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This is my xmas present from Meow Lang. She just went to Osaka, Japan recently and she bought this gift from Isetan, Japan. It is a handkerchief/scarf from Anna Sui. Met up with her yesterday at City Hall. It was a pretty nice gathering with her.

Order from a blogshop

Isn't it exciting and fun? I had placed a customised order with Mamabliss's blogshop. According to her, I am her very first customer who placed a customised order with her. She asked what kind of fabric and colours I like and I've told her I like floral prints and the colours I like are brown, white and maroon. I had thanked her for taking the efforts to sew me a bag. This idea of placing an order with her comes after I saw what she sewed for Tim. Isn't Tim's bag simply lovely (see pic above). Oh, I simply can't wait to receive the bag from her. There's so much fun and excitement in all these anticipation.

I've learned something today...

This is what I had bought for my student today. In "My Helpful Pal - Primary 2 Maths", a great number of questions are specially planned and designed to stimulate the pupils' thinking and strengthen their understanding. Tomorrow I am going to revise with my student on the topic of subtraction with regrouping. I had taught him that last week and I hope he still remember the concept. Today I had also learned something on the topic of agreement which is when two subjects differ in number, the verb agrees with the subject that is nearer to it, for example: * Neither these three nor that one is up to standard. * Neither this dress nor those two are suitable.

Lesson 1

Today is my first lesson with Michelle after around 2 months break. She is quite inattentive during the lesson, maybe due to her "holiday mood". I taught her how to round off numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand and ten thousand today. Also got to know from her that she got band 2 for her Science, band 2 for English and Band 3 for Maths. I will focus more on her Maths next year since her weakest subject is Maths.

Genting Highlands

I went to Genting Highlands in Malaysia with my family during the CNY in 2006. It is situated on a hilltop. The air was very fresh and it was cold. Luckily, I had my sweater wtih me. The scenery was very beautiful too. We took many photographs. There were many tourists there and it was very crowded. The food was expensive.

Jingle Bells

Managed to set up my christmas tree tonight. Spent about 1/2 hour for the set up. Well, this christmas we are facing the recession and downturn but let's look at things on the bright side. Hope everyone is doing well. After setting up the christmas tree, I went to play the christmas songs... Enjoy everyone and an advance Merry Christmas to everyone out there! By the way, bought the christmas songs CD a few years back. The song titles it includes are "Sleigh Ride", "Winter Wonderland", "Jingle Bells", "Frosty The Snowman", "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town", "Christmas Bells Are Ringing", "Little Drummer Boy", and "Silent Night" etc. :)

Ikea Alexandra - here I come!

Went to Ikea Alexandra last night by taking bus 80 to bugis and changing to bus 197. We alighted opposite Queensway Shopping Centre and walked there. It was a gratifying trip. First we went to the showroom, thereafter we went to level 1 to purchase our stuff. The hotdog bread there was simply delicious and cheap, just $1 for one. We ate two each in total. Ikea is very smart to attract customers by using such cheap attractions like food. We have nothing much to buy at the moment, so we just bought a white bath towel for $2.50. We reached there at 8pm sharp. I intend to buy a new warbrobe or a new sofa in future. Like their ideas and items on home organisation. It is simply great!