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Homecooked food

As now dine in is not allowed starting from 22 July to 18 August so sometimes my mom will cook. This was my lunch and dinner on Fri 23 July. Steamed egg with minced meat, pumpkins with dried shrimps and bkt soup with pork ribs and mushrooms. I like both the steamed egg and the pumpkins as they are soft and nice to eat. The sauce of the pumpkins was very flavourful.
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Clear fish soup with rice

This was my lunch when we can dine in at my neighborhood coffeeshop. Clear fish soup (S$5.00) with rice (S$0.50) and additional tofu (S$0.50). Total S$6.00. A healthy lunch for me. The tofu are soft and easy to eat. Not sure what kind of fish is that, maybe will ask them next time, but I think is batang fish.

Long time no sea part two

Today my uncle and my auntie jio me to go Vivocity to eat bkt and to go Sentosa island for a walk. My uncle called at around 2.30pm. I got ready by 3.30pm, before that I had my coffee quickly. After that I went to pick up my relatives in my Benz (bus lah lol). We had bkt (pork ribs soup) and pig kidneys with rice. We sat at separate tables with no mingleing. Then my uncle and auntie had lychee drinks while I had lime juice. It was my treat to them. No pics of the food as it is the usual bkt. After that we went Sentosa island by Sentosa express monorail. These are the pictures we took. A relaxing day out with my relatives.

Crystal jade palace

Today meet friend for dinner @ Takashimaya crystal jade palace. We made reservation for 2 adults @ 6pm. We reached there at around 5.30pm. As it was still early, we went to kinokuniya bookstore besides the restaurant to jalan jalan. There I saw a book by Dalai Lama titled Book of Joy which address our inner feelings such as fear, stress, anxiety, sadness, grief and loneliness. I thought of buying but in the end did not buy. We ordered Peking duck @ S$48.00. I like the Peking duck skin with fats that melt in the mouth. We also ordered vegetables with beancurd sheets and ginko nuts in superior broth @ S$26.00 and Grandma's pork belly @ S$22.00. The vegetables are a bit bland with broth that is not as superior as what it was stated. But the pork belly was soft and tender with flavourful and sticky sauce. Bill total was S$124.75. It was my treat to my friend. This round after dinner we did not go for chit chat but just went home straight. Entrance Appetizer Peking duck Peking duck Peki

Who says Singapore doesn't have street art part two

Wikipedia explains street art as a form of artwork displayed in public on surrounding buildings, on streets, trains and other publicly viewed surfaces. Street art @ Chinatown. Let the pictures do the talking. Chinese opera Mamak shop Sansui women Puppets Lion dance Lion dance Lion dance Lion dance

Soi 47 Thai food

Today go eat Thai food dinner with friend at 7.00pm. I ordered creamy tomyum seafood soup (S$6.80), green curry chicken (S$6.00), prawn cakes (S$8.00), sambal kangkong (S$6.00), 2 lemongrass drink (total S$5.00) and 2 white rice (total S$2.00). Bill total is S$33.80. This round I did not have 2 plates of rice as I had a late lunch at 4.30pm. The dishes which I like the most are the tomyum soup and the sambal kangkong. The soup was  sourish and appetizing. Got 2 mussels inside the soup too. The kangkong soft yet crunchy. Yums!

Blue flower tofu with black truffle wild rice @ elemen

Today is chor yat so I had vegetarian food at elemen vegetarian restaurant after I did my afternoon chanting in the library. As today is chor yat, so the restaurant is full house when I reached around 5.45pm. I was put on the waiting list, after waiting for about half an hour, I got my seat. For the main, I ordered blue flower tofu with black truffle wild rice. This is the description in the menu. "Wild rice is a good source for protein, fiber, folate, magnesium and other nutrients. Accompanied with butterfly pea flower infused tofu and fragrant black truffle paste, this dish will be a favorite for all generations." The blue flower tofu has a unique charcoal taste to it which I like.