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Homeschooling Fun

I can't helped but influenced by mamabliss's intense passion and interest in homeschooling. I chanced upon this interesting article and link just now while checking up the meaning of pincer grip on the website using the online dictionary. Here's the link - I had learned from the article that there are several ways to develop the fine motor skills of a child. One way is thru cutting. Bring out the scissors and some old magazines and let them get to work. Cutting requires a lot of coordination. Another way is thru threading . Buy some beads to thread. This activity requires a lot of control and a steady hand. Perfect practice for fine motor development. Fine motor skills are those skills that allow you to develop the ability to do such things as write and manipulate small objects. Try these simple activities to help your children along the way.

Learning Experience

Well, what I am going to blog about, is about what I learned about Excel spreadsheet today in my office. I learned that I can right click on the worksheet and select all sheets. Then after that if I key in Ctrl F, I can find any data I want in all the worksheets. Thanks to Microsoft, for inventing such a good program like Excel. It has indeed made our work easier and faster. I find that I like to use Excel more than Word, does it have any connection to my passion for Mathematics than English, I wonder :)


One of my passion and interest is to nurture and teach young children. Which is why I choose tuition as a part time career. I find that I like to teach Mathematics especially as I am stronger in Mathematics. Sometimes I think we should not only teach but we should be creative in our approach in teaching.

My cute neighbour

This is my cute Malay neighbour. He is 3 years old. Whenever he passes by our house, he likes to perform the "knock knock" stunt on our door. He is also very cute as he likes to pick up girls' hand and kiss them. So cute!

Learning Toy

This is the learning toy I bought recently. It is called the Puzzle Box. Its main function is for the child to learn how to recognise the 12 geometric shapes and the 4 colours. While holding the ball upper and lower covers, you can open the ball and take out the block by turning the ball. This helps to promote the hand gripping power of the child. I find that this is a good learning toy which helps to develop the motor skills and mathematics skills of a child. And it is not expensive at all, just cost me $4 to buy it :)

My Wish List

My wish list is to have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX33 Digital Camera at 8.1 megapixels. Panasonic invented the MEGA O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) system to fight against hand-shake, the major cause of blurry images. MEGA O.I.S. prevents blurry shots caused by hand-shake. It is now featured on the entire LUMIX range, and is highly popular with users around the world. In short, it lets anybody take beautiful, blur-free shots with ease. It's automatic, so you can leave everything to the camera.