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Nice blouse

An achievement for me

It was an achievement for me.. After having stopped singing on stage for so long, last nite I managed to sing with full confidence on stage. It was really an accomplishment for me. I am also glad to receive the support from Dad. He kept saying: "You are good, you are good!" Haha :)

Goodbye 2008, hello 2009

Went to Chinatown last nite with Dad and Mom. Ran into my bugis neighbour at CK. She saw me too and smiled at me. Dad bought a new blouse and Mom bought a new pants. I also bought a pair of new heels which cost $22. Received a new year SMS from Bee Ying last nite. Glad that she still remembers me. 30 Dec 2008 (Tue) Went to Watch Ip Man with sis. Wow, the movie was great with all the stunts and kung fu. Went to watch it at one of Cathay's cineplexes at AMK Hub. The show started at 7.10pm. Really can see the difference between Cathay and Eng Wah's cineplexes. Even the staff at Cathay was dressed in much smarter uniforms than Eng Wah's staff. It's been a long time since we last watched a movie. The last movie I watched was Bolt at Eng Wah.