Thursday, June 1, 2017

Law of Diminishing returns

This Law of Diminishing returns is a concept in Economics, which means the marginal productivity of workers decreases as output increases, maybe due to factors such as workers' fatigue etc.

Some of my students' parents are well aware of this Law, so sometimes instead of having two hours per lesson per week, they split the lessons into two lessons per week, one hour each lesson because they believe their kids will lose concentration and focus after one hour and the productivity of lesson may be compromised. So smart of them to think of this. But to me, it might not be a good thing as I have to travel two times to their house to teach their kids and as such I have to spend more on transport.


Nux V said...

then let the parents know about ur woes (not just $ spent on the transport but the travel time for each trip to & fro if accumulated into weeks & months). If they still want it to have 2 classes per week, charge them on transportation fees. Fair enough.

Libby said...

Nux: But on the other hand I was thinking, there are two sides of a coin, the good thing might be the boy might be able to concentrate more during that one hour and it will be easier to control him

Nancy Chan said...

Splitting into 1 hour per session is good for the kids but it is true that you will have to use more time for travelling and spend more on transportation. And instead of 1 day per student, you will have to give 2 days per student. It all depends on you but I think there is no harm discussing this issue with the parents and hopefully they understand and will pay you for the extra expenses incurred.