who frustrates you, being kind, washing your face, dressing in an attractive way, cleaning out a closet, organizing your desk, cleaning the bathroom.... the list could go on for pages. You have hundreds of opportunities each day to do esteem-able acts. You don't have to do everything, but do something.

Visit to the library

It is a rainy night tonight but still I go ahead with my plan to go to the library in my neighbourhood. Borrowed children literature and two self improvement books. Yeah! I am going to spend my leisure time reading these books. Books are indeed vitamins to the soul.

Love these pics

Goals differ

It all depends on what you are looking for, some people's goals maybe to earn loads and loads of money so that they can afford a luxury life and buy many material things and branded stuff. As for me, I am looking for quality life instead of quantity life, which means I prefer to earn less and yet have more time to spend with my family. It's ok for me if I can't eat good food, buy branded stuff as often as I can compared to last time. What I am looking for right now is more "bonding" time with my family.

Dinner outing with Joann

Today me and Joann had planned to meet up for dinner at Sakae Sushi Bugis but when we reached there, we found out that Sakae Sushi was closed for upgrading and renovation so we proceeded to MOF for our dinner. It was a great meal cos we chatted about many things, from ex-colleagues we both know, management people we both know to siblings we have and jobs we had. It was an interesting and stimulating chat with her. After dinner, at around 8pm, we went shopping at Bugis Junction. Joann bought a pair of shoes while I bought a fresh notebook at S$3.90. We left the place around 9.30pm, Joann took MRT back home while I took bus 80 to Geylang.

Yipee! Received the CD today!

Am happy to receive the CD from all the way from the United States. It is one sample from facebook. Nowadays facebook is a popular source to advertise your products and gain popularity. The CD is valued at US$12 so that means it costs S$24. It is an educational CD that covers the various Science topics such as matter, planets, senses, water cycle, seasons, animal and so on. Hope to get more samples through Facebook.


I ever thought of taking up Graphic Design course and Accounting course so that I can work in the graphic design line or accounting line. But my friend, Yee Nor, is against my idea of taking up courses, she say it costs a lot to take up courses and I might not be able to pass at one go and it will cost even more. So I have decided not to take up any course.

The need for tutors

I know why parents need tutors, because they feel that what their children are getting in school is simply not enough and that they are not getting the attention that tutors are able to give ie. one to one attention. They need tutors to give their children the extra mile in their studies, which explains the need for tutors. Somtimes, the parents themselves are too lazy or too tired to teach the kids themselves that's why they need a tutor, a helper to coach their kids on their studies.

My plan

I plan to keep track of my transport expenses by jotting down the dates and days when I top up my farecard, in this way I am able to keep track how fast I use up my farecard and it will also motivate me to better manage my transport expenses by planning the shortest routes to get to where I need to be. I also plan to cut down the days when I go out during weekdays and plan to go out only during weekends. This will cut down my expenses tremendously.

Have fun teaching!

Had discovered a great website by chance in facebook. It is called Have Fun Teaching at​/. It is a fantastic website with many teaching resources for students and teachers to use. It covers a wide variety of subjects and themes from Maths, English, Phonics, Science, Social Studies and so on. It also has many tools to use such as worksheets, videos, flashcards, fun activities and songs. It is simply useful, comprehensive, interesting and stimulating to use. The exercise, worksheets and activities in there are simply interactive and encourage logical and creative thinking. In additon, it also has lesson plan templates for teachers to use it to plan for their lessons. In short, Have Fun Teaching is simply a great website. Visit it today!

Love of my life - Media & Teaching

Talk about 2 loves of my life, media and teaching. I had been in the media industry for more than 12 years and I had learned about media and advertising from scratch ever since I graduated from college. I love media because it is interesting and not boring. It uses a lot of numbers and I love numbers. As for teaching, I love nurturing young children and being creative in the methods i teach the kids. When they are able to grasp certain concepts after I taught them, there is a great sense of achievement and satisfaction. However, I can't go back to advertising at the moment so I can only stick to my part time teaching.

Today (2)

Today I had a shower in the afternoon and after that I set off to Bugis to the Guan Yin temple to pray for my family and my mother. After that, I went to QQ Noodles restaurant to meet up with my sis to have dinner. She had Wantan noodles while I didn't order anything as I already had Indian Rojak for my dinner. After that, we went to OG bugis to shop. She bought a box of 5 panties, 2 cotton shorts and a bag while I bought a blouse. It was nice shopping and chatting with my sis today and I hope I can go shopping with her more often.

