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The clothes I like (From Shoplah)!



Am ordering the above item from Shoplah! an online shopping website. Find that their clothes are very trendy and priced reasonably.

Online Shopping!

Fried Chicken Wings... Yummy!!!

I am going to try the following recipe which I found in mamabliss's blog ( one of these days :) Here's the ingredients - 1 packet chicken mid-wing (approximately 600gms) Rice Flour *(secret ingredient) Bread Crumps (Japanese) 1 Egg beaten Marinate for the chicken wings - 1 tablespoon oyster sauce 1 tsp sugar 1 tablespoon sesame oil A few dashes of pepper Method of Preparation - Step 1) Marinate the chicken for over 2 hours Step 2) Dip chicken wings into rice flour Step 3) Dip chicken wings into beaten egg Step 4) Dip chicken wings into bread crumps Step 5) Leave the chicken wings to set for an hour Step 6) Heat oil on high heat Step 7) Lower the fire to medium and start pan-frying the chicken wings Step 8) After the chicken wings have turned golden brown remove from pan and drain off oil Step 9) Serve with mayonnaise

So sweet!

This is what my new student, stephanie said to me during her class last wednesday. She's so sweet and clever and really knows how to get into people's good books. Stephanie: Teacher, you are very pretty! Me: No lah, not pretty lah! Stephanie: Teacher, your Maths is very good! Me: So I can teach you! Stephanie: Teacher, I like your teaching... Me: Thank you.