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Using my things...

I am glad my sister is using the travel bag that I bought at a discount last time. She also shared some of the clothes such as cardigans with me. It's ok to share things cos more people are using it so there's a value for money. This also shows that I am not a possessive and selfish person.

My sister with her new hat!

My IKEA chest of drawers

Just to share what I put in my drawers so that some of you may get some storage and home organization ideas from there. These are the items I put in my drawers: 1. Packets of tissue paper 2. Photo Albums (of my trips to Korea, Turkey, Genting etc) 3. Magazines (Home decor magazines etc) 4. Files (of my utilities bills, handphone bills, CPF statements, Insurance statements etc) 5. Books (Buddhist books, self improvement books etc) I simply love the beige colour finish of my drawers.

My best friend and her daughter

Huili, how have you been?

Just now, in the afternoon, I ran into my old secondary school classmate, Huili and we exchanged contacts (handphone number) just downstairs my house. She still looks the same after so many years. We have not met each other for so many years after we left school. It is such a nice feeling to see her again. I also managed to get her email account so I could view her photos and chat with her thru msn and facebook.

I am the lucky winner!

Was informed by Pauline that I am the lucky winner for her current blog giveaway which closed at 7th March (2359hrs Singapore Time). She is giving away one of those Mini Chic Clutch and if we can guess correctly which is the one she is planning to give away, we'll stand a chance to win it. This is the message I left in her blog and she managed to pick me out of the 32 others who have guessed correctly: I simply love red. I guess and I hope you are giving away the red clutch :)

Rental of VCD again...

I find that "The Brink of Law" is a nice TVB drama with many twists and turns, that's why I had decided to watch it again. I rented it from Grand Central Video Pte Ltd and it costs $1 per episode which means a total of $26 for 26 episodes. Yeah, I can watch it again together with my family - one of my leisure activity... :)