Thursday, September 14, 2017

My student's Review 2 Result

My student got 36/40 for her Mathematics Review 2 Test (which is 90 in percentage) and 15/20 for her Review 2 Composition (which is 75 in percentage).

The topics for her Mathematics Review 2 Test are (1) Fractions (2) Time (3) Problem solving and (4) Heuristics.

This is the remark from her school teacher:

Kirthika, you are able to show understanding for Q19 and the next step is to be careful in your work. As Nurul has more money, you will have to add and not subtract. You have done well.

My student is still weak in two steps problem solving so I will focus more on that area for her, if not she would have got full marks for her Mathematics.

I am glad she did pretty well.

By the way, I also got a Teacher's Day gift from her. There are two red pens, one scented green pen and a face towel with wordings embroidered on it.
Teacher's Day gift for me


mun said...

Congrats to both of you for the improvement. She is appreciative of you teaching her to give you useful gifts.

Rose World said...

Well to both of you. You for been determine and caring and she for been good and loving student. Wonderful gifts from her.

suituapui said...

What a lovely gift!

Nancy Chan said...

You have been a dedicated teacher and your student is grateful and appreciate you!

Agnes CF Lee said...

It is a skill to be a teacher, obviously I can't be one, because my daughter always says I confuse her even more when I teach her.

Twilight Man said...

Awww! Your student is so sweet and nice to give you that cute towel with your name & heart. It is a good & useful gift that would last a lifetime.

Libby said...

Have well done.