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Retail Therapy

Went to Bugis Village last nite to get the "big bag" which I wanted to get for so long. Bought the above bag in the end at $21. Like the bag cos it got a "branded" feel. Just now, went to Queensway Shopping Centre with my dear sis to shop. Took bus 80 to Bugis and changed to bus 197 to reach there. Sis bought 3 jeans and 1 shirt for $152. It is indeed retail therapy cos we both feel very happy after getting the things we want. Discovered that Ikea is just diagonally opposite Queensway Shopping Centre. Next time if I want to go to Ikea, I can just take bus 80 and change to bus 197 (can save on cab fare).

Shopping at Bugis

Went to Bugis just now with my dear sis to shop. Found out that Bugis landscape has changed a lot. One such change is the new building besides Bugis Village is up already, so fast! My sis wanted to buy jeans but couldn't find anything suitable. Well, as for me, I spotted a very nice grey blouse and bought it at $15. I realised that one of my favourite colours is grey and grey suits me very well! It is cheap and good. We took bus 80 there and the MRT home. Oh yes! By the way, we had fish soup noodles at the coffeshop near Bugis. It is sis's off day today (Wed) and it is an evening well spent becos I bought something which I like! :)