Sunday, March 12, 2017

Christian Names

After reading what Yannie posted about Christian names in her blog here, here and here, I was inspired to write a post about my past Christian names.

When I was in Primary School, I named myself Maria. After that, it daunted to me that Maria sounded like the name of a maid, so I dropped this name.

As I entered Secondary School, I loved the name Audrey but I found it too common and I wished to have something more unique, so I changed the "U" to "N" and adopted the Christian name Andrey, not knowing that Andrey is a boy's name (anyway, Charlie is also a boy's name but was used by girls before, same case for the name Chris which can mean Christopher or Christina). My male classmates liked to tease about my name because at that time there was a famous wrestler named Andrey, they called him Andrey the Giant, muahaha! After I graduated I never use the name Andrey anymore.

As I joined the working force, I wanted a Christian name other than my real name so I adopted the name Michelle as I quite like it because my favourite Mediacorp actress was named Michelle. But I was so not used to it and did not respond immediately when people called me Michelle. My friends also laughed at me when they knew that I named myself Michelle. LOL.

After I have a blog, I used the Christian name Libby as Libby belongs to a pretty and capable colleague of mine in my ex-company. She is a Caucasian.

See how fickled-minded I can be, playing with all the different Christian names, but I never put those Christian names in my Identity Card as it was just for fun. Only my real name is used most frequently in my daily life and I feel very comfortable with it.


Nancy Chan said...

I am stuck with my Christian name because everyone finds it easier to pronounce than my real name. So this name has been with me since my school days.

Libby said...

Nancy: Yes, your name is easy to pronounce

Rose World said...

I dont remember when I started to adopt "Rachel" during my school days but I did not really use it. Only in my college I started to adopt my current English name and it has been me since then.

And of course my other name is Rose which I used when I blog. My blog name. ^^

mun said...

Nice for you to look back at all your English Names. I never give myself a English Name.

Twilight Man said...

I didn't know you had several names! Now your real name and blog name are different again. What should I have for Christian name??

Nux V said...

interesting history of ur various names! so, in real live people dun call u Libby?

CL (RealGunners) said...

I wonder if you will get tired of Libby and change to another name yet again or not.

Libby said...

Rose: Both names have "R" in front

Mun: Mun is a nice name, no need English name

TM: Last time guys usually call Michael, David, Jason, John, Jack etc, nowadays boys usually have a "den" behind, Jayden, Eden, Hayden, etc

Nux: No, nobody calls me Libby in real life

RG: I quite like the name Libby so I don't think I will change it so fast

Karen Luvswesavory said...

Hi Libby,
My older sister suggested a Christian name to me when I was a little girl. Since then, I've been using Karen which I find it nice and didn't want to look for other names.

anzerinchee アンゼリン said...

Talk about Christian name. My father choose for us since we was small. But our name is not registered in the IC. Since our Christian given by our parents, we never change until now. I not sure what is the meaning behind our names, maybe you can check for me. Some Christian name was not stated/listed in the bible right?
Angeline and Aaron.

Libby said...

Anzerin: The name Angeline means angel or messenger, the name Aaron is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical the meaning of the name Aaron is: A teacher; lofty; mountain of strength.