Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yu Kee duck rice

This duck rice with braised duck meat, peanuts, bean curds, salted vegetables and braised egg costs S$5, it is tasty and satisfying. Their chilli sauce with Ikan Bilis is also very delicious and famous.

Look at the ducks, aren't they beautifully braised?

Yu Kee Duck Rice has many outlets all over Singapore.

I ate it at:

Raffles City Shopping Mall - City Hall
Food Junction Level 3
Stall 4 

This is their website:

I like braised duck, do you prefer roasted duck or braised duck?


Rose World said...

My hubby would love this braised duck rice. He has been craving for braised meat lately

mun said...

I like both braised and roasted duck.

Phong Hong said...

The ducks are so plump and juicy! Your braised duck rice looks so delicious. I am craving for some now. But at my area don't have. They only have roasted duck. Braised or roasted, hard to chose as I love both.

Nux V said...

wow...the ducks are plump! I like braised duck very much...Gosh, am craving it more after seeing the pics here!

Nancy Chan said...

Hmmm...your plate of braised duck rice, etc. looks so delicious. Have a great day!