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Phase 2 Heightened Alert (Day 1) and Vegetarian eggless butter marble cake

On chor yat, I had vegetarian ytf with rice for lunch. For dinner, I bought vegetarian eggless butter marble cake @ S$7.00, yums! The ingredients are natural unbleached flour, organic brown sugar, filtered water, chocolate, butter, baking soda, baking powder, etc. There are no preservatives added. Today marks Day 1 of our Heightened Alert Phase 2. For lunch, I had homecooked food. Mom cooks porridge, minced meat balls and salted eggs. After having my lunch, I went liberation. I bought live clams from Sheng Siong Supermarket and went to the seaside at Beach Road to liberate the clams. For dinner, I dabao KFC after seeing STP eating Sugarbun fried chicken here . I planned to dabao curry chicken rice with Bergedil from the Malay stall in my neighbourhood hawker centre tomorrow for lunch. Still not sure what to eat for dinner tomorrow, will see how.
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Phase 2 Heightened Alert from May 16 through June 13

Dining in at F & B establishments will not be allowed. This includes hawker centres and food courts, both indoors and outdoors. The current size of group gatherings allowed will be reduced from five people to two people, following a spike in Covid 19 community cases, said co-chair of the multi-ministry task force Lawrence Wong on Friday, May 14. This, and other new measures under what the Health Ministry labelled as "Phase 2 Heightened  Alert" will take effect from May 16 through June 13. Speaking at a mult-ministry task force press conference on Friday, Mr Wong said: "This will apply across the board, so if you want to go out for anything, grocery shopping, exercise, maximum of two persons henceforth." "In fact, we strongly encourage everyone to stay home as much as possible, go out only for essential reasons." "We will do a review at the midway point, meaning two weeks after the measures have been implemented, and at that point, we will look at

Coca steamboat and mango dessert

On Saturday (the day before mother's day) I went to meet friend for Thai Chinese steamboat, Coca steamboat at Suntec. I had already made a reservation online for 2 adults at 5.30pm. I reached Suntec way before our appointment at 5.30pm, so I just went jalan jalan, take my own sweet time and had some mango dessert before my friend comes. Next time I would like to share the following 2 desserts (T1 and T3.1) with my friend if we were to come Suntec again. As my friend reached Suntec at 5pm, we asked if we could go in even though our reservation is for 5.30pm and the staff said we could go in. Coca steamboat is famous for their chili sauce, yums! We have steamboat buffet dinner @ S$49.00 nett per person. We ordered fish glue, fish paste, chicken paste, fried beancurd, silken tofu, chicken meat, beef, luncheon meat, pig livers, shrimp wantons and some cabbages for the veggies. I had one bowl of rice but my friend did not order rice. We ate and chit chatted from 5pm to 7pm. Yums! It was

Mainland Production - One Boat One World

It has been over a year since I watched any online drama. The last drama I watched was Crash landing on You (Korean) and that was in April 2020. Currently hooked on Mainland Drama, One Boat One world. Cast: Zhang Han as Ding Kai Wang Li Kun as Tian Yue Synopsis: Life on board a cruise ship with a community of over 6,000 tourists and staff members. Chief Officer Ding Kai meets tour guide, Tian Yue, who together will face a voyage filled with challenges in work and love alike. Verdict: Of course, one main draw is Zhang Han for his good looks. Furthermore, the concept of a cruise-based drama is something very interesting to me.

Some me-time @ intercontinental hotel

Chilling @ the lobby lounge of inter continental hotel with my Mango juice which costs around S$9.00. Let the photos do the talking.

What Is Segmented Sleep and Is It Healthy?

My buddy Jose would sleep in two shifts, she would take a nap at around 8pm after she came back from her work and had her dinner. After that she would wake up at around 12am, to continue chanting, reading and surfing the net in the middle of the night until around 4am. Then she would go to sleep at 4am and wake up at 8am to prepare to go to work. So in total she still sleeps 8 hours. Most of us  sleep  the same way. Collapse into bed in the late evening, then spend the next 8 hours -- if we're lucky --  dreaming  and  snoring  until the alarm rings. But that's not how everyone does it. Some folks break up their slumber into two or more shifts. It's called segmented  sleep , and there's a lot of buzz that it's the way to go in today's fast-paced world. But before you dive in and make plans for some middle-of-the night chores, think carefully about whether it's really suited to your lifestyle. And watch out for warning signs that this alternate  sleep  schedul

Post Birthday dinner date

Post birthday dinner date with friend at Chinatown. I reached Chinatown early so I went to Chinatown Point Daiso and OG to jalan jalan for 2 hours. Will share about the loots I bought from Daiso and OG in another post. We went to People's Park Complex hawker centre to have Chinese China food. It is a treat from my friend. We ordered Spicy chicken (S$10), Thai style seabass (S$15) and 2 rice (S$1). My friend also went to order 2 sugar cane drinks (not sure the price).