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Desserts desserts and more desserts

I am a stressed person, no no no you should read it the other way round, I am a desserts person as I have a sweet tooth. On my recent visit to elemen vegetarian restaurant, I ordered their sticky pudding with ice cream for dessert. So tasty and yummy! The sticky pudding is soft and a bit sticky but nice! On my recent visit to a nyonya restaurant tingkat peramakan, I ordered sago gula melaka for dessert. So sweet and so heavenly! Oh mine! For main, I ordered curry chicken, it would be better if they have some potatoes in this dish because it is all meat. Just sharing a photo on my recent visit to MBS. I found out that they serve roti jala in one of the restaurants at PLQ mall, shall I try one of these days?
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Enlightened ways exhibition at asian civilization museum

I always enjoy my outings with Buddy jose. These photos were taken in year 2013. Just sharing. Do you like to visit the museum? I don't mind visiting museum even though I am more of a food person as I love to take photographs too. "The luxuries of the palace, this healthy body, this rejoicing youth! What do they mean to me?" He thought. "Someday we may be sick, we shall become aged, from death there is no escape. Pride of youth, pride of health, pride of existence, all thoughtful people should cast them aside." Extracted from the book - the teaching of buddha.

Music in my blood

I love music and I love to sing. When I was in secondary one, I joined my school's choir and when I was in Junior college I joined my school's Chinese orchestral. The chinese instrument I played is the er hu. I fell in love with its melancholic tune. I also like gu zhen, yang qing and pi pa for their "feminity", lol. After I graduated, I always go for KTV sessions with my friends. They call me the karaoke queen. Lol. My primary school report book remarks say that I have a clear and natural voice and shows interest in singing. Shyless me.  My love in music remains after so many years, I still love to sing and always tune in to the radio stations during my me time to unwind and relax. How about you? Do you like music?

Kei kaisendon @ suntec (28 march, Sunday)

Wanted to go to the Papparich outlet at suntec to have my hainanese chicken rice but found out this outlet had moved out of suntec permanently, what a pity! Wonder what is the reason as I thought human traffic and customers at suntec should be a lot. Maybe only weekends then got more people and more shoppers but not weekdays and they are unable to cover their rental fees and overheads. So alternatively I went to have japanese food at kei kaisendon. I had mentaiyaki salmon chicken drumlet don @ S$16.90. Portion is small with not much rice but the chicken drumlets are tasty. I will not be back.

Famous Ponggol Nasi Lemak

As I have craving for nasi lemak, I went to Ponggol Nasi Lemak, their Jalan Besar Branch to satisfy my craving lol. Ponggol Nasi Lemak is famous in Singapore and there are always long queues. I arrived at the restuarant at around 2pm. For the dishes, I ordered chicken wing (S$1.80), otah (S$1.60), luncheon meat (S$0.80) and Ngoh Hiang (S$1.50). Rice costs S$1.20. For drink, I ordered ice barley (S$1.70). Total is S$8.60. The chicken wing's skin is crispy and the meat fresh, nice! I also like the otah. As for the Ngoh Hiang, even though it is slightly expensive at S$1.50 for a small piece but it is soft and tasty with bits of water chestnut inside. I will be back.

Vegetarian Meal on Chap Goh at Elemen

Five course vegetarian set meal at Elemen PLQ Mall. First course is their standard appetizer, right side is guava, middle is sweet potato tofu and left side is orange as the waiter explained. Second course is their starter. I had their truffle oil mushrooms soup. Third course is their main course. I tried their Asian curry roti prata. There are two pieces of prata. The prata is crispy, aromatic and fragrant. Inside the curry got Tau Pok, potatoes, long beans and mock meat. The curry is slightly spicy. Next is their dessert. I had tiramisu. The tiramisu looks presentable and tastes good. Last course is drink. This round I tried their strawberry basil with lemonade. The drink is sweet and sourish, nice! There are strawberry bits inside the drink. One five course meal set costs S$26.80, subtotal after reward points redeem (value of S$5.00) is S$21.80. After 10% service charge and 7% GST, grand total is S$25.70 after rounding. As my membership has already expired, I renewed it with a fee o

KFC on 22 March

As I reached the KFC outlet at bugis village only around 9.30pm, they are only left with crispy fried chicken. For original fried chicken, they only have wings. Mashed potatoes are also sold out but we can replace it with coleslaw or fries. The counter staff offered me a package of 3 original chicken wings, 1 coleslaw and 1 drink @ S$5.90, I am okay with it so I accepted it. For drink I chose root beer. Finally had my fried chicken fix. Yums!