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How to encourage reading in your child

These days, with the evolution of technology, children have a wealth of options for entertainment in the form of games, the internet and so on. But, as a parent, you know that nothing can quite match the enrichment reading gives. Furthermore, it is the basis for learning and doing well in school. Hence, you find yourself anxious when your kids favour other leisure forms, or worst, shun books at all costs. Forcing them to read with nagging sessions will only fuel their dislike for it. The following are some simple and less draining ways to inculcate the habit of reading in them. BOOK ALLOWANCE Just like pocket money, set aside an allowance for their book purchases once every month. Give them the liberty to pick up titles on their own, as long as they are not too violent or inappropriate. MAKE VISITING THE LIBRARY OR BOOKSHOP A REGULAR AFFAIR Just like tuition, have a fix day of the week set aside for visiting libraries or bookshops, regardless of whether there are any books to bo