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Sakae Sushi

Had dinner with my cousin on Tuesday, at Sakae Sushi branch at Suntec, the food is simply Oi-shi!!! We had 2 premium plates of salmon, chawanmushi, Yansai Tempura, California Maki and green tea. As it was a weekday so it wasn't very crowded when we reach there. If we have eaten at Heeren branch, I bet it would be very crowded with long queues. Even though we spent almost $55, but I find it worth it cos we had a very hearty time eating our favourite Japanese food !!! :)

Santa Claus is comin to town

Tonite, my dad and I decided to set up the christmas tree. It was a fun get-together for us to decorate the christmas tree together and light it up. Even though it is within a short half an hour, we managed to set the christmas tree up but it was a precious moment for us, father and daughter's team effort to set the christmas tree up, unforgettable moment ...

Pleasant surprise ...

Received a postcard from a close friend that day, it was a really pleasant surprise. Well, thanks to ahmando, for making this card out of her busy schedule. That's how we keep in touch with each other, though we don't meet each other so often, we do keep in touch in our own ways, that's how we foster our friendship and relationship ... guess it does take some efforts to maintain a friendship, don't you think so :)

Meaningful Excel ...

Thanks to Excel, Microsoft's spreadsheet software, it has made our work so much easier. These are the new things I learned about Excel that day: 1. I've learned how to Autofit documents 2. How to replace data by using Ctrl F 3. How to sort data by columns 4. How to autofilter data by using Data, Filter, Autofilter 5. How to compare documents by using windows, arrange, horizontal

Good Old Chinatown

On one fine day, I went down to Chinatown to take this picture before the place was demolished for renovation works. Remember I ever came to this place to buy clothes. The 2nd storey onwards spotted shops selling clothings, toiletries etc. It also has a lot of shops selling cloth. The 1st storey is a hawker center selling all kinds of hawker food. It spotted a popular "Yong Tau Foo" stall which had been selling yong tau foo for many many years. Ummm, I wonder where it has been shifted to ...

My PC Game Craze

One day, my cousin passed me a set of PC games and from there onwards, I am hooked on it ... That day, I went to Sim Lim Square to buy The Sims Deluxe Edition PC game. Since its launch, The Sims has won the praise of millions of fans around the world. With the Sims Deluxe Edition you can create dozens of Sims characters, move your Sims Characters into pre-built homes or design them from the ground up. You can also help them pursue careers, make friends in the neighbourhood and run their lives. Once started, I can't seem to stop :)

Photos taken to practise my photography skills

Was at a park in Tanjong Pagar during lunchtime when I accidentally got the chance to take this picture of an old man lighting his pipe. I personally like this photo very much as I find it very natural. It's true that good photos are hard to come by, you just have to be at the right place at the right time lor :)

The Opening of My Blog

Welcome to My Blog, My World, My Memories... 17th October 2006 (Tuesday) 1735hrs Today marked the opening of my blog page, thks to Pauline ..... in the near future, i will pen down my thoughts, my memories and happenings around me in this blog page, stay tuned, ohhh how EXCITED i am, i finally have my OWN blog site ..... khekhekhe