Thursday, July 6, 2017

Charity Works

I am posting these Charity Works I had done over the past years just for the record and to motivate others to do the same. What I had done is so little as compared to what many others had done.

(1) Helped out physically at Community Centre in packing the donations for the 1999 Turkey Earthquake.

(2) Donated money to Kuan Yin Temple over the years, especially during Year 2000, I would physically travel to Kuan Yin Temple and dropped my money into the Donation Box at Kuan Yin Temple during my lunch hour.

(3) Volunteered as a telephone operator for Ren Ci Charity Show.

(4) Volunteered at Tzu Chi, learned sign language and songs, performed and played games with the less fortunate people at the Care Centres, to bring joy to them.

(5) Donated to Society for the Blind.

(6) Went down to hospitals and residential houses to chant prayers for those who had passed away with the aim that they could go to Pure Land. I actually had to chant the prayers besides the dead bodies.

I must say actually I felt very meaningful and happy doing the Volunteer Work as I believe it is more blessed to give than to receive.

My next step: Volunteer to assist in the routine activities at Peace Connect by being part of the home-visit team, the home-visit team will distribute lunch, rice, oil and other daily necessities to the needy people.


Phong Hong said...

Good for you! It is commendable that you have taken time to volunteer for charity works.

Hayley said...

Good for you, if we are capable we should help others who are in need.

Twilight Man said...

You have a kind heart and Charity has no boundaries.
It is interesting to note that you kept a record of the good deeds.
How about doing charity on a daily basis??

mun said...

Good! please keep it up!

Libby said...

TM: My lessons end late during weekdays, so I am left with weekends or when I have the time but I will try my best

Twilight Man said...

Every night you can spend 10 minutes to chant short prayers and dedicate all the merits to all the sentient beings. The merits for your kind prayers will benefit you tremendously like doing big charities. It is the heart and thoughts that counts.

Nancy Chan said...

You have a kind and a good heart. Your time spent will be appreciated and remembered by those in need and they in turn will do to others what they have received.