Monday, July 10, 2017

Update of my nephew

Time flies! So fast my nephew has reached the Terrible Two.

Now he knows how to say words like fish, frog, dog, bird (animals) and he knows how to call all the gor gor, daddy (di), ma mi (mi), ye ye, nai nai, ma (Ah ma) and yi yi.

I wish that he will grow up to be happy and healthy.


mun said...

Looking back I remember reading your post when he was just born. He must be happy sitting in the big bike.

Nancy Chan said...

Cute boy. Yes I remember the 1st posting about him too! Have a lovely day!

Twilight Man said...

He is getting more handsome now. Time flies so fast since the post you shared that he was born.

Nux V said...

he looks so cute 'riding' the police bike!

Filip and Kristel said...

Great for the little guy.