Math Manipulatives

My ex-colleague, Pauline, managed to share with me some of her ideas and information on Maths manipulatives used for teaching fractions to school kids. It is simply stimulating and interesting to use. I managed to print some out and plan to use some for teaching my students. This is one of the links if any of you is interested:

Planning planning planning

Just went for a Genting trip with Sok Hoon from 20 May to 22 May 2011. We had a great time singing karaoke, shopping and eating. It was overall a very relaxing and fun trip cos Sok Hoon is a great companion and she was very thoughtful throughout the trip. I hope to go for a trip with her again. It is a very relaxing Sunday afternoon now. Sis is going for a Batam trip tomorrow. I think it's time I do some planning for myself also, actually there's nothing much I could do, just wait for more tuition assignments, earn more income and go for short trips as and when I can.

从香港回来噜 - Back from Hong Kong

Sis is back from HK after a 5 days trip there. She left on Monday morning and came back to Singapore at 12.35am today.


Today my student hurt his fingers so he can't write so I have to do a lot of reading to him during the Chinese tuition lesson. After my tuition lesson with him, I went to meet up with my old classmate, Sok Hoon, at Circuit Road. It was a great one hour chat with her at the Japanese restaurant at Blk 51 Circuit Road. I had Ebi Fry Don and Chawanmushi while she had Ten Don and Lemon Tea. After that, when I went home, I had a shower and after that I waited for the chance to video chat with my youngest sister in Hong Kong. Sis video chatted with me, erjie and mother. Kind of miss her but hope she had a fun time in Hong Kong.


I found out and realised that it's not easy to build up relationships but it's easy to break them. Friends come, stay with you for few years, then friends leave. It's part and parcel of life. So always treasure the time you have with your friends, relatives, colleagues and so on. I have many friends in my facebook but I do not get to meet with most of them, or I should say, I meet up with none of them at all. It is only a virtual relationship. The only people by my side is my family so I should all the more treasure them.


Received a surprise call from Gina this evening. She "jio" me to go Malacca with her and another friend of hers on 9th April. Immediately I said yes cos I have been wanting to get out of the country on a short trip. She asked me if I can get another friend and immediately I thought of Sok Hoon. I called her and she was on a bus. She was quite spontaneous and quite like the idea of going for a short trip. However she needs to check her project schedule and let me know if she can make it. Was happy because it's a chance to unwind and catch up with old friends. Sok Hoon was my schoolmate and classmate whom I had lost touch for a long time but managed to contact each other through Facebook. This is the wonder of Facebook.

My rest day

Wednesday was my off day, I took the chance to go to Popular Bookstore at Bras Basah Complex to buy assessment books for my students. However, when I reached there at around 7.10pm, I found out that Popular Bookstore is closed at 7pm on weekdays. So I had got no choice but to go to other bookstores to look for the assessment books for my students. I managed to locate a bookstore which sells and buys used books. There, I managed to locate two suitable assessment books. One of them is about the topic of composition writing for Primary 4 student and the other one is about the topic of writing chinese compositions for Primary 5 student. I feel a sense of satisfaction as I managed to find suitable books for my students. On the whole, even though it's a short trip, it was gratifying.

No spend day

Today I told myself that I should not spend unnecessarily. And then, just now, I saw in IMMOMSDAUGHTER blog this idea about a "no spend day". In short, it means other than allocated necessities, we are encouraged to set our own goal for the number of days where one will not spend unnecessarily. I think this is a good idea so I have set aside 15 "no spend" days for a start. I think this should not be a huge problem because as mentioned by IMMOMSDAUGHTER this is only half of a month. I shall start from tomorrow onwards and after 15 days it will lead me to a new month (April). Thereafter, I shall see what is the result I achieved.

My Water Gel

I am using this Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel at the moment. It has a very fragrant smell and it nourishes my skin. It is bought at Watsons at a discount. With innovative Progressive Release System, this water gel replenishes and retains water all day long. Its refreshing gel formula releases moisture, making it available to dry skin cells for a soft and supple skin with a healthy glow. It can be used before make up or after you wash your face. I strongly recommend this water gel because I had experienced its benefits.

My Life

I am not after abundant wealth or stuff like that, I just want to lead a peaceful, relaxed and simple life with ample time to think, daydream, and relax. So what if one has a lot of money but is not happy. I just want a simple and happy life.

