Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Review of the book Life Recipes From My Mother

In my review, I will jot down things I read and learned from the book. I will keep my writing simple as my English not so powderful, hee hee.

Things I learned from the book:

(1) Learn to keep things simple, don't complicate matters.

(2) Learn to keep secrets.

(3) It is important to smile and be polite always. It goes a long way.

(4) Be careful in your speech, you may forget what you said, but people will not forget.

Basically this book is more like a self improvement book with a story telling style. The author talked about lessons she learned from her mother and quoted real life examples and stories.


Twilight Man said...

This book is good and contains motherly advice to heed. I agree with the 4 basic rules.

Rose World said...

Stories from life experience. Sound like a nice book to read.

Shirley Tay said...

Great thoughts! Most importantly, we're learning from what we read. xoxo

mun said...

not good to keep secrets from spouses.