Friday, June 2, 2017

Art Exhibition at Raffles City

Pass by this art exhibition at Raffles City Shopping Centre and managed to take photographs. Which drawing do you like the best? I like #3 the best because of the pleasing colours.
#1 - Morning Exercise

#2 - Rainbow boat

#3 - Kidnap

#4 - Release the balloon

#5 - Burst the balloon

#6 - Release the balloon

#7 - Cheers (Celebration)


Rose World said...

All very creative and lovely. The theme must be heart-related.

mun said...

Very colourful paintings but I don't like the style of the art where the heart or loves are so fat fat fat like got swelling like that.

Libby said...

Rose: So which painting do you like best, come to think of it, I like #2 also because of the colours

Mun: LOL

Nancy Chan said...

Nice and colourful paintings. I kind of like the last painting. Have a beautiful day!

Twilight Man said...

I like all the paintings as they are unique with a happy mood.
I prefer #7 as they have colourful hearts of all nations.

Libby said...

Tm: How come I cannot see all nations?

Twilight Man said...

Art has no boundaries. Everything we see are mere illusions. What do you see the many colourful hearts on the tree? They are actually different hearts from different races in one world stemmed together in one branch.