Sense of achievement

2 assignments within a day and I earned $115 within a day. I like the 5 room flat deco at Blk 110 Aljunied Crescent, their house is so neat and tidy and I like it so much. However, the mother does not appear friendly but at least she mentioned about the payment. The second assignment was at Lengkok Mariam, a private housing area. This one the mother appeared much warmer and friendlier. She kept saying thank you to me and was concerned that her neighbourhood was very quiet at night after the class.

My Filipino student

The above pic is unrelated to the post here. It has appeared here becos I find that it is a nice pic. Last night was my first attempt teaching a Filipino student. Her name is Isabella. She was a bit restless last night but overall she was rather obedient and scored 100 marks for her Hanyu Pinyin spelling. Her parents want me to coach her on Chinese becos they don't speak Chinese at home at all. I taught Isabella 飞机,狗,门,杯子,玩具,猫,and their Hanyu Pinyin last night. I even asked her to attempt a CA1 paper from one of the schools. Her mother appeared friendly and approachable to me and I can see that she's quite worried about her daughter. I will try my best to guide her in her Chinese. By the way, she is in Primary One this year.

My mobile phone expenses

I really think I should make an effort to cut down on my mobile phone expenses. Has been using my mobile phone to surf Facebook and update my Facebook status as a result my mobile phone charges have went up. This is because my mobile phone plan does not come with a data plan as such charges are on the high side. Just to sidetrack a bit, suddenly think that I have been spending much of my leisure time blogging/blog-hopping/facebooking, is that a good sign or not a very good sign, I wonder.

Laptop or desktop?

When it comes to computers, which do you rather prefer? Laptop or pc desktops? Initially, I was using the desktop, in fact for around five years and then only last year, I bought an Acer netbook. If you ask me, I prefer using a laptop now. The reason is that I can take it wherever I go, I cannot "live" without checking into my Facebook each day! But then generally, pc desktops are more durable and lasting than laptops. Agree?


Which household tasks are you prepared to do and which do you try to avoid? Hardly anyone loves housework. Housework is avoided by everyone and I am no exception. I generally put off doing houseworks as long as I can and do it only when it is unavoidable. There is a list of houseworks which I prefer to do and a list which I avoid. I prefer to fold the clothes because I love to see the clothes neat and tidy. My next preferred housework is washing the dishes. Normally when I see dishes in the sink, I would automatically wash them. Now for the jobs I detest. I avoid washing clothes. It is quite tedious cos most of my clothes are hand washed. The next chore I hate is ironing the clothes. I find that it is very time consuming and tedious. Last but not least, I also hate sweeping the floor. Well, so which household tasks are you prepared to do and which do you try to avoid? :)

Reunion Dinner

This year reunion dinner is so normal and quiet because my beloved Dad is no longer around. However, I think my Dad will want me to stay cheerful, strong and happy even though he has now gone to Heaven. Anyway, let's not talk about sad things. Here are some photos of the dishes my Mom cooked for the reunion dinner. They are curry chicken and prawns. Don't they look delicious. I prefer home cooked food because I can avoid the crowds and long waiting time at restaurants during cny period. Moreover, I think during cny period, the standard of the food they served will drop because of the bulk they need to cook to cater to the customers.

这天不逛街,而是逛家具店!Trip to IKEA Tampines

Went to IKEA Tampines on 10 Feb 2011, Thursday, to shop. This is the first time I been to IKEA Tampines branch. I alighted at Tampines MRT Station and took a shuttle bus there. I intended to buy some storage boxes to store some of our home items. Finally I set my mind to buy four HABOL boxes at S$6.90 for two boxes. I also bought a SOMRIG vase for S$1.50 and three SNARTIG ART flowers at S$0.90 each. It was a gratifying trip. However, the boxes were too heavy for me so I decided to take a cab back home. The taxi fare costed around S$12.00, so in total I spent around S$30 for the trip. By the way, I also had Laksa and Coke at the restaurant outlet there. I also managed to take some photographs of the Showroom there and posted it on Facebook. Received likes for the photographs.

New Look!

My god!!! It's been ages since I last blogged. It has been almost a year since I last blogged. Had been busy with Facebook which explains my disappearance from my blog. Finally decided to write again after giving a new look to my blog. So many changes had happened since then. One major event was the passing on of my beloved dad last year. I hope to remember his love and not the pain of losing him. My chinese horoscope says that this year will be a good year for me. Well, I am looking forward to that man!!! But so far things have been going well for me. So I can say that I am quite satisfied with everything. I am looking forward to more tuition assignments and the chance of earning more income. Hope my wish will come true. As for my fellow friends, I wish them smooth sailing in their life, career and family. Same for fellow bloggers :)