Sunday, April 29, 2018

Ten don again

I like the ten don @ changi airport T2 japan gourmet hall so i went there again.

The ten don consists of two big prawns, two pieces of chicken breast meat, squid, long beans, crab stick, corn and mushroom. All the ingredients are very fresh and tasty.
Ten Don

Interior of Japan Gourmet Hall


Rose World said...

Yummy ten don. I have chicken katsu don for lunch today.

Nancy Chan said...

I like the cooked and fried stuffs!

mun said...

looks delicious but must be expensive.

Libby said...
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Libby said...

Rose: Yes it is very yummy, they are very generous with the two big prawns and two big pieces of chicken breast meat

Nancy: So you like fried stuffs too

Mun: Yes, it is quite expensive at S$17.70

Twilight Man said...

The interior and ambiance look class! I love the way the Japanese chefs fry their food.