Thursday, May 17, 2018

Review of the book Life Recipes From My Mother (Part Two)

Finally finished reading the whole book, these are some extracts and things I learned from the book:

(1) Negative actions will bring negative results

(2) Depend on no one, rely on your own self, your own self is your strongest pillar

(3) Your decisions and choices shape your life

(4) Because of those who cannot perform well, then you got chance to prove yourself

(5) Only promise those things you can fulfill, do not anyhow promise anything to others

(6) Be cautious in your spending and learn to save for rainy days - My mom (the author's mom) was very clever and good in saving, even it means cutting down buying and reading newspapers, saving bit by bit can mean a lot.

(7) Divorce may not be a bad thing if you suffer in your marriage


mun said...

Agree on some points and disagree on some points.

Libby said...

Mun: The point you disagree is it the part about divorce?

Twilight Man said...

I better focus on #6 otherwise I would die a poor & miserable man.

Nancy Chan said...

I will agree with 5 and 6.

Rose World said...

Good points. I must save more for rainy days and kids future.

mun said...

No. I agree on divorce if both cannot live together in harmony anymore. U disagree on divorce? Why you think I disagree on that? I disagree on 4. We always can show our ability anytime. No need to depend on others or wait for others to not perform then only show. Got places where everyone performs their best.