Monday, April 24, 2017

Just two old photos

I miss my younger days. How about you? Do you miss your younger days or you prefer your current life?

That was during my mid 20s. Mid 20s to mid 30s, enjoyed my work tremendously, financially stable and well off, always have good food to eat attending all the media lunch and media events, never a lonely moment with many friends surrounding me, now most friends are married, so lesser friends now but still blessed to have a few very good friends, not so financially well off but is contented with life as long as got healthy body, a roof over my head and food on the table.

However if I have a chance, I would like to turn back the clock, because those times my dad still around (sob sob).


Rose World said...

Of course I missed my younger days but then again we need to look at the present and future.

mun said...

I look forward to the future. You look good then and now.

Twilight Man said...

I only wish to turn back my days to my happy childhood and college days in US. It was hell for me throughout my career from the beginning. The last 6 years has been kinder in my career.

Phong Hong said...

For me, I am happy where I am right now :)

Nancy Chan said...

I am happy where I am, happily enjoying my retirement. Those day and not so good days are sweet memories. Have a wonderful day!

Nux V said...

u look gorgeous! I would have fallen for u if I m a guy. Yea, I miss my younger days too...probably during high school (final year) until Uni days....those days no need to work and gotta hangout with coursemate/classmates for some projects and leisure outings. Nowadays mostly married and hav, I felt 'empty' and lonely too sometimes.

Libby said...

Rose: Agree

Mun: Thanks, good that you look forward to the future, very positive

TM: Ya childhood we are most innocent and care free

PH: Good that you are happy with your current life

Nancy: Same as PH, good that you are happy with your life now

Nux: Thanks for your compliments, you are single too? Single might not be too bad as some who are married might end up worse