Sunday, July 9, 2017

Chinese Drama - Princess Wei Young

Was hooked on this Chinese Period Drama during March this year. I like the plot, the image (dressing), the characters and also the songs of this Drama.

I used to only like modern drama however under the influence of my friend, I am beginning to watch Period Drama set in a particular historical period.

This is the plot from My Drama List:

The Northern Wei Dynasty was obliterated one night leaving behind the kindhearted Princess Feng Xin Er as an orphan. Although she escapes death, she accidentally enters her enemy's territory and she assumes the identity of Li Wei Young, the daughter of the Prime Minister. She suffers many hardships but eventually utilizes her wisdom and sense of justice to become a powerful woman as well as gaining a beautiful romance.

The lead actor and actress are:

(1) Luo Jin - As Tuo Ba Jun
(2) Tiffany Tang - As Princess Wei Young

How about you? Do you like period drama or you only like modern drama?


Phong Hong said...

I also like period dramas. I find them very intriguing. But of course, that depends on the story line and good acting.

mun said...

Like mystery and detective drama no romance for me.

Twilight Man said...

I am a K-drama addict nowadays as they have good looking stars and very good art directions.

Libby said...

PH, Mun, TM: This period drama has got storyline, so I enjoyed watching it