Monday, June 26, 2017

Uncle Ringo Fun Fair Carnival (25 June, 2017)

This Uncle Ringo Fun Fair is near Punggol MRT Exit D. As my friend Jose mentioned she likes fun fair carnival, I search on the Internet and found out about this Fun Fair Carnival near Punggol MRT. 25 June is the last day of the event, we were so lucky to go there on the last day.

There are rides like Bumper Cars and Pirate Ship and games start from S$5 where you can win huge Plush Toys.

We bought some clothings and shorts. I also bought some Goreng Pisang (S$2 for 4 pieces) and Green Milk Tea (3 for S$6). After that, we walked around and watched people playing the games. If I am a kid, I sure will love those games very much. It is nice to have such carnivals where families can spend time bonding.

These are the pictures I took. The Carnival looks very happening!
Decoration - I name it Chilli

Decoration - I name it Cactus

Decoration - I name it Gingerbread

Decoration - I name it Fisherman

Decoration - I name it Giant



Water games

Robot games

Giant Slide

Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round

Angry Bird Toy (Prize for the games)


Rose World said...

I still love to go to fun fair. There is a young child in me. ^^

Good that you managed to go there on last day.

mun said...

Sounds like there is so much to see and play at the carnival.

reana claire said...

Very cute.. haven't been there before..

Nancy Chan said...

This is a fun place and I love carnival when I was young. I don't mind going to this carnival. So many interesting character decorations.

suituapui said...

Nice decor.

Libby said...

Rose: Am sure you would love this Carnival if you are in SG

Mun: Yes there are many games and rides

Claire: The decor very cute right?

Nancy: Yes very interesting, I like too

STP: Agree which is why I took so many photos

Twilight Man said...

I also love fun fairs and went to ride the merry go rounds and carousel horses in Tokyo.