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Episode 1 That time I also never think so much, just go out, go out, go out, then go work, go work, go work. Even at Ball Partnership, I have to go back on a Saturday to clear my work, it also never bothers me.. Episode 2 The only constant is change.. that's what I thot of when I saw the Estila signboard being shifted. Episode 3 Had told Xingwei that I think Adecco is a better employment agency.. at least I think they are more efficient and friendly. Much better than Recruit Express. Episode 4 How nice if I have a printer, at least can print the test papers for my students.


是否还记得我,还是已忘了我? 今夜微风轻送 把我的心吹动 多少尘封的往日情 重回到我心中 往事随风飘送 把我的心刺痛 你是那美梦难忘记 深藏在记忆中 纵是要历尽百拽和千回 才知清深意浓 纵是要走遍千山和万水 才知何去何从 为何等到错过多年以后 才明白自己最真的梦 是否还记得我 还是已忘了我 今夜的微风轻轻送 吹散了我的梦

Let's go fishing

Yesterday, we went to Pasir Ris for a fishing trip! It's been quite long since we went Pasir Ris to fish. Dad brought his fishing rod and off we go! We reached there in the evening. Ah gu's family arrived after a while. At around 10.00pm, we had pineapple fried rice and satay. Kok Cheng and Kok How (my cousins) brought 2 friends along. One of them even asked me if fish has ears and I sort of don't know how to answer him! Father caught 3 fishes during the night. We laid newspapers on the floor and played cards for a while. It was quite an enjoyable family outing and I hope we can come here again. It's good to engage in family outings and outdoor activities like these :)

Eat, drink and be merry

Yesterday (Tuesday), I went for a dinner outing with my Dad and Mom. It is near Farrer Park MRT Station. There is a 歌台near it. The food was good. We had appetizers, prawns, fish, suckling pig, buns, abalone and dessert. It was a relaxing dinner outing with my parents. I want to turn up again next year, in better shape. It is on the 农历八月十七 of every year. Hope by then, I would have achieved my aim and target.

My Neighbourhood

ESTILA Furnishing NTUC Supermarket Suddenly had this idea to blog about my neighbourhood. In my neighbourhood, there are plenty of hair salons (almost more than 15 of them), 3 cake shops, one post office, a hawker centre, two banks, one furniture shop, a library, a public swimming pool and the most impt of them a NTUC supermarket! The NTUC supermarket is just downstairs our house which is indeed very convenient for us. We do not have to travel very far to get our daily neccessities and groceries. Just few days back, I discovered that Estila had a new signboard put up, so I decided to take a pic of it and here it is.

Good quality durians

Today I am going to blog about my father's durian stall. Where can you find good quality and delicious durians? It's at Aljunied Ave 2. If any of you are interested to buy durians, here is the address: Blk 119, Aljunied Ave 2 #01-44 (near to Bread Magic) Zone: East (Geylang East Central) Nearest MRT: Aljunied MRT These are the durians he is selling: D24 D101 XO D13 D666 红瑕 竹脚 猫山王 My father has years of experience in selling durians and he is very good at selecting good durians. If any of you is interested, do drop by or leave me an email at :) Impt Note: My father is going to reopen his stall in late October. Hope to see you there then!

Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets

These are the gadgets that we have at home: 1. Ipod (White) 2. Nintendo DS Lite (Light blue) 3. PSP (Black) The DS and PSP are my youngest sister's possessions and the Ipod is mine, which I bought for around $238 at Orchard, Wheelock Place.

An outing

Went to Chinatown just now with Mom, also to look for Dad. Took some pictures. Wanted to get a gift for Kirby but couldn't locate anything suitable for her. Saw some lanterns made for a lantern making competition and immediately my eyes "spotted" the lantern which came out No. 1 in the competition. This shows that I really 有眼光. Took bus 80 there and took bus 80 home as well. Mom bought 3 karaoke VCD. Take this as an opportunity to accompany Mom. That day also went to watch "Money Not Enough 2" with her at Eng Wah Toa Payoh.

Brand new look!

3 entries in one nite! Had given my blog a "brand new" look and added additional elements to it. Had yahoo on Song Hye Kyo's pic for my entry on "My Idol is in town!". So friends, how do you find the new look of my blog? Do give me your comments. Thanks! :)

My Idol is in town!

Read from the papers that she is in town to shoot her new drama "他们的世界". My idol is in Singapore! and she is 宋慧乔 from Korea. Had liked her since the debut of Korean drama "Autumn in my heart" (秋天的童话).

Supper at Eminent Plaza

Just now, I went to Eminent Plaza to have supper with my Dad and Mom. We took bus 67 from Geylang Lor 11 to Eminent. Upon reaching there, we were able to find our seats very soon. We settled for a big round table. Then, I went to order the famous Hainanese chicken rice. But it seems like their standard has dropped. Mom ordered Wan Tan Mee and a bowl of dessert. We didn't order a lot of food as there were only the three of us. It's been a long time since I last visited Eminent Plaza near Lavender. It's one of Mom's favourite hunts. By the way, am going to have an interview on Monday. Received a call from Steven this morning saying his boss will like to meet me. Hope the interview turns out fruitful. Also, this Sunday I am going to meet Nor again. We haven't decide on the place to meet yet. Will be waiting for her call. Like going out with her cos she's my best friend. Oh yes! This Sunday is Mid Autumn Festival. Thot of getting a lantern for Kirby, Nor's daugh

Learn as you teach...

I find that there is a plus point when you teach. As you teach, you also learn. Just today, I had taught Michelle Science and I had learned there are things which we can classify. Things such as books and clothes which we can classify them as textbooks, storybooks, exercise books, etc. Clothes we can classify them as pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, blouse and T shirts etc. I had also learned about skeletal system, respiratory system and digestive system of the human systems topic. I had also learned that a whale is a mammal while a shark is a fish. Though these are simple knowledge but they are valuable to me as before I teach them, I do not know about these facts. So I conclude that teaching is a mutually satisfying, you impart knowledge and at the same time you also absorb the knowledge :)