Sunday, June 18, 2017

Happy Father's Day

My father was a durian vendor before he passed on. He loves his job and has many regular customers. Because of opening many durians, his hands have become very rough. Everytime he will rub his rough hands against my hands and says: "See my hands so rough."

Love is my father's rough hands. Thanks for bringing me up, dad. Happy Father's Day, always remembering you.



mun said...

Your father is always in your heart! In there, he lives forever.

Rose World said...

Thanks for sharing. Father's love is unconditional.

Nancy Chan said...

You must have had enjoyed the best durians with your father! Your father worked hard for a living and rightly you are proud and keep wonderful memories of him.

Twilight Man said...

I wished my father was selling durians too so that I could enjoy free supply of durians.

I can understand how much you miss your father as I am missing mine too.
Happy Father's Day to our dads in heavens.

Phong Hong said...

Your father lives on in your heart.

Nux V said...

wah...u must have eaten lotsa durian back then!