Saturday, April 8, 2017

We survived

We survived during those days when there was no handphone. Now if without handphone, I wonder will we get used to it? Actually I missed those days when we do not have handphone as I find that during those days human relationships are not so distant and do not depend solely on SMS and Whatsapp, we tend to chat over the phone more.

I had my first handphone during Year 1999/2000 and over the years, I had used about 9 handphones. So far I had used three handphone numbers. On the average, I change handphone every 2 years.

My first handphone was a Ericsson (before they merged with Sony to become Sony Ericsson), after that I changed to Nokia, I only started using Samsung during year 2012. I was very loyal to Nokia until Samsung took over.

These are roughly the phones I have used over the years. Year 2004 and Year 2006 are missing as I can't find the handphone images.
Year 1999/2000 - Ericsson GA628

Year 2002 - Nokia 8250

Year 2008 - Nokia 6300

Year 2011 - Nokia C3

Year 2012 - Samsung Galaxy Ace

Year 2015 - Samsung S3
Year 2017 - Oppo A37


Rose World said...

I remember my first phone was Nokia back in 1998 when I went to college. Been a loyal Nokia user till I met my hubby in 2001 where I tried few models such as Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung. Now I am stuck with Samsung models.

Nancy Chan said...

I thought I do not need a hand phone but when I started using one, I felt lost without one. So far the current one is the 4th hand phone. 2 second hands (1 from hubby & 1 from my son) and 2 new ones. I still have the old ones with me.

mun said...

Nowadays handphones are a necessity. That day I forgot to bring my hp with me and I look for a public phone is a shopping mall to contact my friend to pick me up and there were no public phones at all because the shopping mall assumed that everyone would have hp and did not install any public phones in the mall.

Nux V said...

my first phone was nokia 3310! am a proud owner of it...but unfortunately it was stolen when I was in campus (back then I was still a student). Nowadays I m into Samsung...

Phong Hong said...

Handphone is now a necessity. We are so used to it and need it for online transactions, uber etc. So convenient.

CL (RealGunners) said...

Year 2017, Samseng gotten too expensive, no choice have to change to cheaper version like Oppa... oops I mean Oppo.

Twilight Man said...

I had my first handphone in 1995 and it was a Motorola flip model. Since then I had Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC and Huawei. I find my phone a nuisance though it is a necessity as I get too many clients and bosses chasing me. So tension.

Libby said...

Mun: Ya, not easy to find a public phone in a shopping mall nowadays